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Lingua Franca is the 14th mission in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. This is one of the quests that can last up from 5 minutes to more than 2 hours. This is due to the fact that the Viscount (the prisoner) is only found during the night, in a certain area of the prison camp. Knowing when he shows up there and the exact location of the interrogation room is what makes this mission doable in 5 minutes. Extracting the Afrikaans interpreter is almost a must as well, but don’t worry if you don’t do it – once you complete this mission, a new side op that gives you the location of an Afrikaans interpreter will show up.

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

Mission Text

Tail the Afrikaans interpreter working with the interrogator at Kiziba Camp, and rescue the British prisoner known as the Viscount.

Identified the Afrikaans interpreter

This soldier is part of the group that arrives in Kiziba Camp with the new prisoner. He is not the only interpreter in the camp. If you follow him the entire way, he eventually leads you to the Viscount. But in order to save a lot of time, you can wait for him to come to the first group of prisoners and extract him along with them. They have awesome skills that are valuable for Mother Base management. Once you do it, he won’t be able to take you to the main objective, but you can check his location in our guide below. You can complete this mission in an even shorter time, if you head straight to the interrogation house. The interpreter will head there as well, so you’ll have them on a pile.

Identified the Viscount

The Viscount is in the northern part of the camp. The trick is that he’ll be brought there during the night (around 2 am). You won’t find him there during the day. Check out the exact location of the house in the picture below.

Extracted the Viscount

Extracting the Viscount without letting him reach the interrogation room is the safest way. But keep in mind you won’t be able to complete all mission tasks like this. For some reason, all soldiers that are supposed to be inside the interrogation room come rushing toward it no matter their current location.

Pinpointed the locations of the 4 prisoners from an intel file

To do this step you just need to pick up the intel file next to the comm station that is in the wooden hut at the centre of the camp (the one next to prisoner in the screenshot “Extracted 3 prisoners being held at Kiziba Camp”). This can be done at any time regardless of whether you have already saved the prisoners or not and is helpful for automatically pointing out the location of the “Viscount”.

We would like to thank Mortal Dictata for sending us additional information.

Extracted 3 prisoners being held at Kiziba Camp

Following the interpreter, you’ll find the prisoners’ location, extracting them might be a problem though.

Extracted a materials container at Kiziba Camp

mgs5 lingua franca extract materials containerYou’ll need the Cargo 2 upgrade for your Fulton device. There are two containers in the camp (one of them contains biological materials) and two outside. Some people have reported this task is bugged – they didn’t solve it in spite of extracting all four containers.

Listened to all 4 prisoners’ interrogations

This step cannot be completed if you alarm the guards at any point during the mission. You could follow the interrogator around (from a safe distance) while he visits them all. The first prisoner is at the start, the second and third are together (zoologist and another), and the fourth is the Viscount.

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  1. M
    Mortal Dictata

    “Pinpointed the locations of the 4 prisoners from an intel file”

    -To do this step you just need to pick up the intel file next to the comm station that is in the wooden hut at the centre of the camp (the one next to prisoner in the screenshot “Extracted 3 prisoners being held at Kiziba Camp”). This can be done at any time regardless of whether you have already saved the prisoners or not and is helpful for automatically pointing out the location of the ‘Viscount’.

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Thank you for sharing information with us

  2. B

    was anyone ble yet to get the ‘Listened to all 4 prisoners’ interrogations’ objective yet? I can’t seem to get it, no matter what I try

    1. D

      You need to fallow that interrogations guys, first to one guy than to lady+guy near cages and at the end they will bring your obj to the house where they go on last route. You can’t trigger “alert status” and you need to let enemy to kill those hostages one by one. One big flaw of this game is “alert status” kills all scripts for those kind of action in game. In short: Don’t interfere in any way, just fallow.

      1. R

        Actually, you don’t need to let them kill anyone. All that matters is you do not enter alert status. At the first interrogation wait for the translator and leader to leave in the jeep then tranq and fulton both the guard and the prisoner.

        At tje double interrogation, wait for the translator to go inside the building and then tranq and fulton the guards around those two, at most you’ll only need to tranq 5. Then fulton them all when the enemies are out of earshot of the balloon deployment. And boom, all prisoners rescued, all interrogations complete.

    2. H

      u have to do it in the morning or the interogations won’t trigger because the viscount interogation takes place at midnight

      1. B

        I do not confirm this because I’ve done it at night and had no trouble in doing so!!

  3. J
    John B.

    I found the viscount wandering in the north all by himself, at around 6pm. Probably because I killed pretty much all the guards?

