Witcher 3 Best Weapons

Find the best weapons in The Witcher 3 can be hard – they are often well hidden or need to be crafted. Even if you’re not focusing on swordsmanship, you will have to rely heavily on your blades.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you the locations of the best weapons in the Witcher 3, their stats and level requirements.

Locations of all armorers & blacksmiths where you can craft your weapons & armor.

witcher 3 best weapons

Aerondight (lvl 52) – Blood and Wine

Aerondight is a silver sword added in the DLC. Its damage output increases if you manage to dodge incoming hits while landing your own. It’s one of the best swords in the game, and it has appeared through the whole series.

New Blood and Wine Weapons

Blood and Wine is the second expansion for the game. It takes place in a new area and adds a lot of new swords, both silver and steel. Since you need to be at least level 35 to start the DLC, the weapons have level requirements similar to that. If you want a list of the best new additions, take a look at our New Weapons in Blood and Wine guide.

Grandmaster weapons – Blood and Wine

The last expansion Blood and Wine added a bunch of new, level 40 weapons like Grandmaster Ursine Swords, Grandmaster Feline Swords, Grandmaster Griffin Swords, Grandmaster Wolf Swords, Manticore Silver Sword.

Viper Venomous Swords (lvl 39) – Hearts of Stone expansion

Both Viper Venomous Swords – Steel and Silver are level 39. They both increase Aard Sign intensity, critical hit damage, critical hit chance and chance to poison. Viper Venomous Silver Sword gives additional 20% bonus experience from monsters.

Ofieri Saber (lvl 36) – Hearts of Stone

This steel sword is a part of the Ofieri Armor Set. Its long blade curves at the tip. It does decent damage and offers increased sign intensity. Sadly, there’s no silver variant of it.

UPDATE: Level requirements for many items were changed in update 1.07. We’ve changed the values in the guide accordingly, so if you stumble upon a weapon with different requirements, you’re probably playing an older version of the game.

Wolven Swords (lvl 14)

The basic Wolf School swords are usable at level 14. They provide increased sign intensity, a chance to inflict bleeding, more adrenaline points and increased experience gain when fighting monsters. The diagrams can be found near Kaer Morhen.

Enhanced Wolf Swords (lvl 21)

The diagrams for crafting the Enhanced Wolven swords can be found in Crow’s Perch and Kaer Morhen. You won’t be able to use them before you’re at level 21, and they’ll provide the same bonuses as the basic ones, but with greater intensity.

Superior Wolven Swords (lvl 29)

The Superior Wolf swords can be made using diagrams found on Ard Skellig. You’ll need to be level 29 or higher in order to use them, and they are a natural step forward from the enhanced versions.

Mastercrafted Wolf Swords (lvl 34)

The final step in the evolution of wolven weapons are the Mastercrafted Wolven swords. The diagrams you’ll need can be found in the southern parts of Velen, but you’ll have to be at least level 34 to wield them.

Black Unicorn Relic Steel Sword (lvl 46)

The diagram you need in order to craft the Black Unicorn Relic Steel Sword can be found in Kaer Morhen, near the fortress. You need to be at level 46 to use it. It does 360-440 damage, has a chance to cause bleeding and increases Aard intensity.

Beann’shie Relic Steel Sword (lvl 44)

The Beann’shie Relic Steel Sword diagram is hidden on Hindarsfjall, one of the Skellige Isles. It can do 351-429 damage, with additional frost damage, armor piercing and increased Aard intensity.

Gnomish Gwyhyr Steel Sword (lvl 42)

The diagram for the Gnomish Gwyhyr Steel Sword is a reward for doing a quest in Novigrad. It deals 329-403 damage, does high critical hit damage, increases the odds of landing a critical hit and has a chance to poison and cause bleeding.

Longclaw Relic Steel Sword (lvl 37)

Longclaw Relic Steel Sword diagram can be found inside relic chests in eastern Skellige, Hindarsfjall. This 37 lvl weapon has 297-363 damage, 30% