Mafia 3 Sign of The Times DLC is Out, Here's The Launch Trailer

Sign of The Times, Mafia 3’s latest story DLC, is out. It lets you take on a religious cult in the fictional version of 1960’s New Orleans, and it’s the last of the announced Mafia 3 DLCs. You can grab it for $10, and 2K has released a launch trailer to show the expansion off.

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mafia 3 sign of the times launch trailer
Mafia 3 Sign of the Times DLC launch trailer

After Faster, Baby! and Stones Unturned, we’re getting a story about a cult that’s using New Bordeaux’ cemeteries as ritual sites. They’re into some nasty stuff, including human sacrifice. Here’s what the official description says:

Haunted by the murder of his surrogate family, Lincoln joins Father James at Sammy’s to find closure. But on their arrival, they collide with a deranged cult using sites of suffering and loss for human sacrifices and ritualistic horrors. With all-new vehicles, weapons, and investigative tools, Lincoln plunges deep into this dark world of drugs and violence to end the cult’s reign of terror and just maybe find his own kind of peace.

The cult is called Ensanglante, and it uses drugs to turn its members into murderers. That’s OK. Lincoln’s used to dealing with murderers. To cut off the proverbial head of the proverbial serpent, he’ll first have to track them down using his Witcher Senses. The DLC adds a bunch of weapons and vehicles to the game (including a pimped-up hearse), but the most important addition is the slow-motion shooting mechanic – what you and I would call bullet time, but 2K can’t, from fear of legal action.

As an added chery on top, the DLC will allow you to rebuild and restore Sammy’s bar. Since it was such an important part of Lincoln’s old life, it’s probably a way of giving players closure. In other words, you probably shouldn’t hope for any more Mafia 3 story DLCs.

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