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Root Cause is the 27th main mission in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. At this point, you are knee deep in problems at Mother Base. Finding the target is crucial and will possibly lead to less casualties. There is a way to complete this mission rather quickly, but one of the tasks can’t be completed using this method.

Mission Text

Rescue the Intel Team member who has obtained information on the epidemic at Mother Base.

Metal Gear Solid 5 TPP Root Cause Mission Walkthrough

Extracted Intel Team member

The Intel Team member is being held at the enemy outpost marked with 07 on map. If you want to save some time and complete this mission quickly, head to the northern road leading from the outpost to the Bampeve Plantation. This will cause the prisoner to start running away in his truck. He won’t go far, as it turns out he’s a bad driver, and he’ll crash the truck at the first turn. Follow the path toward the smoke on top of the hill.

Extracted Intel Team member before he could have an accident

It feels like he always goes on the run as soon as you try to get close to him. The only way I can think of is to stop him on the road.

Exfiltrated the hot zone with Intel Team member by land

Fultoning him is not the way to complete this task, since he’ll be hurt after the crash.

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  1. D

    Actually to catch hin before he enters the truck is just sneak with d-horse very quickly trought the base and voi a la he just lay on the ground and you extract him

  2. T

    What I had did with this mission is to move around the mountain, specifically west side of the base till I can get up the mountain and head towards the base from there. If you’re using D-Horse, you should get there just as the target is getting on to the truck. Plus, it’s much easier for you to clear the enemy from entry point rather than from the south side of the base. (Not sure if applicable to all, but the stats I’m getting from the enemy is very good, mostly A++)

  3. F

    Using the location where he inevitably crashes, I used D-Walker to rush in front of that location (on the NW road like tziwei). He is out of the base rather quickly so you’ll see the vehicle and get the emergency intel radio transmission simultaneously. I used a stun rifle to incapacitate him as he approached and then used the vehicle he was driving to leave the hot zone by land.

  4. S

    I just ran to the point on the road where he comes driving down. Then I shot out the window with my rifle making him stop the truck then I fultoned the truck and the team member fell out. So I picked him up and ran out of the hot zone. This netted me S rank and all the tasks in one go.

  5. C

    What i just did was run around towards north of the post with d-dog once he spots the prisonser, get a clear shot and tranq him while he is nex to the truck. Pick him up and run out the hotzone. 3 mins s rank

  6. N

    Use an ENM Mine on the road right outside Outpost 7 to disable the vehicle ( I put mine about 7m before you enter the misson area). He should fall right out the vehicle and you can pick him up and run out of the area.

  7. M

    I blocked the truck’s path with my jeep. He fell out of the truck, and was still too injured to fulton extract. I tried to extract him by fulton-ing the jeep, but he fell out. I tried again with the truck (thinking closed cab door would hold him in), but he fell out of that too. Since I stopped the predestined crash (with effectively another crash) and carried him out on my back, I hit all three on the first try and nailed S-rank.

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