MGS5 Phantom Limbs Walkthrough

Phantom Limbs is the first mission in the first chapter of Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. It has 5 steps you can complete for full rewards and completing it gets you 40000 GMP.
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It takes place in southwestern part of Northern Kabul, Afghanistan. This guide will help you complete all 5 steps, because when you first do it some of these steps are hidden and some of them are not that easily completed.

Mission Text

Rescue your old partner, Kazuhira Miller. He has been captured by the Soviets and is being interrogated at Ghwandai Town.

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

  • Rescuer
  • Quick Draw

Pinpointed Kazuhira Miller’s whereabouts

mark Ghwandai town phantom limbs episode 1 mgs5At the very start of the mission Ocelot will instructs you to scout out a little village to the north with your binoculars. Village is called Wiallo and you will have to mark it while using the highest zoom. Village is straight ahead and we recommend you target the building with a little flashing light on it and mark that location, while using binoculars, to continue the mission.

Follow Ocelot’s instructions to get clues to Miller’s whereabouts (you’ll find intel in the command post building – the biggest building in the village). You can find a cassette tape (Behind the Drapery) in there as well, on the ground floor. Intel is found on the first floor so sneak up the stairs and enter the only room there to find the intel on one of the tables.You might want to do other optional steps before continuing on with this main step, because once you are done with this the mission will end and you will have to repeat it to get all the steps done. As you approach Ghwandai make sure you mark the guards with your binoculars from a vantage point. You can enter the town stealthily by hugging the rock wall the town is next to. This way you’ll approach Miller’s position from the back and with fewer guards in the way. His position is marked in your iDroid and all you have to do is get to him and get him to the extraction point to finish this mission.

Before the mission ends you will face some Skull soldiers. One of the objectives is to complete the mission without being discovered, and you can read about how to do this bellow.

Extracted the commander from Wakh Sind Barracks

I would like to thank user Esaw_MF73, who helped us with his comment about the commander having the red beret. Commander in Wakh Sind Barracks looks distinctly different from other soldiers at the outpost. He is sometimes located in front of the barracks, and sometimes he roams the inside. It depends on the time of day and alert status. You will have to carefully scout each soldier at the barracks until you find the one with the red beret and then extract him.

commander from Wakh Sind Barracks

Completed the mission without being discovered by the Skull

After you get to the LZ with Miller Skulls will appear in the mist. To avoid being discovered I would recommend you first mark them with your binoculars so you know their position at all times. You can hide under the bridge for a while. IF they start going off the road and towards your position under the bridge you should back away from them and get on top of the bridge. Wait for them to get even further under the bridge and safely cross towards the LZ.

Secured the rough diamonds hidden in Spugmay Keep

Spugmay Keep is the area where you first begin the mission. Diamond stash is located on a cliff overlooking the ruins.

Extracted the transport truck driver

I think this truck patrols from Wakh Sind Barracks to Ghwandai Town and back. The easy way I did this was to wait for the truck at Wakh Sind Barracks (it was just before sunset when he arrived in my playthrough). He does not enter the base itself but, rather, arrives and parks at a little outhouse bellow the base. Screenshots show the exact location.Next Mission
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