Red Dead Redemption 2 Gavin Location - Where to find lost English Man

Gavin is a character from Red Dead Redemption 2. You’ll first hear about him in the streets of one of the game’s major cities, where you’ll find his worried friend shouting his name. After you talk to the friend, he’ll tell you Gavin has disappeared and give you a vague description. At this point, you can either drop the whole thing or go looking for Gavin. A lot of people are upset about this and really want to find the missing Englishman. This guide is going to help you solve Red Dead Redemption 2 Gavin mystery.

red dead redemption 2 gavin location
Red Dead Redemption 2 Gavin Location – Where to find lost English Man

Where to find Gavin’s friend

rdr2 gavin friend locationsQuest giver known as Gavin’s friend can appear at different places randomly. You can meet him in Rhodes, Saint Denis, Blackwater, the forests of Roanoke and MacFarlane’s Ranch. You’ll recognize him easily, either by the dapper outfit with a boater hat, or by his incessant shouting of Gavin’s name. Once you talk to him, he’ll tell you that Gavin’s English, lovely and missing. That’s not much to go on, but at least we know he’s supposed to speak with an accent that isn’t American.

Where to find Gavin in RDR2?

There are a lot of theories – some make sense, others are pure garbage – but they’re all just theories. Nobody has been able to find Gavin and provide proof of his location and existence.

One of the most popular theories is that Gavin is the boy locked in the Rhodes gunsmith’s basement – this would be quaint, especially if you’ve met the concerned friend in Rhodes. However, the guy chained to the bed under the gun shop is decidedly non-English. Some mentioned finding him in a mine near Strawberry, kidnapped by the O’Driscolls, but we haven’t been able to find him yet.

At the end we killed Gavin’s friend, and found a letter on his corpse. Reading it will explain that the man’s name is Nigel, and he’s corresponding with someone named Tom, from back in the UK. Apparently, Nigel is telling everyone back home that they’ve become successful cowboys, millionaires. But obviously this isn’t true. Our conclusion is that you can’t find Gavin because he’s not in the game. You can find out more about our conclusions in the last chapter, but we have to warn you about spoilers.

—– Spoilers ahead ———-
Once you finish the game, after Epilogue, you will come across Nigel, 10 years older, looking like a crazy man, ended up wandering the streets, and still asking for his friend Gavin. Also, we didn’t see a voice actor for Gavin in the credits. Maybe Gavin decided to go back to UK. Maybe, he just run away from Nigel. We don’t know, but we think he’s not in the game.



  1. T

    If actually listen what he says about Gavin you realize He is Gavin himself. 2 personalities.

    1. A

      The second time i meet him i thought it might be some kind of pet (like a dog) instead of a human, with the way he talked about Gavin.

    2. G

      But he can’t be Gavin because the letter is from someone who knew him and Gavin since childhood.

    3. R

      thank you, finally someone who agrees with me

    4. K

      Gavin is the cave hermit( the guy that says he is the devil) hogtied nigel and take him to the cave hermit.

      1. B

        My theory is he’s the hanged man that after spotting him up north near annesburg I believe, the murfrees ambush us. I shot the body down once and swear it said Englishman, not stranger when I went to loot the body.

    5. J

      i think gavin is a horse cause before i saw gavin’s friends i saw a dead horse outside rhodes and through out the story it was slowly decomposing and i also heard gavin’s friend say something about gavin’s fur

      1. R
        Race Blakhart

        No. He said nothing about his fur. That’s stupid

    6. R
      Race Blakhart

      If he was also Gavin, then the letter makes no sense. Tom knows both Nigel and Gavin. They’re separate people.

    7. G

      Thank you all for your concern. Nigel tried to kiss me about a month ago after seeing Brokeback Mountain. It freaked me out, so I have been hiding out. I am now experiencing PTSD from this experience and refuse to come close to cowboys and ranchers. Please stop trying to find me, I dont want to be found. . Thank you, Gavin

  2. G

    You meet this again when playing as [REDACTED]. He is gone completely crazy by that time.

