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Blood and Wine is the latest expansion for The Witcher 3. It takes place in Toussaint, a duchy spared from war, but not without its problems.
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There are three endings to the story – one happy, one sad and one tragic. Their paths diverge during the The Night of Long Fangs quest. This guide will show you all Blood and Wine endings, how to unlock them, how to get the good ending.

If you’re stuck in some other part of the game, be sure to check out our Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Walkthrough & Guides.

How to Get Good Ending in Blood & Wine

The good ending sees the duchess and Syanna put their differences aside and bury the hatchet. They forgive each other and lock arms in an embrace while the camera pans across the ducal palace.

how to get good ending in blood and wine
In order to get this ending, you’ll have to:
  1. Go after Syanna in The Night of Long Fangs quest.
  2. Read all entries in the journal.
  3. Get the ribbon from the girl in the Beyond Hill & Dale quest.
Afterwards, during Pomp and Strange Circumstance, visit Syanna before you talk to Damien and start the ceremony. Go to where she’s held and persuade the guard to let you speak to her. The options you need to pick in this conversation are:
  1. Cause she turned her back on you, forgot about you.
  2. Ever thought to forgive her?
  3. Might ask her that.
After that, talk to Damien and inform him you know about Syanna’s true plans (Fifth victim – know who it was supposed to be). He’ll thank you and lead you to the ceremony. When the duchess asks if you’re happy with your reward, tell her about Syanna’s plans (Got bad news – Syanna was out to kill you).

When the duchess asks your opinion, tell her Syanna’s clearly guilty. When Syanna lays out her defence and starts a counterattack, tell her You were children then, both. This will trigger the happy ending.

Bad Ending in Blood and Wine

This path ends with you in jail, Syanna dead and Anna Henrietta angry and grieving. Here’s what you need to do in order to unlock it:
  1. Go after Syanna in The Night of Long Fangs.
  2. Don’t take the ribbon from the girl in Beyond Hill & Dale. This will cause Dettlaff to kill Syanna.
You will end up in prison, only to be saved by your trusty bard friend at a later point.

Blood & Wine Tragic Ending

The worst path ends with both Syanna and Anna Henrietta dead. The whole of Toussaint is in grieving, while the country slowly falls into disrepair.

blood and wine endings
There are two ways to trigger this ending:
  • Choose to go after the Unseen Elder in The Night of Long Fangs.
  • Skip talking to Syanna before the ceremony.
After the duchess awards you the crest, Syanna will be brought up to trial, and she’ll use the opportunity to kill her sister. Damien will manage to put a crossbow bolt through her neck, but not before the damage has already been done.

Thanks to Stillwell, Cole and ObjectWeaver for sharing the info.




  1. Spoiler***There is an alternate ending where syanna is killed by detlaf right before the boss fight. You have the choice to either spare him or kill him but I have no idea how I got that ending. I chose to kill him and it ended where I was being bailed out of prison by dandelion who was there to help the duchess during her mourning. And instead of a ceremony I met her at the graveyard in beauclair to tell her that syanna was going to kill her but she didn’t believe and then all ended the same after that. Again, I have no clue how I got to this ending and I can’t find it anywhere on the Internet

    1. H
      Helpful Guy

      Seems like if you forgot to purchase the ribbon from the flint selling girl, she wont be able to disappear before the boss fight and will die.

    2. A

      ME 2 same ending

    3. A

      You got it by not getting the ribbon while getting Syanna out of the fairytale land.

  2. W
    Witcher Connoisseur

    There is supposed to be a 3rd – bonus ending. I read somewhere that you could unlock a 3rd ending as a bonus by doing something during the story.

    1. M

      *spoilers after main ending* when you go back to the vineyard there might be ciri the witcher or ciri the empress waiting for you. Also yennefer although not both at the same time (I think) and not sure about triss

      1. S

        In the main story if you choose Triss, you’ll have her in the vineyard; same applied for Yennefer. I got Triss there..

