Enhanced Cat Feline Gear Witcher 3 Armor

Enhanced Feline Gear is level 2 update of the basic Feline / Cat School Gear. This set is best suited for mid-level players, because the enhanced cat gear is meant for level 23 characters.
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Six set diagrams are scattered all over Novigrad and Velen. It’s pretty ease to acquire all the pieces since no enemies are in close vicinity.

We have also prepared for you the following guides:
UPDATE: With patch 1.07, the level requirements for this set have increased. If the game tells you you need to be a few levels lower than this, you’re probably playing an older version.

Enhanced Cat Armor Statistics

There is a small difference between enhanced and basic version of Feline set. Enhanced version has the same stats as the basic Cat gear, with a very small increase between 1% and 5%, and +10% attack power on Feline armor item.

Enhanced Feline silver sword

Silver sword diagram is south of Novigrad’s Oxenfurt Gate, inside a house. You have to use wooden ladders to climb on the first floor. You’ll find diagram in the chest on the top floor.

Enhanced Feline steel sword

Feline steel sword diagram is hidden in the cave located between Toderas fast travel point (to the northeast) and Reardon Manor (to the southwest). Keep to your left and before the first stairs loot the chest.

Enhanced Feline boots

Another cave entrance is in the eastern Velen, close to the previous diagram location, just east from Toderas fast travel point. When you enter the cave, look right and loot the chest with the diagram.

Enhanced Feline gauntlets

Feline gauntlets diagram can be collected in a small cave west of Oxenfurt, in the Codger’s Quarry area.

Enhanced Feline trousers

Look for Enhanced Feline trousers diagram in Oxenfurt, in southeastern part of the largest Oxenfurt island. Enter the building and go down in the basement, where you should examine a brick and reveal an entrance to the Feline trousers diagram.

Enhanced Feline armor

Go east from the Oxenfurt, and look for the Aeramas’ Abandoned Manor fast travel point. Climb on top of the red brick house and loot the chest next to the bookcase.

Materials needed for crafting the gear are as follow:

Most of the required materials can be obtained by dismantling stuff. Once you collect all materials, go to any Blacksmith and Armorer Journeyman. Two of them are located in Novigrad, next to the Hierarch Square fast travel point.

Diagram name (crafting price)Materials Needed
Enhanced Feline silver sword (65)
  • 1x Feline Silver Sword
  • 1x Leather Scraps
  • 2x Meteorite Silver Ingot
  • 1x Ruby Dust
  • 1x Monster Hair
Enhanced Feline steel sword (39)
  • 1x Feline Steel Sword
  • 2x Leather Straps
  • 2x Dark Steel Ingot
  • 1x Ruby Dust
  • 1x Monster Claw
Enhanced Feline boots (45)
  • 1x Feline Boots
  • 2x Hardened Leather
  • 1x Dark Iron Ore
  • 2x Leather Straps
  • 1x Hardened Timber
  • 2x Monster Eye
Enhanced Feline gauntlets (48)
  • 1x Feline Gauntlets
  • 2x Cured Leather
  • 1x Dark Iron Ore
  • 2x Nails
  • 1x Hardened Timber
  • 2x Monster Tooth
Enhanced Feline trousers (46)
  • 1x Feline Trousers
  • 2x Silk
  • 1x Cured Leather
  • 1x Hardened Timber
  • 4x Leather Scraps
  • 1x Monster Brain
Enhanced Feline armor (145)
  • 1x Feline Armor
  • 4x Hardened Leather
  • 2x Dark Steel Plate
  • 2x Lunar Shards
  • 2x Monster Blood
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  1. M
    Marco Lau

    Is there a ‘superior’ set for the feline armor? I can’t seem to find any guides on it. Thanks

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      I’m working on the enhanced bear gear at the moment. I have to level up first, then I’ll be able to look for superior armor.

      1. N

        Found bear gear in the very south, at a location marked as fasttravelling point named: Destroyed Bastion. It’s guarded by a Cyclopse.

  2. T

    Superior Feline’s map (Part 3) can be found at the vendor (quartermaster) next to the armor smith in Crow’s Perch.
    Master-crafted Feline’s map (Part 4) can be found at the armor smith in Lindenvale.

