Red Dead Redemption 2 Where to Find Pipe For Dutch

Pipe for Dutch in Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the items you’ll need to improve the relationships with your gang mates. At some point between chapters 2 and 4, Dutch will ask you to get him a smoking pipe. Most of the gang members’ requests are for common items which can be found virtually everywhere. This one’s different, though – there is only one pipe you can pick up in the game. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find pipe for Dutch in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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red dead redemption 2 where to find pipe for dutch
Red Dead Redemption 2 Where to Find Pipe For Dutch

How to get pipe for Dutch in RDR 2?

Since there’s only one pipe in the entire world, you’ll have to go to a specific place to get it. It’s in the western part of the map. The closest town is Strawberry. Travel there and follow the road north until you reach the river. Turn west and follow it some more. At some point, when you’re near the edge of the map, there will be a cottage on the south side of the road (near the letter W on the map). Consult the images below if you need visuals.

The cottage is called Vetter’s Echo. When you approach it, you’ll hear a bear growling somewhere nearby. If you’re anything like us, you’ll try to run inside to hide from the beast. Natural instinct to seek shelter and all that. Well, does the game have a surprise for you. The bear is actually in the cottage. There’s another entrance which might help you get the drop on the animal, if you’re feeling sneaky. On the other end of the spectrum, you can chuck several sticks of dynamite into the cottage. That said, you could also let it maul you – after you respawn, the bear will be gone.

There’s a desk with a typewriter in the shack – that’s where you’ll find the pipe. Simply grab it and bring it to Dutch next time you’re in your camp, and you’ll get a pair of new spurs as a reward. I hope you feel like that’s enough of a reward for getting torn to shreds by an angry bear, because that’s all that you’re gonna get. Thanks a bunch, Dutch.

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  1. P

    This was the first thing in the game that disappointed me because there is an unlootable pipe in a house very close to the starting location. All the attention to detail goes out the window when you remind the player that they’re still only playing a game. The difference between 99% and 100% might as well be a chasm then.

    1. R

      Was opening them drawers in every way trying to get at it

    2. J
      Jamel Metts

      Yes i saw thst unlootable pipe! It disappointed me as well

    3. D

      How about you try to not be a nit picky bitch? That’s literally the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard someone say disappointed them in a game, especially a game as massive and as detailed as this. It’s amazing how whiny some people are. A game as gorgeous and cool as this and you let a non lootable item disappoint you.,,

      1. B

        > nit picky bitch
        >by literally claiming that an item in the game was found but couldn’t loot it

        You don’t have to get so defensive about the game, buddy. It’s okay to hop off Rockstar’s nuts every now and then and gripe about something in one of their games (especially if it’s something that breaks immersion). In no way was the person shit talking the game, let alone putting it down on the level you’re making it out to be that they were …

        The person is right, though. It’s pretty crappy on their part to make most of the other items attainable by looting/picking up certain things that’s are found in the world, but Dutch’s pipe, Sadie’s harmonica, Tilly’s necklace….those are things we also see commonly littered in the world if you know where to look, but because it’s an item request, it just HAS to be a different one despite them all being labeled as the same thing in-game, looking all the same, etc. It’s a bit silly on their part — at least make the items look different or be labeled different if they’re that special to where you can’t loot them or pick them up anywhere else in the game world. Instead, no, it all looks the same. That’s where the immersion breaks and looks a tad lazy on their part …. that is in no way saying the game sucks or it’s awful.

        It’s okay to criticize good games, you know. Blindlessly sucking nuts and believing anything and everything is great just because you enjoy the company or the game itself while fervently dismissing any form of criticism makes you out to be very young and naive … like a child upset with the kid on the playground who said his favorite cartoon was animated poorly or something. It’s silly.

        Rockstar made a great game, yes, and there’s a lot of details that make it even greater….but these fetch quests are filler quests that are just silly when minimal effort was put into them despite making them out to be somewhat important to the relationship to your gang members.

        1. B

          Can I just point out to u that these games are aimed at young people in the first place!!! And whilst it is obviously pointless to, as u put it, suck their balls, its just as pointless and immature to nit pick about the game!!! Honestly if your so mature maybe you should stop being a hypocrite!!! And just to point it out by u believing that one tiny detail is disrupting the immersion of the game your clearly naive yourself nothing can be faultless!!!

  2. T

    I’ve come across at least 3 pipes I couldn’t pick up. Doesn’t make sense

  3. S

    Just throwing this out there.. look inside of Dutch’s tent on the shelves and you will see a perfectly good to use pipe just sitting there.

  4. M

    I found the pipe and grabbed it. But on the way back I was jumped and lost the bear skin and other stuff. Appearently including the pipe. Because now I don’t get the prompt to give Dutch back his pipe….

    1. J

      Yep! I have the same problem. Had a loaded up horse, including the pipe, but got jumped and lost a lot. I still see the pipe in my inventory, but there is no option to give it to Dutch. INCREDIBLY ANNOYING. 🙂

    2. N

      I still have the pipe in my inventory, but the prompt to give it to Dutch never showed up when I spoke to him. Must be one of the many bugs in the game.
      I must say, despite its greatness in most aspects, RDR2 is the faultiest Playstation game I ever played. Considering that they postponed the release to get it working as it should, I don’t want to know what state the game was in at its original release date…

  5. D
    Derpicus Stromthold

    Did anybody else see the writing in the top left desk drawer. It said “you want to be punished”. I went outside to put the bear pelt on my horse and when i went back in, it was gone.

    1. P
      Perdicus Holdstrom

      Derpicus..nice name. That writing in drawers is a cheat code. You can find more in drawers and also in the newspapers. In the newspapers they will be in the articles and look out of place having nothing to do with the articles. Use at your own peril. Fare thee well Derpicus.

  6. R

    yes, I’ve seen other pipes, many of them, but the pipe you get is still in its box, I guess the others are used, it’s new, that’s attention to detail too…

  7. S

    Can someone tell me how to prop Dutch to start This side mission? I keep approaching Dutch but he never asks me about the pipe and I’m in chapter 3 I’m afraid I’m going to miss it

  8. B

    I must say I got VERY confused once Dutch asked for the pipe, I went somewhere else, got a pipe, came back and then nothing happens. It was really annoying, you know? I had to look up on the internet to understand if I had messed up big time..
    it is a nice mission, thankgod I read it here first about the bear so I went prepared, killed that huge beast, got back and when I approached him, it was easy-pisy.

  9. V

    Perhaps this could be a nod to Magritte? Ceci n’est pas une pipe, right? In other words, not actually a pipe, but merely a ‘representation’ of a pipe? Maybe the frustration is intended as a reminder of the Rockstar worlds’ inherent surrealism.

    ….or, you know, maybe not. I dunno.

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