        1. K

          Si i got back in my home dandelion waiting for me… So my Witcher is gay?

          1. M

            if you got the ending where geralt ends alone ciri will visit you at corvo vianco if she is alive. if ciri is dead then dandelion will apear (if you start a ng at lvl 34 just to play the dlc then ciri will be dead and geralt will be alone triggering the dandelion encounter)

          2. N
            No One

            Man, you made me laugh so hard with that comment. Thanks!

  3. B

    All guides so far say that the ending is based solely on the final chain “Pomp and Strange Circumstance”. I find this to be wrong, I am missing a key dialogue option for a happy ending. There is no option between “Cause she turned her back on you” and “Ever thought to forgive her”. Furthermore, I’ve replied that entire chain trying every combination I could think of for the last couple hours. Only tragedy every single time. This leads me to believe that there are parts earlier in the story that help determine the ending. Working on confirming.

    1. B

      I’m finding the same thing. What option did you pick when it came to choosing the unseen elder and freeing syanna as I feel that has a part to play. I personally chose the unseen elder cause it sounded more interesting

    2. A

      I am getting this too, Perhaps something we said to the duchess is causing this. Let me know when you find a fix.

    3. O

      First, the above guide options are out of order: it’s “Cause she turned her back on you”, then “Forgive her”, then “Might ask her that” in that order.

      I have found that if you don’t read all of the diary entries in the playroom – specifically if you don’t read the one that refers to Syanna’s nightmares (but maybe others are required too) – then Geralt is unable to put forth a persuasive argument in the “Forgive her” option. Because of that, Syanna flat-out refuses to forgive her sister and so you get the bad ending. However, the material from one or more of the diary entries allows Geralt to be at least somewhat persuasive, and that wins the day.

      The ribbon from the flint-seller is also required for the good ending.

      Finally: in the doomed scenario (no good ending possible), in Syanna’s trial, there is no “clearly guilty” dialogue option. If you get to a point where your only options are “the good of the duchy” or “treat her like a common criminal”, then you have no winning choice.

    4. T

      Do you remember the journal that took you into fairytale land? The one you read with Regis? You have to make sure to read the entries in that, one of them gives you the story of how they were both trouble-making girls and that lets you have that option AFAIK.

    5. E

      In order the get the good ending dialogue options with Syanna you have do read all the journal entries with Regis. You also have to inquire about her past while you are traveling though the fairy tale world with her. Cant tell her that she is not interesting. If you do no do both of these things then you will not get the Dialog options necessary for the Good Ending and you can do nothing to stop the Sad Ending.

    6. D

      Let me know when you find a fix too!

    7. M

      During the fairytail book crazyness part you have the option of actually being nice to syanna. She will reveal stuff. Including the part of forgetting her. I can’t confirn it since I just finished it but it might be why that dialogue prompts later. Just a thought.

    8. U

      You must’ve missed to read entire journal of governess when you go after finding syanna with Regis in the tower just before geralt finds a book and goes to fairyland. In that journal, there is mention of strong bonding between two sisters, which I think in turn enables option of “forgive her may be?” Because geralt had learned from journal about the bond sisters shared before.

  4. E

    I think you need to free syanna as she says her sister forgot about her for that dialogue choice

  5. S

    There are 3 endings in total, 2 bad 1 good. To get the good ending you must go after Syanna into the fairytale land and get the ribbon. If you do not, you will not have read the diary which tells you how the two girls grew up, so you will have no way whatsoever to convince Syanna not to kill her sister. If you don’t take the ribbon she dies. After the outcome with Deatlaff you follow the guide. Thus the paths are as follows:

    Unseen elder -> Bad ending for sisters no matter what, they both die, Geralt gets medal.
    Syanna path -> No ribbon from flint girl -> Syanna dies. You get thrown into prison, Annarietta lives though. Eventually you get bailed out by dandelion.
    Syanna path -> Ribbon from the girl -> Follow the guide and get the good ending where both of them live.