  3. H

    Did anyone else see the body hanging under the bridge along with “Look Upon My Works” written on the cliffside in blood (I found in early-mid game while still playing as Arthur)? My theory is that the mad preacher that stands in the river killed him.

    1. M

      There is a clue near by that leads you to find two other clues. There are three locations like this in total. It is a mystery that you have to solve.

    2. H

      On one of the support beams near the body there’s a head with a note in it’s mouth. There’s a couple other clues to be found but that body does have it’s own story to be discovered! Though I don’t doubt the search for Gavin would end in a similar discovery…

    3. K
      Kelly G

      There’s a quest for this, search around the body youll find a paper, if you find two more bodies dead and mutilated like this, you’ll get to piece together 3 scraps to make a map to find the murderer.

    4. J
      Jade Wilson

      I actually just found another one with the words “Behold” written next to the corpse. It’s near catfish Jackson’s. I was there in the middle of the night.

    5. K

      no thats for a different mission involving a serial killer

    6. N

      good idea but no its a psycho killer who dismembers people and you have to find all the bodies and then you get maps and then you find his location and bring him in to police

    7. J

      No, the crazy preacher is not the ‘look upon my works’ murderer. Those murders are a separate quest by themselves where you do confront the psychopath later on.

    8. D

      It is not the mad preacher in the water my friend i can tell you that.

  4. T

    My theory is that Nigel is Gavin. He has a split personality possibly and hes been slipping further into his second persona maybe? Hes mad once you reach the epilogue, so I think hes forgotten that he is gavin. The letters could have been written by him too maybe?

    1. B

      Idk but I feel I met Gavin, really early on in the game near strawberry a random British dude came out of the brush saying he was lost, I remember that he was in fact British but i don’t remember what he said, I do remember accidentally hitting a tree trying to take him to strawberry thus making him run away from me. Every single time I see his friend I always wonder if that in fact was Gavin:( Rip gavin

    2. G
      Gavin's Friend

      I think he’s probably a 2 personalities and Tom is either a psychologist or just trying to help him. Don’t know if there’s a psychologist at that time.

      1. E
        EG Shitsheets

        Psychology was a field of science at this time; maybe only a couple of decades old, but it was a thing. And I agree wholeheartedly

  5. S
    Steve B.

    The whole thing is pretty clearly a gag. The punchline is that you find Gavin’s friend in Blackwater during the Epilogue, years after the events of the main story. He’s wearing the same clothes, but worn and full of holes, his hair is a mess and he’s got dark bags under his eyes, and he’s still looking for Gavin. “I’ve been looking for him for years. I don’t even remember what he looks like. I’ve wasted my life,” he explains, before resuming his frenzied search for Gavin.

    It seems like it’s just a joke on the idea of the helpless quest-giving NPC. The player doesn’t resolve his story (in this case, because the player cannot resolve his story) and so Nigel is just trapped in limbo, forever searching for his friend Gavin, with no life whatsoever outside of this single problem.

    But of course, videogame fandom has a higher-than-average percentage of folks with various brain conditions that force them to take everything literally, so I am sure there will be people who continue to formulate theories about the identity of Gavin with the same zeal others apply to real-life mysteries.

    1. S
      Sean Macguire

      Lol right? Gamers r so dum! I mean – it’s not like rockstar games are notorious for inserting Easter eggs or incredibly difficult to solve mysteries into their games to generate and maintain interest or anything.

      Oh wait they totally DO insert Easter eggs and incredibly difficult to solve mysteries. The Mt Chiliad mystery in GTA 5 for example and the developers have said gamers still haven’t found all of the Easter eggs they inserted decades later in other games like San Andreas.

      The letters mention ‘mistaken identity’ around Nigel so I’m sure we’re going to discover that another English character like the zoo guy is ACTUALLY Gavin in an upcoming DLC.

