MGS5 Over The Fence Walkthrough

Over The Fence mission in MGS5: The phantom pain wants you to rescue the engineer that designed your prosthetic arm. We are hoping, with our walkthrough, to give you the best tips to completing the main, as well as, side objectives of this mission. It is the fifth mission of the first Episode of the game.

Main objective is “Extracted the captive engineer” and it is easily done. Arrive at night, because the base is crawling with soldiers. Engineer is being held at a semi constructed building in the west side of the base. We recommend you head up the road that leads towards the Wakh Sind Barracks, until you reach a very tall guard outpost located next to the rock wall. Climb this and jump onto the ground of the Wakh Sind barracks. You only have one guard in the vicinity and you can easily dispatch of him. Next turn towards the half finished building and you will find an entrance that leads to the ground level. There are patrols going this route, but you can avoid them by hiding in the dumpster or by incapacitating them. The engineer is in one of the locked rooms there. Remember to also, pick up all the loot and materials on that ground floor, because there is plenty of it around. Once you get to the engineer just take him out the same way you got there and Fulton him back to safety. For bonus mission steps read our guides bellow.

Fulton extracted the engineer through the hole in the facility’s basement

extract engineer through holeThis can be a bit tricky, but is all a matter of positioning.

Extracted the prisoner plotting to escape from Wakh Sind Barracks

Prisoner is on the rock ridge surrounding the camp. I would like to thank Rory Kenney and Fruitloops for leaving comments bbellow this guide, explaining where the prisoner is. Check out the screenshots bellow for exact location.

Extracted the four-wheel drive patrolling between outposts

four-wheel drive patrol locationThis vehicle will periodically appear at Wakh Sind. Driver will get out and leave the vehicle unattended. I managed to come across it around 18:00, when sunset began. You will have to have your Fulton extraction upgraded to get the vehicle, so you’ll probably do this step later in the game. You can wait on the road outside the base and set a trap with your horse “doing no. 2” to stun the vehicle and then you safely Fulton it or sneak into the base and get the vehicle. UPDATE: Thanks to Marcos, who left a comment bellow this guide, there is an alternative for those that still do not have their Fulton device upgraded. Do the main mission objective and come back to the four-wheel drive. Steal it and drive out of the hot zone for completing this objective.

Secured the blueprint at Wakh Sind Barracks

Blueprint’s location can be obtained by interrogating enemy soldiers, but without further ado here’s a screenshot showing its exact location.
UN ARC blueprint location mgs5
Blueprint is [UN-ARC] assault rifle
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  1. R
    Rory Kenney

    The Prisoner who is escaping is on the rocky area above the main entrance tunnel to the compound. Enter the compound and turn left towards the Anti Air radar and containers, carry on to the flat area (The chopper can land here if you take out the radar) and take the left up onto the rocks, follow it back until you’re overlooking the interior and exterior compound and he should be sitting there.

    1. X

      You are awesome i spent a 15 mins trying to find the lil rascal! You were spot on!

      1. R
        Rory Kenney

        Glad I could help.
        Took me about an hour after extracting every guard there and using the sonar every 10 steps XD

      2. S

        The best Cassette Tape “The Phantom Pain” is located in group of small bunkers where the soldiers sleep. It’s the building in the back you should be able to hear it.

    2. F

      Thanks, took me ages. But the explaination was pretty vauge. I’ll cover some gaps.

      After destroying the AA radar Ocelot will contact you and say that the chopper is now able to pick you up at that position. Now, face toward the barracks (houses where all the beds are) and go right toward the anti air cannon. Once you hit it, turn left and keep walking. He’s sitting next to a rock, if you hit the bridge connecting the path leading into the base you’ve gone too far.

  2. M

    U can just drive outta the area with the vehicle that counts as well btw, just did that with the prisoner on the rocks and got both objectives completed

  3. C

    You can find the four-wheel drive parking at Outpost 11 before it goes to Wakh Sind Barracks.

  4. N

    During the mission if you land near Outpost 15 when you’re coming up to the barracks the guard shack by the bridge there is a crack in the wal across the road that you can climb to by pass going up the tower by the entrance. There is Wormwood by the crack to help identify it easier

  5. J

    Did everything on the TOTAL STEALTH level in under 5 minutes. Parasite suit is your bestfriend. Once you arrived at the area, the soldier with four-wheel drive will park his car, use the parasite mist, then drive it a few meters away, before you fulton extract it. There might be soldiers near the road, you can take them out if you want. After a few minutes, you will hear on the radio that the vehicle was stolen, but it will not alert the CP.

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