    Not sure what happens if after Deatlaff kills Syanna you kill him as well I expect you still end up in prison though.
    Source: Played them all.

  6. K

    I am 100% sure that I read all entries in the journal, I definitely got the ribbon (bought it, not won, if that matters), and still I had no choice to say ‘because she abandoned you’ during the convo with Syanna in her ‘cell’, and thus I got the worst possible ending. I really don’t see what I did wrong.

    1. T

      Maybe you forgot to listen to everything she had to say in the fairyland? In that moment is when she reveals to you her problems with her sister and get Geralt to understand how she feels. Then you would have the dialogue.

      I got the good ending out of pure logic. I read all the entries on the diary because “if its there to read it you should”. I chose to save Syanna because its already hinted that you might be able to save everyone with that one and didn’t mind if the Duchess would get mad with that decision because she was an asshole to Geralt and I started seeing how she just plain simply didn’t want to see facts (even chose the 2nd dialogue option that make everyone shit their pants for the way Geralt talked to her).

      I wanted to pay as much attention as I could to what she had to say because its also hinted that Dettlaff knew there was something going on with her. So listening to everything she had to say was the right approach to know everything. And bought the ribbon because it was a fond memory of her childhood.
      Understanding how she felt when she was younger, the only option to go for when she asks why do you think she did it, would be because her sister forgot about her. I DID NOT CHOOSE “you should ask her” I chose the second option that was something like “she was a child”. From that point forward anything you choose in the trial has Geralt’s mind already on point, anything you choose to say would result in the good ending I believe, since not a single option hints hate towards Syanna.

      1. V

        Just to add to your comment, I did the same however I chose “you should ask her” instead. This still resulted in the good ending 🙂

  7. B

    The methods listed which you get the “Tragic ending” is wrong. I found that it is only gained by these set of choices in the ending.

    1: While talking with Syanna about the fifth victim, you get her motives wrong.
    2: Then after the duchess awards you the crest and she asks you for what you have to say, you don’t tell her about the fifth victim.
    3: When Syanna is brought up to trial and the Duchess asks for what your opinion on it is, you pick the option calling her a criminal.

    After getting these three choices, you 2/3 of the choices will always reward you with the tragic ending, regardless.

    1. P

      I told duchess about 5th vistim and that shes not criminal, i think that the key is to listen to Silvia and talk to her about revenge

  8. D

    That’s really odd because i got the ribbon, chose the Syanna path, talked to her before the trial, told duchess the truth and i still managed to get the tragic ending? How is that possible?

    1. T

      Did you got Syanna’s motive right? did you listened to what she had to say all the way in Fairyland? Did you read all the entries from the book?

    2. P

      when you are at cloud castle, you have to listen to her (no matter to have romance with her or not) and after choose the i hope it’s a happy ending dialogue. it’s one of importent choices…
      get the ribbon’ go talk to her about fifth victim and guess right about her motives… no matter you say she tried to kill duches to anyone’ vote to forgive her… then you will get the happy ending

    3. M

      I think, telling the duchess the truth is a sure way to get the tragic ending. You can tell the truth to Damian though and still get the good ending. The rest is up to the dialog choices at the ceremony.

  9. M

    Read all the entries, got the ribbon, talked to Syanna before the trial etc – basically, did everything leading to the good ending, but got the tragic one. I didn’t have the dialogue options for the good one, and I believe the reason is that Syanna got on my nerves in the fairy land, resulting in me telling her that she’s not that interesting of a person and not listening to her story. That’s why I didn’t have all the clues, and couldn’t convince her to forgive her sis. Loved the tragic ending though – it just has this profound sadness to it that’s so fitting for the Witcher books and games.

