How To Unlock Secret Mission 46 | MGSV: The Phantom Pain

Mission 46 is the last mission you can finish in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. It’s called Truth: The Man Who Sold the World. You’ll have to complete it if you want to see the real ending. There’s a series of things you have to do to gain access to it. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to unlock secret Mission 46 in MGSV.

mgs5 how to unlock secret mission 46

How To Gain Access To Mission 46

There’s a couple of things you’ll have to do:
  • Finish all main missions before and after it.
  • Complete all important Side Ops (the ones marked yellow in the list).
  • Fully upgrade Mother Base and all its platforms.
You may not have to upgrade your HQ all the way, so just check the mission list periodically while upgrading it. One of the tricky missions to finish is Mission 45, as it requires you to complete Side Op 150, which is difficult to unlock.

How To Unlock Side Op 150

Side Op 150 leads to the finale of Quiet’s story, but it doesn’t bring Quiet back. There’s a few things you’ll have to do in order to unlock it:
  • Do not kill Quiet in Mission 11: Cloaked In Silence. You need her alive for any of this to happen.
  • Quiet has to be battle-ready (not recuperating).
  • You should max out your bond level with her.
  • You must have seen the cinematic where the scientist is exiled from Mother Base.
  • Don’t use the Butterfly (front) design on your emblem.
In other words, you have to have Quiet as a buddy and not try to stop her departure after Mission 43.

Mission 46 Rewards

Completing mission 46 will let you reap some interesting rewards:
  • The real (true) ending
  • Star of Betlehem key item (gives Infinity Bandana)
  • The Codename: Big Boss key item (gives Leather Jacket uniform)
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  1. T

    Does this mean that when you unlock the secret mission then you also lose quiet permanently?

    1. V

      Not at all, after losing her, do Cloaked in Silence 7 times, you’ll get her back then

    2. R
      Reece Williams

      Not at all mate, after losing her you can reply Mission 11 6 times then it should have the prefix [Réunion] and she’ll be right back as you left her

  2. R

    This is incorrect. You get all of the rewards for beating the game even if you keep quiet by using the butterfly emblem.

    1. T

      Did you get the bandana after your first play through, and without losing Quiet?

      1. M

        Yes you can do Mission 46 and get the bandana before getting Mission 45 and losing Quiet.

    2. D
      Daniel Cisneros

      Please i beg you, explain with more details, i started a new game, why, because i really miss Quiet, i don’t know why exacty but i feel something has gone inside me.

      1. H

        You miss looking at her tits. Just admit it. For god’s sake she is a character who doesn’t talk so there is no other reason why you would miss her. You’re a pervert. Just admit it.

        1. L

          Nobody mentioned tits except for you. Clearly you haven’t elegantly taken down an outpost with you and her both using tranq sniper rifles.

        2. D

          I miss all the resources I put into developing her equipment. And her sniper wolf costume. Always did love mgs1 stuff

          1. W

            Yeah she’s pretty worthless as a character tbh. D-Dog is a lot more helpful and doesn’t hum constantly

      2. M

        You have the phantom pain.

        1. K

          How do you unlock episode 51

      3. R

        You can get quiet back by completing mission 11 7 times

      4. S

        You can bring her back by repeating Class aked in Silence 5 or 6 times. Eventually the quest name will append a [Reunite] to the quest name. Storywise, she’s still gone, buy shell be in her cell and you can use as a buddy again permanently

  3. B

    Nope you can do mission 46 without losing quiet.
    I did many of the main ops and I did all yellow side ops. I usually always used D-Dog, so I havent unlocked side op 150, so I still had quiet.
    Yes I unlocked the bandana while having quiet. as long as your bond isnt maxxed she wont leave.

  4. K

    I unlocked the 46 mission but my mother base is not fully upgrade, the side op 150 and the mission 45 are not unlock, I didn’t finish main mission in extrem

  5. T

    Also, you dont need mother base fully upgraded, I had the main platform at level 4, then all the others except R&D and Base Dev at level 2, (the other 2 being level 3)

  6. S


    I have unlocked mission 46.
    I have no unlocked either mission 45 or side ops 150
    I have no idea what happened 🙂

    1. J

      just did another play through to test some stuff out, and along the way I had the same thing happen, didn’t do side OP 150, so no mission 45, yet mission 46 became available right after Emmerich was exiled. Quiet is still available, maxed on rep, and I am not using the butterfly emblem, I did play all yellow tapes/yellow side OPs available once I was done mission 43.

