Where to Find Paintings in Blood and Wine | Witcher 3

Blood and Wine Paintings & Shields are decorative items in The Witcher 3. They can be hanged on the walls of Corvo Bianco, the vineyard Geralt gets in the new expansion.
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You can either get them as quest rewards, or buy them from art dealers. This guide will show you where to find paintings & shields in Blood and Wine, what they look like.

Update: An art dealer has been added into the game in patch 1.22. We’ve update the guide to show his location and the paintings he sells.

Blood and Wine Paintings

The first one you can get is The White Wolf, by Count Beledal. It is tied to the quest Big Game Hunter. Count Beledal will give it to you after you complete your task. The notice can appear on several notice boards – we picked it up in front of the Cockatrice Inn. After you’ve finished the quest, accept the Count’s invitation and visit his exhibition in Francollarts a day later. This is when he’ll gift you the photo.

Another painting you can obtain is Geralt’s Portrait, from the painter in the quest The Portrait of The Witcher As an Old Man. You can start the quest by talking to him near the marketplace in Beauclair. He only appears once you’ve finished The Warble of a Smitten Knight. He’ll let you choose between three poses, each with or without a griffin.

If you’ve gotten to the ending where Geralt’s in jail, you can get the Prison Poster. Look for a stash left from the gate, and you’ll find a note, which will start the quest The Perks of Being a Jailbird. Bring a chisel and hammer from the cart across the yard and hide them there. Wait for 7 days, and when you check the stash again, the poster will be inside.

Blood and Wine Decorative Shields

You can also hang shields like they were paintings. You can get the Ancient Elven Shield from a quest called Extreme Cosplay. It’s an item you’ll have to use in order to complete this side mission, but you’ll get to keep it afterwards. It’s a wooden kite shield with a tree symbol on it.

You can get either Sir Geralt of Rivia’s Shield or Ravix of Fourhorn’s Shield during the chivalric tournament in the quest The Warble of The Smitten Knight. When you get the objective to go to the inscription tent and enlist for the tourney, this is where you’ll make the choice. If you choose to enter under your own name, you’ll get the former. If you enter as Ravix, you’ll get the latter.

Witcher 3 Painting Merchant

There’s an art dealer in Beauclair who sells more than a dozen paintings. You can find him next to the grandmaster armorer, south of the Gran’place.

Here are all the paintings you can buy in his shop (they’re all pretty cheap, so you can snatch the whole lot and choose later):

Old Witcher 3 Paintings

You can also use the old paintings from the base game and the previous expansion, if you haven’t sold them already. Here are some of the old paintings you can place in your manor:
  • Hierarch Hemmelfart – You can get this one from the halflings in the Isolated Hut, during the A Poet Under Pressure quest (the one where you rescue Dandelion in the base game).
  • Starry Night Over the Pontar – You can buy this painting for a measly 20 crowns in the auction during the Open Sesame! quest (in Hearts of Stone).
  • Portrait of Iris and Olgierd – You can snatch this from the bedrom in Olgierd manor, while doing the Scenes From a Marriage quest in the first expansion.
This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update it with new paintings as soon as we find them.