    1. M

      I just played the game how I would act in real life thus trying to understand everybody, even Syanna. This all lot me to the good ending. but since this is a programmed game, its interesting to find out which dialog choices are speciically responsible for that

  10. T

    I just wanna say. This game is just amazing, pure work of art, everything on it is just perfectly done. The talks with Regis about humans and mortality were so interesting, everything about Regis was interesting, well written characters indeed. The overall drama was good, the music, the scenery. And the epic (short) moment where both Regis and Dettlaff fought. 999/10. Can’t wait to see what other games CD projekt red might come up with.

    Thanks for the post! I got the good ending with the first try, but wanted to know what all the branches of it could be 😀

  11. M

    What happens if you make all of the choices necessary to get the good ending but then after convincing Syanna to forgive her sister, you choose not to inform Damien about her sister being the intended 5th victim?

    1. J

      I didnt tell either Damien or Anna about it and still got the good ending

    2. K

      I didn’t tell anyone about the 5th victim and got the good ending.

  12. J

    GOOD ENDING still can get you HEN Gaidth Steel Sword and Gauntlets-
    If you choose to go through the path that pursues killing dettlaff the entire way up until you meet regis at the harbor – he will ask again to choose syanna path. choose it. do syanna path (the good way – scarf and everything) then once the entire story is finished – you will still have that stone key given to you to open the unseen elders cave. it is at the place of power at the sw corner of the map edge of water (sw of hortense vineyard) go there and you can open the door find a few ancient coins and stuff PLUS the HEN Gaidth Steel Sword and gauntlets. Unfortunately i have not found a way to “sneak” past the elder – he kills you immediately lol.

    1. J

      DO NOT DO THE ABOVE UNTIL YOU NO LONGER CARE ABOUT Tousant! – there is a bug that i activated while doing this – it thinks i haven’t killed deatlaff – and will continue to force me to go back to my map to pursue it as if i am at the edge of a map

      1. D

        yes, i have de same problem, Let me know when you find a fix.

  13. S

    Endings are not correct.
    i got the tragedy ending but went after Syanna in The Night of Long Fangs quest.
    and talked to her befor the ceromony. But i think i choosed the wrong talking options to her.
    i tried to reload the ceromony but nothing changed the end.

  14. M

    Why would someone think that letting Syanna live is a happy ending? She killed people, attempted to kill her own family, betrayed someone who loved her, exposed him to get killed by his best friend. But… let’s forgive her because she had a tough childhood, right? Wth? Millions have tough childhods, yet don’t choose to take revenge on the whole world to deal with a problem that’s personal. For me, the best ending is with that prick dead and buried.

    1. M

      Couldn’t agree more. The “worst” ending seems the most logical one. After all that happened “and everyone lived happily ever after” just doesn’t make any sense. Syanna deserved fate worse than quick death and her sister was a naive arrogant aristocrat who brought her own death out of pure childish stupidity. The Witcher is not a black and white Dragon Age kind of game, some outcomes are grim and bleak but they aren’t necessarily failures on a player’s part.

    2. C

      In one of the short stories, Geralt ran into a girl just like Syanna who had been born under the same bad moon as Syanna. There is a huge stigma attached to this phenomena, some cases there were even strange mutations in the girls born on that night, but the question remained, in the story as well as with Syanna, is a horrible person because she was born that way or because horrible things were done to her and made her a cold hearted murderer who wanted vengeance? It is something the Geralt of the books always wondered about and is why he is called the, “Butcher of Blaviken”, lesser evils and choices.

  15. H

    I got an ending that not many people get, I killed Detlaff, and then both sisters died during the ceremony, i drank with regis and went back to the vineyard and Ciri was there with a Vampires head, we both hang out under the tree and talk about what it is to be a witcher and the vineyard becomes our home. Personally I really liked the ending i got and I’ve noticed that not many people get it.

  16. S

    I did everything to get the good ending but I was mean to Syanna in the tower. Choose ” You’re a viper.” Never thought to ask her to forgive her sister, didnt seem in character or anything. So both Syanna and the Dutchess died. Which to me is the right ending, both were terrible people in their own right and Toussaint is built on lies so it should crumble.

