Prey Password Locations - How to Unlock Workstations

Passwords in Prey are necessary to unlock workstations in Prey. You’ll need them to access the various locked computers on Talos I. They’re usually written down on sticky notes. Usually,they’re near the workstation, but not always. Also, some of the passwords are randomized, so where to find them is important, which is why we’ll list all Prey workstation password locations.

Prey Password Locations - How to Unlock Workstations
Prey Password Locations – How to Unlock Workstations

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Marco Simmons Workstation Password Location

This password is probably among the first ones you’ll encounter in Prey. Accordingly, it’s fairly easy to find. There’s a sticky note on Marco Simmons’ workstation. Pick the note up to find out the Marco Simmons password.

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Jason Chang’s Workstation Passcode

On your way to Morgan Yu’s office, you’ll have to make a stop at Jason Chang’s computer. It’s where the Executive offices are, above the Teleconferencing Center. Anyway, to access Jason’s computer, check the yellow note stuck on the screen and use it to unlock Chang’s workstation.

Security Station Password

The Security Station password is located in the Neuromod Division Foyer, on the corpse of Divya Naaz. You can access this area later in the game. Be careful of the enemies that lurk there. The best approach would be to take them out as stealthily as you can.

Where to find Small Scale Testing Workstation Password

This password is in the Hardware Labs Small Scale Testing area. In fact, it’s not far at all. Check the floor left of the Small Scale Testing Workstation and you’ll find a stray clipboard with a note on it. Read the note and you get the password.

Julien Howard’s Password in Arboretum

Once you’re in the Green House, you’ll find Julien Howard’s workstation. However, the password isn’t in the room. Instead, you’ll have to go to the foyer of the Crew Quarters. There, you’ll find the body of Iris Stein, sitting next to a chessboard. The note with the workstation passcode is near the corpse.

Abigail Foy Computer Password Location

Abigail Foy’s workstation is in her cabin in the Crew Quarters. Once again, the the access code is nearby. Duck under the desk, and you’ll spot a note under it. Read it to get the password for Abigail’s computer.

Ivy Song’s Workstation Password

This workstation is in the Deep Storage part of the facility. However, to find the password, you’ll have to go downstairs to the Corporate Information Technology section, near the entrance to Deep Storage. Check the workstation of Zachary West. There’s a note stuck to it, and it contains the Ivy Song workstation passcode.

How to Unlock Gus Magill’s Workstation in Cargo Bay

In the Shipping and Receiving area of the Cargo Bay, you’ll run across Gus Magill’s computer. The note with the password is deceptively near, but hidden. Pick up the phone on the desk, and you’ll see the note. Read it to get Gus’ Magill’s workstation password.

Prey Price Broadway’s Workstation Password

When you reach the Life Support part of Talos I, head to the Monitoring Station in the basement (bottom left corner of the map). Be careful, since there will be a tough Voltaic Phantom on the loose inside. When you dispatch the enemy, look around to find Price Broadway’s computer. There’s a supply crate to the left of the workstation. Open it to find the note with Price Broadway’s password on it.

Regina Sellers Workstation Password

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find this password yet. We’ll update this guide as soon as we locate it.

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