    The maps must be read (either from quest items or books tab in inventory) to trigger the quests to find them. Then just follow the waypoints.

    1. P

      Do you know where Part 2 is?

      1. T

        Part 1 and Part 2 leads to different pieces of Enhanced gear. Just following this guide will give you the gear, without the need for the map and quest, so you can just skip it.
        Cat School Treasure Hunt: Normal gear.
        Cat School Upgrade Part 1 and 2: Enhanced.
        Upgrade part 3: Superior.
        Part 4: Master-crafted.

        1. N

          The problem is, I don’t want to follow any guides, I just need to know where I get the map.

          1. P

            I also wanted just the map, luckily I just found it. It’s sold by the blacksmith in Blackbough.

  3. S

    Does anyone know how to get generic trousers? I need them to craft the enhanced feline trousers and I just can’t find them.

    1. S

      Try blacksmith/armorers.

      That’s where you can buy a generic shirt at least.

  4. M

    Hello i had a question why this gate in the floor is closed? I need go to trousers and its locked.


    1. S

      I’m not certain, but I don’t think you need to go through a locked gate.
      Make sure you’re not missing something on the way to the gate.

  5. K

    I would like to know how to enter in the island where are the enhanced trousers? There is the academy closed by Radovid isn’t it? None of these damn “witch-slayers” want to let me in. How did you do?
    I thank you for your answer and I apologize for my poor english!

    1. E

      Then you need to progress farther i the story. You eventually get a pass by the Red Baron.

  6. F

    I dont usually leave any comments or anything like that, but this Witcher guide is one of the best if not the best out there, at least for me is really easy to follow your guide. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work. I got a new fan!. Thanks

  7. N

    Got the lot now except the enhanced gauntlets – the xbow is fine and the Mastercrafted armour set is very good ( apart from not being able to fidn the enhanced gauntlett pattern , supposed to be with the other armour bits but .. and no map for it ) the weapons are ok damage wise but excellent stat wise

  8. M

    Cured Leather 3
    Dark Iron Ore 2
    Dark Steel Ingot 2
    Dark Steel Plate 2
    Hardened Leather 6
    Hardened Timber 3
    Leather Scraps 7
    Leather Straps 2
    Lunar Shards 2
    Meteorite Silver Ingot 2
    Monster Blood 2
    Monster Brain 1
    Monster Claw 1
    Monster Eye 2
    Monster Hair 1
    Monster Tooth 2
    Nails 2
    Ruby Dust 2
    Silk 2

  9. D

    Thank you for this!!!

  10. E

    levels needed?

  11. S

    Instead of ‘Oxenfurt Gate’ I have ‘Arrete’ speed travel point! What the hell?!

  12. D

    When I found the ladder leading to the Feline Enhanced Sword my game wouldn’t give me the option of Using (E) climbing the ladder. I thought it had to do with my level or something I didn’t do. No answer here and elsewhere on line. Finally, out of desperation I just pressed (E) anyway and got to climb. Thought I’d mention it in case anyone else has the same problem.

  13. T

    I’m having trouble getting the enhanced trousers diagram. I found the right place but the door to the basement is locked. I have read elsewhere that I need to complete the Get Junior quest before it will unlock but I did that ages ago. Thanks for any help.

  14. H

    Hey! I’ve a problem 😡 The grate on the floor (near the cat symbol on the wall and the ladder) is closed and i have any information on how to open it :/ that’s f*cking annoying ’cause I can’t get down there and get the trouser >< Should I have to go further in the main quest? Or something else? 😡 Please help 🙁

    1. O
      Othman Abdulsalam

      Yeah see alot of people have had that problem. Seems you asked this a while ago, by any chance have you found a fix?

  15. how do i retrieve enhanced feline armor so i can upgrade to superior feline armor?

  16. I started part 1 for the enhanced feline gear at lvl 23 at part 2 lvl 29 anyone know if this is a glitch or not

  17. M

    I can not get the feline armor to upgrade to enhance I have the basic set and all components but can not upgrade it I have it on but non of the blacksmiths will do it in on level 32 now

    1. A

      bro u gotta go to fergus in crows perch to make armor hes the master smith and elf guy in novigrad for swords after quest w him

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