    1. S

      Cheers, I got this ending and I am very happy with this. All the massacre in Toiussant were because of these two..

  17. S

    I am absolutely sure I read all the entries, asked her about her past, got the ribbon and did all these mentioned in the comment. Still did not get the option “forgive her” or so.. Surely there must be something elsewhere in the story.

  18. S

    If u don’t read the diary whole then the tragic ending takes place even if u do all the optional searching and taking to Syanna before Damien.In the diary u will learn about the childhood stories of Anna and Syanna.

    1. Y
      Ya boi

      Yea…. i didnt read all of it, did the ending 3 times over to try and get the good one, but i couldnt. Turned out this was the reason.

  19. F
    Feralt the fitcher

    I agree with earlier comments. I did everything right, the journal entries, the side quests, but alas, I told her that she wasn’t interesting while we were in fairy tale land. I’m pretty sure now that you’ve gotta pay attention to her if you want the good ending (not sure if you have to be abstinent, though, haven’t checked). Make sure you make good decisions early on or you will spend 2 hours retracing your steps :/

  20. S

    “The worst path ends with both Syanna and Anna Henrietta dead.”

    LOL. THIS is the best ending.
    Both of those idiots deserved to die for sure.

  21. C

    Did all the requirements for the good ending (Got ribbon, read all the journal, went to see Syanna, killed Dettlaff) butI got the tragic ending just by being truly honest when you go to see Syanna in Pomp and strange circumstance.

    1. B

      To get good ending ( if you got ribbon, read all the journal, killed Dettlaff) you need to ask Syanna if she will ever forgive her sister before talking to Damien. If you choose first option, you wil start calling each other names and get bad ending.

  22. T

    bad ending? more like the watchful protector, a silent guardian for beuclair, and only a real friends of geralt who know why we do that. Detlaff and Syana deserve their death, Detlaff is too you know emotional and kill many people, Syana is to manipulative and she should be punished. sorry for bad english tho.

  23. T

    I got the tradic ending without triggering any of the two options. The only thing I did’nt do to get the good ending was to ask syanna if she was willing to forgive anna

  24. S

    Good or Bad is clearly a matter of opinion and not of fact. Those that think Syanna was totally evil and deserved death – the “Knights” who died at her behest were all guilty as well, at least earlier in their lives, after all. Who else did Syanna cause to die? I only recall the four scumbag Knights that victimized a child. Granted that the last one had changed his ways – but he definitely did wrong by Syanna when she was a little girl. As for the Duchess – she was naive and a spoiled aristocrat for sure – but did she really deserve death for that? Had she not done a few decent things for Touissant? Compared to _every_ other place – Novigrad, Skellige, Velen, etc.. Beuaclair is a freegin democratic paradise. No way one can logically argue against that. I think these are the reasons that most people think that the “happily ever after” ending (aside from Detlaiff, a fool to be sure) is the GOOD ending. I suppose that’s how I see it as well.

  25. M

    To get the ending where they forgive each other, you need to chose to get Syanna at “Night of the long fangs” ,
    Read all the entries in the diary that you find so that you get an insight on their childhood,
    Get the Syanna’s ribbon from the little girl in Fableland, and
    generally choose the options that opt to understand Syanna’s motives and point of view as opposed to blaming her.
    After the Dettlaff fight, go find the last note, and go talk to Syanna, again with insight.
    Let her know that you understand that she’s not “cursed” but that he wanted revenge because she felt abandoned and betrayed by her sister and help her realise that the Duchess was “just a kid” back then and could’t really do anything to help her even though she did grieve.
    Ask her to consider forgiving her sister.

    You don’t need to let anyone else know about the fifth note and the fact that Syanna planned for her sister to be the last victim. When the sisters talk with each other, help them see each other’s perspective and do point out that they were kids, and there was so much they could had done to change the situation.