      Anyway it’s probably because of the made up brain disorders you invented and general stupidity of gamers and totally not the expectation Rockstar has created by inserting countless mysteries just like this one into their games since they started developing them. Lol u r just the cleverest and smartest man ever.

      1. N
        Nathan Drake

        Oof. Sean Maguire back at it again. I applaud you.

      2. I
        I hate gamers

        He is right though, Gamers are thick as pig shit.

    2. R
      Race Blakhart

      “Varius brain conditions”? Really? That’s a willfully ignorant remark if I ever heard one.

  6. J

    I found Gavin by the swamps of saint Denis rotten away. I swear on my son’s life I found this dudes body, I’ve been scrounging for days to see if it was just a fluke, but I’ve seen people mention finding Gavin in a cave or somethinf, but here’s the Fucking crazy part. It said “Gavin” when j found the corpse, gave me only one option to pick it up, so I thought aye, I ought go bring him his mate back, rather than never knowing what happens to your best friend, soo anyways, i call my horse over put Gavin on my horses back, lost a bunch of honor points and my horse took off, I just dropped 1000$ on that Arabia shit so I reloaded my last save in a brief panic and Gavin body’s gone. Idk man. I’m. Not trying to sell tales man, but my horse took off and I lost karma, so maybe a side quest…?

    1. D

      Where abouts in saint denis? I’ve been wandering the swamps for hours and can’t find any dead bodies

    2. D

      Man! you know what im sure i found this same guy and thinking iv got to take him to his friend but i crocodile spooked my horse and it killed me…i forgot about it and it was only reading these comments that it jogged my memory, the bit about not being able to loot him i remember specifically made me think we found the same guy! I was tottally leaning towards split personality aswell

    3. P

      Pics or it didn’t happen.

  7. H
    Henry Phillips

    I found Gavin!!! He’s at the location of [REDACTED]. Just head past Tumbleweed and you’ll find a [REDACTED] and he’s there. Speak to him and all will be revealed.

    1. C
      Concerned Citizen

      Why were some parts of that redacted?

  8. C

    I found an Englishmen’s hanging corpse, used as a trap by some hillbillies to bait you, just North of annesburg. It popped up as i followed the path from annesburg to manito glade, as an X on my map. Might be him m

  9. J

    My theory is that someone please buy me this so I can actually play it

  10. W
    Web design

    I was watching a YouTube video that has a theory that Nigel killed Gavin. To be honest I think that’s the most likely theory. Explains him going crazy!

  11. T

    I found him again, this time by Evelyn Miller Camp. Said to me he’s been finding him for 7-8 years already. Think we got a lead?

  12. A

    Maybe er get to meet Gavin in RDR3?

    1. R

      Red Dead Redemption 2 is RDR 3. Because Red Dead Revolver exists.

      1. J

        Actually no a new rdr would be rdr3 because it is red dead redemption not red dead revolver

  13. B

    Hmmm ok well I remember once I was hunting the legendary bison when I encountered a British guy who came running through the woods yelling about being attacked by a “ weird animal with plague in its eyes “ ( his words) but before I could examine him further he runs off and if you try to fallow him he pulls the ye old Houdini and vanishes

  14. N

    I found Gavin, or he found me actually. Durring the second bank heist before we walked within a Few feet of the doors, I hear a fimiliar voice yelling. At first I thought it was the AL too familiar friend of Gavin, but I knew I had killed him earlier and thought it was a random respawn. I went to talk to him when I noticed his name was Gavin and he asked if I had seen his friend 😅😭

  15. F
    Frans Dankers

    Personally, I think Gavin has been abducted by aliens. There are loads of alien related easter-eggs found in the game (actual ufo’s amongst them). It’s possible that Gavin is connected to a “Cowboys vs. Alien DLC”,the original Red Dead Redemption also released the Cowboy vs. Zombie DLC, “Undead Nightmare”.