      I did do a good number of normal side missions after doing mission 43 while waiting for Emmerich to be exiled. I doubt 46 has anything to do with Quiet, but instead may unlock after a set number of missions following the completion of 43, or perhaps after meeting some kind of heroism criteria or other subtle milestone.

  7. J
    Jonathan Bleau

    I killed Quiet the first time i met her and I’m currently doing mission 46

  8. J
    Jack parsonage

    This page is not true, I have completed level 46 and have not upgraded the mother base to max, i have not completed all levels either. I have however listened to all yellow cassette tapes and done all yellow side missions. I have not done a single main mission that is a remake of an earlier one.

  9. D
    Daniel Balshaw

    So you still do mission 43 but have quiet less than 100% and use the butterfly emblem? But don’t side op 150? Im confused by this don’t want to lose quiet but I wanna do the final mission

  10. Y
    You cray bro

    I had to listen to all cassette tapes , to unlock mission 46. After i got all s rank and max base. Idk why though?

  11. Not true your bond can br maxed out in order to unlock the mission I used her for almost every mission exept the bugged out missions so you can keep her and still do the last mission

  12. V

    BULL!! I did everything Above and it has not unlocked, my Motherbase is COMPLETE!! Side OP 150 is COMPLETE! all STORY MISSIONS: COMPLETE!! Mission 46: UNAVAILABLE!!!

    1. J

      Calm down, for god sake.

      Listen to all of the cassettes.

  13. V

    Completed all mission’s except side-op150 and mission 45(butterfly emblem), clicked al tapes and mission 46 unlocked 🙂

    1. S

      Hello. what if i completed all 50 mission’s i need to play mission 46 do anybody have advice? Now Cyborg Ninja and Raiden they are unlocked because mission 46 T^T
      I listened to the all of the cassettes and all mission’s i got S rank and mission 46 unavailable!!!!

  14. S

    yessssss i found it to play mission 46 u need to listen to the all of the cassettes all of them

    1. T

      You don’t need to actually listen to them, you just need to start playing them, but you can move on to the next one right away. Just starting a tape marks it as played. I had over 100 that I had not played, but went through played each for a second and was done in a few minutes. Also don’t forget to go to the third floor on med station at mother base to give Paz the photos. You gotta do them one by one, but once you get all of them then 46 popped up for me.

  15. C

    Well, I didn’t finish all main missions. After mission 31, I only did mission 32, 35, 38 and 41, but I completed all important Side Ops. I didn’t do the mission 45, because I was using butterfly emblem to prevent Quiet from leaving. I also didn’t fully upgrade Mother Base and all its platforms. So mission 46 is actually not a secret mission, you just need to do some side ops and mission 46 will pop out.

  16. C

    You can get all the rewards and true ending without having to do the quiet exit mission. all i did was using the butterfly emblem as front. got all the rewards plus endings listed – the game simply just skips the quiet mission i think.

  17. A

    My question is, is there even any benefit to completing the quiet end mission, short of 100% game completion?

    1. N

      That’s exactly what I want to know.

  18. P

    You do not have to lose Quiet to do mission 46.
    1. Listen to all the tapes in yellow
    2. Do all side op missions in yellow.
    3. after Mission 43 keep doing side ops until Kaz says you need to come back to mother base about Huey.
    then bam mission 46

  19. R
    Rupert Rødland

    Can anyone help me? I’ve completed all the main missions and manditory side ops AND fully upgraded Mother base but I still can’t get Mission 46:/

  20. M

    I had max everything and am asking help how can get quiet back she is extremely useful and i never used d dog or d horse that much so i kinda need her i did mission 46 and dont know how to get her back

    1. O

      Just do mission 11 (cloaked in silence) 7 times until it says “[Reunion] Cloaked In Silence” then do that and you get quiet beck on motherbase.

  21. A

    You must talk to Paz for the first time at the main Medic platform, 3rd floor and watch the cut scene. For me, It unlocked after I did that

    1. A

      I noticed a lot of people fail to mention visiting paz. Also, equiping butterfly emblem has no effect. I had it equiped for the longest time and ch. 46 unlocked.

  22. P

    Hello guys,
    I have done all the side missions and main missions, but I am missing Mission 46.
    How can I unlock it?
    I have Quiet with me, but I have visited Paz only 4 times.

  23. P
    Pink Mawile

    I killed quiet and still got the mission.

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