    Have fun, and opt for understanding and forgiving in real life too, for happy endings 🙂

  26. A
    Adam D

    I did every step for the good ending, went after Syanna, got her the ribbon, talked to her before talking to damien, warned him, but somehow got the ending where they both die. Don’t care though, I’m happy with that ending, they both needed justice and didn’t deserve a happily ever after.

  27. B

    Tragic ending? All the beasts die and you wind up drinking wine on a hill with Regis. Hardly a tragic ending.

  28. B

    Well, this is actually a good example of how fragile and subjective are the concepts for “good” and “bad”.
    Syanna would only be forgiven because she was the sister of the duchess, therefore, although be it she was cast out of Beuclair, yet she was a noble with royal blood. This summons privileges… Would a peasant who manipulated a vampire to kill people in cold blood vengeance for her childhood traumas be forgiven for such acts? Would a potential regicide be forgiven if he/she were a peasant? This questioning is very important…
    And about Anna: She acted with authoritarism when she ordered Detlaff’s capture believing she could beat Detlaff, endangering the lives of hundreds in order to “protect” her sister (even menacing Geralt if he did not abide to her orders). She did not deserve to die. But let’s play the peasant game again…if a peasant were to be responsible for the same actions as hers, would he/she be spared?
    Both of them living happy lives and mantaing the social order in Beuclair seems beautiful, but it’s the status quo…people responsible for shameful acts, living their lives in impunity, while anyone else in their place would meet punishment. Is this really the “good ending”?!
    I think this is the beauty of moral choices in games. It’s up to us how to interpret the story.

    PS: The only “good” scenario I could imagine would be Anna being perpetually jailed for her crimes, Anna renouncing her crown and donating her whole fortune to pay up for the ravaging of Beuclair and Regis taking up the throne. He is a vampire, but yet, one of the most ethical persons in the whole game. Toussaint’s nobility is apparently elegant and sophisticated, but riddled with vermin such as Orianna. Yes, in this case I believe art imitates life. Witcher 3 is a beautiful work of art. Thumbs up, CDProjektRed

  29. B

    *I meant “…Syanna being perpetually jailed for her crimes…”

  30. M

    I got the tragic ending, which I have to admit felt like the proper one. I wasn’t even aware that there was a ‘good’ ending that could be reached, nothing in the storyline made it seem like a possibility.
    The only redeeming character in the entire DLC was Regis, I was far more concerned with protecting him than either of the girls. Admittedly there are a lot of moral/ethical dilemmas in this story, but there are some things you just can’t overlook. Everyone is so quick to blame Detlaf for bringing havoc upon the city, but if Anna had’ve simply allowed for Sylvia to go and meet him, then it all would have been avoided. Sure she may have been sending her to certain death, but how many innocents would have been saved in the process? But instead Anna shows her true colours and orders Geralt to kill the Beast and bring her his head. After he’s already said that he can’t actually kill a higher vampire. And apparently after they’ve already spent 3 days doing…. what? Detlaf gave Syanna 3 days to meet him, yet when you jump back into being able to play, the city is already under attack. So WTF happened in those 3 days? Why didn’t Anna send Geralt to kill Detlaf immediately? Unless I’m completely mistaken, even though I literally just played through the final quests, this is an incredibly poor decision by the Duchess. Or a plot hole. Even so, Detlaf made his intentions clear and he acted on them. Anna could have saved countless lives but chose not to.
    Moving on to Syanna. Now whilst she does have some redeeming, and rather morbidly funny, interactions in the fairy tale world, she is still pure evil. Didn’t stop me from sleeping with her, I’ll admit it, but she manipulated so many people all for her own amusement, including me. She essentially admits this when she talks about the tales in the book getting boring after so many times and how she eventually twists the characters to her own sick fantasies. Almost exactly like she ends up doing in real life. Textbook psychopathic behaviour. Everyone seems to forget the story Anna tells about Syanna manipulating one boy into killing his own brother purely for her amusement. A prank she called it. And this was before she was banished and supposedly abused by the Knights who escorted her (remember, all psychopaths are compulsive liars) so you can’t blame her behaviour on what they did to her either way.
    In the end I wanted to save Detlaf, because he was merely a puppet caught in the middle of a family drama that had nothing to do with him. His only crime was trying to protect a loved one, and then wanting to take revenge when realising he’d been played. The massacre in Bouclaire was as much Annarietta’s fault as it was his, she thought she was smarter and more powerful than a higher vampire and he proved her wrong. Unfortunately when his first instinct, even after having 3 days to cool off, was to attempt to kill Syanna, Geralt’s mind was made up for him.
    I killed Detlaf, found the 5th victim and spoke to Syanna in the tower. I tried to be gentle with her, but she threw everything back in my face, told me that she used me and so did everyone else. The conversation ended with Syanna saying that if she ever did get out, she would probably try to kill Anna again. From that moment there was no sympathy and no compassion for her and I was almost certain that the path I was on was for the correct ending. I told Anna that she was the intended 5th victim but she payed no mind to my warnings. Her naivity got the better of her and she died in her sisters embrace. A true Shakespearean tragedy.
    To think that when I was talking to Syanna in the tower that I was simply 1 or 2 conversation choices away from the two sisters hugging and being best friends in the end seems absolutely ridiculous given how the story had panned out up to that point. It never felt like I made a wrong decision and maybe that is just the beauty of the game. But I just can’t believe I would have been as satisfied if they got their fairytale ending.

