RDR2 Online Best Shack Location - Moonshiners

Moonshine shack locations in Red Dead Online are the central part of the new Moonshiners update in RDR 2 Online, around which a big part of the new pursuit revolves around. Choosing a good location for your moonshine shack might impact the success of your business, so you wanna choose carefully. Fortunately, there is an option to relocate if you change your mind, but only for quite a bit of money. With all that said, our RDR2 Online Best Moonshine Shack Location – Moonshiners guide, we’ll explain which moonshine shack you should buy, in our opinion, as well as how to buy the shack, and how to change its location.

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RDR2 Online Best Moonshine Shack Location Moonshiners
Best Moonshine Shack Location in RDR2 Online

What Shack to Pick in Red Dead Online – Best Location

The best Red Dead Online Moonshine Shack to pick, in our opinion, is the one called Grizzlies. It’s just to the west of Valentine, which is an important hub. Plus, it’s near the water, with several fishing and hunting spots like Cattail Pond and other such places. On top of that, it’s sufficiently off the beaten path, meaning that you shouldn’t have too many problems with people trying to mess up your budding business venture.

Now, of course, there’s something to be said about personal preference here, of course. You might be more attracted to the shack in Heartlands, which is also a pretty good moonshine shack location. Or, if you really wanna roleplay, you can get the one in Bayou Nwa, where you’ll also be protected by angry alligators. I’m kidding, don’t go to the Bayou, it’s arguably the worst choice of the five. Whichever shack location you choose, don’t worry if you change your mind. You can always relocate your business to a different place.

How to Buy Shack in RDR2 Online Moonshiners?

To buy your moonshine shack in Red Dead Online, when you start up the game after installing the update, go into your satchel and find the letter called Business Opportunity. Read it, and then check your map to find the new mission marker in Emerald Ranch. Travel over there and find the green shack marked “Saloon.” Enter the building and watch the cutscene. At one point, your new business partner will give you a map with five potential locations, which all cost 25 Gold. Select the one you want and hit Purchase.

How to Change Moonshine Shack Location?

To change the location of your moonshine shack, go into the Free Roam menu, then select Camp and Properties. Select Moonshine Shack, then Choose Shack Location. In the next menu, you’ll once again get the list of the five possible moonshine shack locations. Choose the new place you wanna set your business in. Just keep in mind that it’ll set you back a princely sum of $250, which is just a bit cheaper than the new Navy Revolver.

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