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FOBs are outposts used to fight other players in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. They are like smaller Mother Bases, which give you more resources and staff, but are vulnerable to attacks.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you how to attack FOBs.

How To Infiltrate FOBs

Infiltrating another player’s FOB is easily done through a few steps:
  1. Open up your iDroid.
  2. Go to the Missions tab.
  3. Choose FOB Missions.
  4. Select a rival from the list.
  5. Select which of his FOBs you wish to attack.
  6. Choose a platform to land on.
Your chopper will get you near the platform, and you’ll be teleported onto it. If you wish to escape, all you have to do is come back to the wormhole you came from. Once you’re in, you don’t have to sneak – you goal is to steal as much as you can, or get to the core of the platform (yellow marker). You can go into all out war with the opponent, if that’s what you want, but sneaking makes things easier.

When you board another’s FOB, the owner will be notified immediately – if he’s online. If the security hasn’t noticed you, he won’t know where you are, but he’ll be aware that he’s under attack.

FOB Rewards

If you succeed, you’ll make off with whatever you managed to grab, plus a GMP reward, some Heroism and an increase to your PF Rank. If you just make a run for the core, without Fultoning anything, you’ll still get a bunch of staff and some resources. The rewards are proportional to the size and quality of the FOB.

Sadly, the opponent will learn your identity, so he’ll be able to launch a counterattack.

FOB Penalties

If you fail, you get nothing. If you manage to escape back to the wormhole, you lose nothing except for the deployment costs which you hadn’t managed to recuperate. If you’re killed or caught, you have to pay ransom as well. Ransom is paid using GMP, and the sum is equal to deployment costs – if you bring more equipment, the ransom will be higher.

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