  31. G

    People are forgetting one thing. The young lad (Bootlick) is the key to getting a 3rd option in the conversation sequence. Where both sisters share the blame and forgive each other. You must go to the jailed Syanna and hear her story. Choose the correct responses and that will allow you to save them both. (PS you need to WIN the ribbon from the flint girl) I still don’t know what determines getting the final ending of the appearance of Dandelion or the Empress Ciri or Triss or Yennifer exactly. Maybe because I was a bad Boy.

  32. N

    I was just tooo curious to see what the elder vampire looks like so I just chose the Orianna option. too bad this can only leads to tragic ending no matter what 🙁

  33. R
    Ralph Agir

    Hi. I was wondering if its possible to get the good ending even without going after syanna at the night of the long fangs quest. I chose to go the elder because it’s much more interesting. I was eyeing for the hen gaidth armor set. Thanks for reply!

  34. M

    Yo Guys. I just played the Ending and had to play it again because i reached the tragic end where both died. So I stepped back to the latest savegame and went back to the Fairytale land. Yes, that’s a little back in time trip, but it’s worth it, i tell you why.

    If you want the good ending, but get the bad, although you:
    -chose all options of the book you had to read,
    -were in fairytale land,
    -get the ribbon,
    -and went to Syanna after the Boss fight
    then you’ve made some bad decisions in the fairytale land.

    First of all, i really hated Syanna, the whole character f***ed me up. Her whole Story is sad, but she’s not the only women in the world who has problems and takes revenge in everyone and everything. So i decided to play the bad guy, really not interested in her life, in her actions, she’s the enemy – that’s it.

    All options i took were negative in the fairytale land, i’ve chosen not to take any secondary option, only the ribbon was the one thing i showed some compession (i just wanted to play gwent lol).
    So after the land of fables you enjoyed the boss fight and came to the point where you can visit Syanna (You have to as mentioned above).

    If you took all mean options in the fairytale land, you’ll only get two options in her room in the first Question of Syanna:
    -“Because of the curse of the black sun”
    -“Because you envy her”

    The third is the only right one (“because she left you in the lurch”), if you got only these two it’s impossible to achieve a good ending. The third answer leads to the next Question where’s only the second answer the right one (“have you never considered forgiving her?”)- then you can save the happy ending.

    PS: I didn’t f*** her because Geralt has a spark of honor damn

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