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Aim True, Ye Vengeful is the 25th main mission in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. This is a rather short and simple main mission. To make it even easier take Quiet with you and equip her with her tranquilizer sniper. Just like in the mission 23 “The White Mamba” you you will be facing child soldiers.

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

Sleeping Gas Specialist is prisoner who escaped from Munoko ya Nioka Station.
  • Sleeping Gas Specialist

Mission Text

A group of child soldiers who have broken away from the Mbele rebels have abducted their XO. Extract both the child soldier’s commander and the XO.Metal Gear Solid 5 TPP Aim True Ye Vengeful Mission Walkthrough

Extracted the militants’ XO

Militants’ XO is tied up on the ground, bellow a metal rooftop. He wears prisoner’s clothes and he’s the only “grown up” in the camp…

Extracted the child soldiers’ commander

You can find the child soldier’s commander in front of, or close to, the green tent in the enemy outpost marked on the map with number 16. He wears a nice little red hat and that’s what sets him apart from the others.

Extracted the prisoner who escaped from Munoko ya Nioka Station

If you take the helicopter, you will find him near the LZ (both of them). But you gotta be quick. There are two animals going for a bite. It only takes one attack from them for the prisoner to die. He is also a Sleeping Gas Specialist. (thanks Romer)

Extracted 12 child soldiers

In order to complete this task you need a special kind of Fulton upgrade. You’ll get it several missions later, so you have to come back and do this step again.

Used a vehicle to extract the child soldiers’ commander and the militants’ XO

This is a special kind of extraction, three for the cost of one fulton. You have to place both targets inside a four-wheel car and fulton the car. Try not to fulton it like I’ve done; on the corner of the car. It is important to fulton it properly so that the passengers do not fall out, due to car leaning the wrong way when loaded with passengers. You can do it by fultoning the car at the center of its radiator.

Picked a digitalis (puprurea) at Munoko ya Nioka Station, NE Guard Post

The “Picked a digitalis (puprurea) at Munoko ya Nioka Station, NE Guard Post” quest is on top in the centre of the large hill located at the bottom west of the mission area. There are three to pick up to complete the mission.We would like to thank Steve for sending us screenshots and additional information.

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Close Contact
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Hunting Down

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  1. O

    How do you extract them both in the same car ? The prisoner always falls out of the car. I’ve tried to extract the car from different angles and he still falls out.

    1. A
      ace hunter 3000

      you dont have to fulton them just put them in the car and then drive out of the hotzone and you shoud get it

    2. S

      If you upgrade to the Wormhole fulton the car wont lean.

  2. N

    Extract Prisoner who escaped – Can be found wandering south of the guardpost, must be done fast or he will walk into wild dogs nearby and die.

  3. R

    Extracted the prisoner who escaped from Munoko ya Nioka Station.

    iIf you take the helicopter, you will find him near the LZ.(both of them) But you gotta be quick.

    1. S

      Yea… sadly that’s not true… The prisoner was not located near the northern LZ (which by the way is the only LZ available when you want to start the missiong from ACC by the look of things, and yes, I have destroyed radar down south and I can use the southern LZ to get out, just never to start the mission).

      Sooo… he is always located near the the road down south in the area, if you ignore the kids for a while and run there as soon as you drop from the helicopter, it’s actually not that hard to find him, especially with D-Dog (I found him even on my own, with Quiet sitting at a nifty sniping location getting ready for the kids). Two hyenas lurking nearby haven’t even been close to him at that point.

      And regarding the fulton extraction of the vehicle, yep, it does not work. I tried all the sides of the vehicle, XO always falls out (most likely due to the fact that regarding to Kazuhira’s intel, he’s in far too poor shape to be fulton extracted). Regardless, it is really easy to load the top kid and the XO into the car and just drive them out, like many people have already mentioned.

  4. B

    lol what the hell you guys talking about?
    1) The plant is located south east from the camp on a lil mountain near the missionzone line
    2) extract them both in one vehicle? what is the problem here? put both in a jeep and drive out of the missionzone, missiontask accomplished 🙂

    1. B

      1) south west*
      typo sorry

    2. F

      People are trying to fulton extract the vehicle, which doesn’t work. The XO will just fall out of the truck every time.

  5. C

    You can’t Fulton the vehicle by the looks of things – the prisoner always falls out. I also had luck just simply driving them both out of the mission zone. Nice, easy, short mission.

    1. B

      I agree. Every time the adult falls off the car.

  6. C

    Guys,aftr finishing mission 24 i exist frm the game and aftr next day when i tryed to start the game but it didnt and it sayed “3dmgame.dll missing” .aftr that my whole save files has been deleted 🙁 . What happened ?. Now i has to start in begins. 😐 . When it happened my buddy was quiet . Bt it was mission 24 not mission 29 or 42. What should i do? Help me

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