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Code Talker is the 28th main mission in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. In it, you’ll have to contact and extract a man who knows about the disease that’s spreading across Mother Base. What makes it interesting is that it’s one of those missions where you have to take care of a defenseless person – this time a frail, old man. That, and the revelation about the nature of the epidemic.

mgsv mission 28 extract skulls

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

Mission Text

Make contact with and extract Code Talker, the old man who knows how to treat the pathogen affecting Mother Base. In addition to the local PF guarding the mansion where he is located, an unidentified force has been observed operating in the area.

Made contact with Code Talker

If you only want the main objectives done, you can run past the Skulls. Once you enter the mansion, follow the sound of music until you find the tape deck playing the song. From there, make your way into the basement by following the trail of candles on the ground.

Extracted Code Talker

When you exit the basement, you’ll find out the Skulls have zombified the soldiers. Your safest bet is to slowly creep north, then sneak along the road until you see a bunch of enemies. Order D-Walker dropped nearby, snipe the snipers while you wait and ride past the zombies on D-Walker’s back.

Extracted Code Talker without him taking damage

The snipers are the biggest threat during extraction. Take care of them, and Code Talker is bound to end up unharmed.

Eliminated the Skulls

mgs5 code talker eliminate skullsA squad of four Skulls will attack almost as soon as you land. At first, they’ll try to snipe you. They have laser sights, so you can pinpoint their locations by tracing those. If you bring Quiet with you, she’ll engage them at once. While they’re busy dealing with her, you can snipe them as well.

Extracted the Skulls

If you want to take them alive, equip yourself and Quiet with tranquilizer rifles. When you mark them, order supply drops to their nests, to knock them out more quickly. Finally, you can command your chopper to carpet the area with sleeping grenades.

Extracted the armored vehicle sealing off Lufwa Valley

mgs code talker armored vehicleKilling the Skulls in the beginning means more soldiers during exfiltration, including a tank and a chopper (thanks Briggy). The armored vehicle is on the road, just before the bridge. Extracting it means you won’t be able to sneak your way out of the mission.

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  1. B

    for the last task, the armored vehicle:
    you should get rid of the sniper skulls, so once you gon get the guy from the mansion, around 16+ soldiers are gonna sneak around + a chopper and a armored vehicle.
    Getting rid of the skulls prevents you from soldiers being b*tches lol

  2. N

    Probably should mention that you can fulton the skulls here until you complete mission 29. Had to look that up since it wasn’t mentioned and I stood over them with then fulton icon crossed out trying to figure out why I couldn’t.

    1. S

      thanks! came here to check what you need to do to extract the skulls

  3. N

    So i just did this mission for a rank S and some objectives(the extreme version), i just used a tank to avoid killing the skulls, got near the main entrance of the mansion and used the stun arm(R3) to stun everyone at the entrance, got code walker, got outside, called a jeep, put him in the jeep, threw a smoke grenade to the jeep(so the skulls cant see me) and just went to the chopter.
    Did about 4 objectives and rank S like this.

    1. A

      Nasher: what a tactic! Yes smoke grenades be the way forward.
      For those with a little less imagination or just want to stand toe-to-toe with the Skulls, loadout should look like Serval or Brennan rifles, MRS or UN ARC (lethal Vs Non Lethal) and Korn GL pistol (for close range skulls)/WU tranq pistol (for inside enemies), boxes and smoke grenades.

      As soon as the Cutscene finishes, drop behind cover, smoke grenade to the side of your cover, NVG’s on and look for the source of the laser rifle scopes. Mark them and life will be a lot easier. As you take each one out you are going to have to advance over the terrain to reach the latter ones. Watch out for one Skull that does melee attacks with a machete.. I think its preceded by a break in the sniper’s activity. Like in the previous episodes, do a bit of blast damage around their feet to catch them. Aim at them and they’ll ‘shimmy’ away.

      Once you’ve cleared them (and extracted them, clear the house in your preferred method. My recommendation is climb to the tents, skirt round to the front door and pick them off that side as they come through the or set up a killzone in the hall. Or sneak through the hall and go down the basement to Code talker. Best to eliminate the Lobby/Entrance guards for a clear run outside after the rescue.

      Don’t be worried about leaving Code Talker in cover to clear the path ahead, Miller’s a whiner.

      Don’t have Quiet as she’ll get blasted by sniper fire. Forget tranquilising Skulls, you won’t kill them any whichway.

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