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Retake the Platform is the 22nd mission in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. It is highly possible this mission starts while you are at the beginning of the previous one, The War Economy.
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Once completed, this mission allows you to start playing FOB, the main online multiplayer feature of the game. Retake the Platform takes place at your Mother Base. It tries to show what a possible assault on your online FOB will look like. You are on your own here with no help from any of your buddies or an intel team.

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

None, however, completing the mission using a stealthy approach can provide you with a lot of skilled soldiers for your Mother Base.

Mission Text

Infiltrate the platform captured by the enemy PF, and eliminate their commander. They have taken Mother Base staff hostage.

Metal Gear Solid 5 TPP Retake the Platform Mission Walkthrough

Eliminated the enemy commander

The main target is the enemy commander located on top of the Platform they invaded. He patrols the top of this platform and sometimes even comes to its edge, close to where the stairs are. This is the perfect opportunity to take him out with our sniper. You can recognize him due to his high combat and intel stats.

To come closer, or even to the main hostage deck, use the platforms under the bridge. This way you’ll stay out of the enemy’s sight. If you want to extract him, you’ll have to go through the middle of the main platform, where the stairs and climbing pipes are. This part of the platform is heavily guarded. It is extremely hard to spot the guards here, as they can’t be seen and marked outside the platform. If you alert them, the commander and his guard will buckle up and stick together on top of the platform, not moving. Others will start patrolling the area, making it hard to move without being spotted.Keep in mind there are groups of your soldiers taken hostage. One of them is on the first platform you find yourself on, while the final is on top of the main platform where the commander is.

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