Beast Mane Location - Tales of Arise

Beast Mane is one of the crafting components in Tales of Arise and it can only be found in one location. This Beast Mane is very important if you want to craft the Gale Wing weapon, which is a perfect sword for Alphen. The description for this weapon states that it is: “A sword named for the wind astral energy it holds. Extremely light to wield, it can be swung around endlessly without fatiguing its owner.” So, it’s definitely something that you should try and get your hands on as soon as possible. Our Beast Mane Location – Tales of Arise guide will help you get this rare crafting material.

Beast Mane Location - Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise Beast Mane Location

You will be able to find the Beast Mane in Rudhir Forest. When you get to this location, head up north. After a while, you will trigger a cutscene. An Ice Wolf Leader and three Ice Wolves will ambush and attack you. This is a very tough fight, so use all of your resources to defeat them. Your Mystic Artes and Healing Items and Spells will definitely come in handy here. After you have defeated it, you will receive several Beast Mane. Since the crafting requirements for Gale Wing are: Hard Bone x8, Beast Mane x2, and Razor-Tipped Feather x1, you should be able to craft the weapon now.

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And there you have it, the Beast Mane Location – Tales of Arise. If you have any other Tales of Arise questions or problems, we recommend you check out our Tales of Arise archive. We have a lot of useful guides here which help with a lot of ToA issues, such as How to Fix Controller, Astral Crystal Grain Location, and the Sage, Lavender and Verbena Locations Map. Happy gaming, and feel free to share your Gale Wing and general Tales of Arise experiences in the comments below.

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