Blood and Wine Infinite Money & Item Glitch - Update 1.21

Infinite Money Glitch in Blood and Wine lets you earn thousands of crowns in mere minutes. This exploit requires a bit of skill and patience, but it will pay out handsomely.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you how to take advantage of infinite money & item glitch in update 1.21.

Update: Patch 1.22 has been rolled out, snuffing out the exploit. No more free money.

Blood and Wine Money Exploit

Here’s what you have to do:
  1. Go to White Orchard.
  2. Make sure it’s night (it’s easier this way, without crowds on the streets).
  3. Go to the armorer and buy all the stuff you can (so he has as much money as possible).

  4. Go to the house in the northwest of the village and look for a beehive on a tree behind it.

  5. Use Aard to knock the hive down.
  6. Push it to the armorer’s shop using Aard. The bees will attack and kill him when the hive is close enough.

  7. Meditate for 1 hour. The armorer will respawn, and the bees will kill him again.
  8. Repeat the last step as many times as you wish.
  9. Loot all the armorer corpses from the pile – each will have his full inventory and the amount of money you left him with after step #3.
If you start out with a decent sum, you can end with hundreds of thousands in mere minutes. You’re going to need this money – upgrading Corvo Bianco isn’t cheap, and getting all the Grandmaster Witcher Gear is also pretty expensive. Just don’t update the game before you’ve made your fortune – the devs have been known to patch out glitches like this pretty quickly.




  1. M

    will this affect the way the game runs or plays at all?

  2. A

    Doesn’t work in new games on either console. Try it. Anyone found another glitch or trick that does?

  3. R

    It worked ! On ps4 I’ve got 237,340 crowns in 5mins,all I had to do bought all the stuff in 27,000 crowns at least..and let the bees do my dirty work hahaha.. Thanks for the cheat man!

  4. M

    They patched it, the bees no longer attack him.

    1. J
      Jason R Newman

      No, can they didn’t

      1. J
        Jason R Newman

        No, they didn’t

  5. C

    On PC, this still works. In fact, there is a bug INSIDE THE BUG that, and I have no freaking idea how it happened, but Willis started dying the second I woke up, cant even talk to him until I move the hive, but now my money gain is something to the tune of four times the speed it was at.

  6. N

    has this really been patched already?

    1. R

      Nope, it still works (at least on PS4 it does)

      1. S

        Still works me me on PS4, both my character have over 2 million each! But people are showing this Glitch online so I’m sure CDPR will see it and patch it soon, good thing I have the money…

    2. S

      I think so…not working for me anymore. Got a good 100k out of it, but I’m only halfway through collecting the grandmaster sets 🙁

      1. R

        once again, It does work… I just did it.

  7. L

    I got 2 million but was spending a lot on crafting gear to decorate my house so I went back to grind some more to make sure I would never run out. The blacksmith was not there so I meditated and as soon as I woke up 10-20 blacksmiths appeared and died simultaneously, and I was able to loot all of them for 60k crowns. I now have 6 million after a few minutes because of this bug within the bug,

  8. M

    Absolutely works on Xbox One. $30 MILLION in gold and counting.

    1. S

      I got bored after 2million for both Reg. game and NG+ characters! It’s nice for Blood and Wine when Geralt gets his Vineyard…

  9. C
    C J Stewart

    Still works on Xbox One as of right now. When you get the beehive in the vendor’s “yard,” you might have to kick it closer to him instead of using the Aard sign to push it. The pile of bodies will eventually start to disappear, so I would loot every 3 or 4 cycles.

  10. H

    Do this glitch until you have about 30,000. From here blow the beehive away from the armorer. Talk to him, buy AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Meditate for an hour. Blow the beehive back. Meditate for a DAY and a pile of him will be there. Just select the dropped bag and take all. Continue this until you have as much money as you want. You WILL be overencumbered but you can drop the lead from you crafting items, the saddles, and the saddlebags. From here you should be back to within your weight boundary. Congrats, rich af.

  11. J

    Does he stop dying though? I don’t want to have him disappear forever. I had the piles of bodies issue and he never returned alive, even after leaving, restarting, saving and reloading.

  12. B

    Still works as of today 12/6! This is a hilarious trick. My tip is drop items you don’t want in between loads, because when you try to open the inventory screen with over 6000 weight of equipment, the game doesn’t like it so much. I’ve got about 1 frame per minute at the moment lmao.

    Also Willis isn’t appearing alive yet, even after getting rid of the beehive. Not a huge problem but just something to keep in mind maybe.

  13. C

    Working ps4 as of june 11 , if you cant do it you suck was ez mode
    note , says only 1400 crowns but bought 15ks worth before I started and keeps giving me 15k wish I would of sold him enriched plates lololol not that it matters now with this kinda monies.

  14. T

    Got 300000 crowns and that let me track and upgrade ALL FIVE Grandmaster Witcher Armor sets in Blood and Wine—well worth the 30 minutes or so it took me to use the glitch

  15. V

    doesnt work on new game plus (ps4) it takes him like 400hp and then it stops, he wont die

  16. P

    Pretty sure it is patched on the xbox one as of 20/6

  17. A

    Its patched on xbox 1.. dont bother i did it and the armorer doesnt die or gets attacked

  18. P

    Anyone know if this still works?

  19. S

    Just use the console command” addmoney(#)”?

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