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uncharted 4 trophies

Trophies List

Uncharted 4 will award you with trophies for doing all kinds of stuff. You can unlock some by collecting treasures and journal entries. Others are…

uncharted 4 rock cairn locations

Rock Cairn Locations

Rock Cairns are one of the collectibles in Uncharted 4. They are piles of stones that can be found scattered all over the map in…

uncharted 4 optional conversations locations

Optional Conversations

Optional Conversations are a kind of collectible in Uncharted 4. They’re pieces of dialogue that can be missed. For example, if you don’t explore a…

uncharted 4 journal notes locations

Journal Notes Locations

Journal Notes are collectibles in Uncharted 4. They are mostly letters and notes which let you discover more bits of story. Collecting them all will…

uncharted 4 tower sign journal

Journal Entry Locations

Journal Entries are collectibles in Uncharted 4. Finding them will help you piece together bits of the story. There are diary pages, letters, maps and…