  16. H

    Weirdly, before googling and reading about it, I was in St Denis and heard someone shouting for “Tom!”, saying that he couldn’t find his friend. I had forgotten that the main guy is called Nigel and spent ages to track down the random voice I heard, to no avail. When I read fan theories, I was reminded that the guy is called Nigel, so I thought it wasn’t linked, but then I learned that he has a letter which references “Tom”. Is it a coincidence that I have found someone that is looking for Tom? Is it possible that Tom, upon hearing about the successes of his friends in America, was meant to arrive in St Denis and meet up with Nigel and Gavin, and now that all three are searching for one another? Anyone else heard this guy looking for Tom? Could it be Gavin…and I lost him! 🙁

  17. A

    Isn’t the mayor of Strawberry an englishman called Gavin? I remember helping a man get to the town and he advised me to look into the mayor “Gavin” in that place.

  18. P

    Maybe you’re not supposed to find Gavin at all.

    An Englishman travels across the sea in delusional hopes of becoming a rich and successful cowboy, a dream that very obviously never pans out. If you meet Gavin’s friend in Blackwater, [NAME REDACTED] will ask Gavin’s friend what Gavin looks like, and he’ll reply something to the effect of “I actually don’t know what he looks like.” This is similar to how Dutch’s own increasingly crazy ambitions makes other characters believe Dutch doesn’t know what he wants, other than maybe chaos (effectively living life like a crazy cowboy).

    Gavin’s friend is an allegory for the philosophical themes of the advancement of civilization, the decline of the wild west, and the slow but ever-increasing caging of the human spirit. Gavin’s friend being an englishman represents how colonists and immigrants came to America to pursue the American dream. The rapid advancement of civilization and technology represents the decline of that dream, or perhaps the revelation that it was never there at all. Gavin’s friend is nothing more than a plot device, literally a walking metaphor.

  19. K
    kip doran

    IF there is a Gavin, he must not have a speaking part. I don’t see a Gavin in the closing credits, only “Gavin’s Friend” is listed Nigel I believe.

  20. M

    What about the crazy English guy in the tree house in Austin?

  21. O

    Maybe Gavin got lost in Westworld being a millionaire cowboy.

  22. I

    I always thought it was a stab at Gavin Free from Rooster Teeth. Both Jack Patillon and Geoff Ramsey got to be in the game as voice actors, but Gavin did not. All 3 are die hard RDR fans. I always assumed it was a playful jab at him?

  23. L

    U dont have to kill Gav´s friend. U can only tie him and rob him.

  24. O

    I think gavin may potentially be somewhere in rdr 1, or someone we meet in rdr3(I’ve heard rumors about rdr3)

  25. C

    This one dude is in St Denis, Gavin is in Blackwater. I didn’t shoot anyone but trying to lasso one or the other ends up in a gunfight. I don’t know how to unite these two but they are both easily available

  26. L

    Gavin is no speak thats why he isn’t on credit, we know from letter that Gavin was always a type of silence. So we need to think who also no speaking. But, anyway how to find nigel when you with gavin and that f#$%er is walking around all map? 🙂

  27. N
    Nathan Drake

    Either Nigel is Gavin, Trelawny is Gavin (it’s possible since he’s always gone doing who knows what), Gavin will be in a DLC or a running joke around the studio of Rockstar where an employee named Gavin shows up late or is never around when he’s needed. Gavin from Rockstar would make a lot of sense tbh and is HIGHLY possible. If not, then I honestly believe Nigel just has a personality disorder or some mental illness where Gavin was his imaginary friend that disappeared. Also, the person in the letter that knew him and Gavin is probably his shrink. Mental illness was ignored and thought as “not normal” so that would make sense too. So it’s either mental illness or a Rockstar inside joke.

  28. R

    Really…. try to bring him to the “found” dag in camp… or the other way around. Or call the dog Gavin. 😉

  29. H
    Harlen Davis

    Maybe Gavin is the ghost stranger from Red Dead Redemption 1?

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