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D-Walker is your own personal Walker Gear in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. He’s highly customizable, and once you get him, you’ll be able to develop him any way you want. Unlike other buddies, there’s no bond to strengthen. Instead, you’ll unlock new abilities by researching upgrades in R&D. In this guide, we’re going to tell you everything we know about D-Walker, different upgrades and how to use them best.

mgsv d-walker buddy guide

About D-Walker

D-Walker is a bipedal robot, a product of the genious mind of Huey Emmerich. His greatest strength is that he can be finely tuned by adding and removing parts, which makes him the most adaptable companion in the game.

He may not be as charming as the other three (living) buddies, but he’s certainly as useful as any of them. Even though he usually walks on two legs, he can glide on little wheels, which is a silent option, so you can even sneak around while riding him.

Where to Find D-Walker

You’ll get D-Walker after you finish Mission 12: Hellbound and save Emmerich from the Soviets. He’ll accompany you to Mother Base, and a few missions later, the game will let you know there’s a Walker Gear at your disposal.

D-Walker Abilities

The robot is quite versatile – you can mould him into anything you like using the upgrades. His armor can provide protection or camouflage, while his head can serve as a scouting device. He has an arm which can be used to pick up items, fight and throw enemies, or use a handgun (with a non-lethal option).

He starts out with a gatling gun, but it can be replaced by a rocket launcher, a flame thrower or a stun gun. There are a couple of upgrades that are unlocked by getting key items, like the F-Ballista.

D-Walker Customization

D-Walker doesn’t have uniforms like the other buddies, but he can be customized like a vehicle. There’s a broad range of patterns and colors you can choose. Here are just a few:

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  1. I

    I’ve yet to use D-Walker in heavy combat because of one thing; prerelease info claimed Quiet and D-Dog could be killed in the field and are irreplacable. Does anyone know if you can replace D-Walker should it get destroyed?

    1. W

      d-walker is built to be a very versatile, very hard target. ive used him in both stealth and heavy combat missions, using a variety of tactics, and despite him getting pounded on quite hard by mortars and machine guns, he aint died yet. so as far as i know, you cant kill him

    2. G

      D walker gets destroyed it will explode before being automatically fulton lifted out of the area. The same goes for the rest of your buddies, if they take too much damage they will just get fulton lifted out of the are. You might lose buddy points with your other buddies but you wont lose them for good.

  2. B

    quiet is much better and cheapet than D walker..

    1. O

      How is anything better than a robot? Get your brain checked!

      1. S
        Stoner Fox

        How is anything better than a sexy sniper chick? Get your head examined!

        1. S
          Solid Rock

          How is anything better than a cute dog? Get your facts right!

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