  4. S

    Eh sorry I mean is anyone having a problem with the container side thing I extracted 4 and could not get it

    1. H

      i have the same problem i extracted all of the containers at the camp and i couldn’t get it

    2. H

      i got after i finished all other tasks in that mission !

      1. S

        I will try that thanks Hamza

  5. N
    Naked Wolf

    DON’T extract the viscount to lastl, i learnt this the hard way and missed one prisoner

  6. N

    Man, your walkthrough is so bare and helpless. Why not use screenshots. Extract material container – Instead of showing the location you give a damn excuse.

  7. L

    Regarding the Material Container Task: It doesn’t work with the wormhole Fulton device. If you have the wormhole, change back to the normal fulton device and it will check the mission task.

    1. I

      This is not true. I got the task after using the wormhole. The task is just bugged sometimes

      1. L

        Dont get too close to the priosioners or else they fall on the ground. Even if you are behind walls. If you wait at tha last interrogation location near the wall, the viscount will fall and the guard scorting him will kill him.

  8. C

    This is a mission where I actually recommend not taking D-Dog. I think that his flustering of the guards might have some kind of impact on this objective.

  9. M

    If the last conversation (the one with the Viscount) don’t start, (he stays at the door and he 3 soldiers keep doing nothing) go away some 50 yards and get back, it did the trick for me.

  10. J

    This mission is bugged beyong belief. i Just did the 4 interrogations and didnt activate. I NEED ONE FCKING TASK for Platinum. This is infuririating

  11. J

    twice now this hasnt worked.

  12. J

    Figured out the issue. After restarrting my system, and at the beginning listening to the first lines spoken at the camp. “move this prisoner with the woman,ill interrogate them togethe”.
    Proceed as normal, and i didnt have an issue.
    Platinum Achieved

  13. J

    During the day, I found Viscount a few meters north east of the house where the interrogator stays. (Close to the house with processed materials) He’s guarded by a single soldier. I didn’t need to wait until midnight.

  14. J
    Jakob Román

    After extracting three prisoners only to find out the viscount was nowhere to be found, I flew in a phantom cigar to pass the time until night, since the sun had just risen. I had it dropped north-northeast of the interrogation room. Skulking towards it I see that DD has spotted a prisoner even further NNE. Of course it’s the fucking viscount. Asleep, in the woods, 200m NNE of the interrogation room. (:

  15. Y

    I had to restart this mission about five times just to get all the tasks done…

    I struggled getting the OK for the interrogation task and here’s what I figured out. First you need to know that you need to be WITHIN 100m and look at them with the Intscope for it to count the discussion as “heard”. You can also stand near them. When you start the mission RUN and mark the interpreter then look left (you should see a white Jeep) and mark the guard and the prisoner. Ocelot will begin talking (This is’t the target, etc etc), so here’s the thing. If he isn’t done talking when the interpreter’s buddy starts talking you will void the task. You need to see ALL of the subtitles when the interrogator, interpreter and prisoners talk. If you see the subs for Miller or Ocelot it won’t count that discussion and you’ll have to start over.

    Once the interrogator says “bring him there i’ll interrogate him with the woman etc.” Start crawling and follow them until they reach a small structure (they won’t go inside a house) and listen to the conversation. Then try to run to the other village, don’t alert anyone. You’ll need to go towards the prisoner you marked in the beginning of the mission. DO NOT GO IN FRONT OF THEM, try to get around and listen from the back.

    Once that interrogation is done. Use your phantom cigar and stop time until it gets to 19:20. Now follow the interpreter from a safe distance. They’ll eventually end up going inside a small house and the prisoner will be there. If they just stand there (interrogation won’t trigger) go back until it says 50m above the interpreter and come back near the house. Listen to them and you’ll get task done 🙂
    When the interpreter and interrogator leave the house, enter it from the window on the back and hold up the guard. Carry the prisoner to safety and fulton him!

    Another task I had trouble with was the one where you need to Extract a materials container.
    You actually need to do this when you have all tasks done (6/7) and you need to extract ALL OF THE FOUR. Two are near the house where the Viscount was interrogated (last guy) and the Two other containers are near where the two prisoners got interrogated.
    I personally extracted first the ones that were near the two prisoners once I got the interrogations task done and then I went back and extracted the other two containers. I used the regular fulton (I think I have cargo+3 and children).

    Keep trying and good luck!

  16. N

    I believe one of the biggest issues with completing this mission fully is that some of the guards you knock out to save the other prisoners might accidentally be the scripted guards that escort the Viscount to the final interrogation. I went through and flawlessly saved the first three prisoners but when the Interpreter got to the final location, I waited well past 0500 and the Viscount never showed up.

  17. A

    After getting blood from the previous mission I can’t get any of the blood off no matter how much I shower at Mother Base. Can someone please help?

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