MGS5 A Hero's Way Mission Walkthrough

A Hero’s Way is the third mission in the first chapter of Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain. It requires you to dispose of a Spetsnaz commander.
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You can do this several ways, and depending on the way you do it you will complete additional, bonus, mission steps. At first you just have one Mission step available, while other 4 get revealed once you complete the first playthrough of the mission. We played several times so we can provide you information on how to complete all the mission steps for A Hero’s Way. Unfortunately, you will have to play through this mission more than once, since you have to dispose of the Spetsnaz commander in different ways, but that’s where all the fun is at.

Mission Text

Eliminate the Spetsnaz detachment commander secretly involved in the scorched earth operation in Afghanistan. The target and his recon unit have occupied Shago Village and are ready to meet an assault.

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

(This means that during this mission either one of the enemies will have the skills bellow – so you have to Fulton them – or there’s a blueprint to be found in the mission area)
  • Gunman

Following are Mission step walkthroughs (both main and extra ones) and they may contain spoilers. You have been warned.

Eliminated the Spetsnaz commander

Spetsnaz commander locationThis is the basic step of this mission. Eliminate the Spetsnaz commander anyway you want. When you approach Shago Village, make sure you scout out as many soldiers as you can. You might as well try and Eliminate the commander in one of the ways that will complete the bonus steps listed bellow, so bring a sniper or silently knock out the commander so you can Fulton him out. He is located inside a small room with three very small windows on the first floor of the largest building in the village.

Neutralized the Spetsnaz commander from long distance (100m or more)

UPDATE: Start the mission at 18:00 and choose the eastern drop off point. You need a sniper to complete this. Approach the compound from the southeast. There is a little hill overlooking the compound. From there you should be able to see the commander on the ground floor. You can take him out from that hill and complete this secret task. Doing this is also the fastest way of getting the S-Rank for this mission (after you snipe the commander just move out into the safe zone for S rank).

Extracted the Spetsnaz commander

You need to infiltrate the base and get to the first floor of the command building. After you knock the commander out you have to take him outside and Fulton him to base for this step to be completed.

Picked a haoma in the desert between Shago Village and Spugmay

The Haoma is a rare plant that grows in the desert. The spot where you can find it is on top of a dune southeast of Shago Village, between the two roads. If you’ve unlocked D-Dog, bring him with you – he’ll mark the plant on your map.

Secured the processed materials hidden in Shago Village

Processed materials can be found under the bridge leading to Shago Village as shown on the screenshots below.Previous Mission
Phantom Limbs
Next Mission

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  1. C

    Experienced a bug here where the mission task of Haoma won’t complete itself. Anyone else experience that?

    1. B

      You have to find two of them.

  2. J
    James Ainsworth

    Yea same here

  3. S

    There are two of them in that area. If you get the one that’s farther away the mission task won’t complete.

  4. M

    If you played once through, and extracted him, but then play a second time and kill him, is he removed from your Mother Base after the second play-through?

  5. M

    One way to do all mission objectives:
    Preferbly when he’s inside a building or close to walls and away from others.
    Sniper with Tranq from 100+ yards
    Grab materials
    Grab hoama
    infiltrate area, pickup spetznaz commander
    Ride out with D-horse

  6. J

    Mgsv:TPP 3- A hero’s way.
    I picked the Hoama plant but died with it still on me when I came back later the Hoama was gone so I checked my progress and still I do not have it checked off on my mission task’s. Please help me to find another Hoama plant.

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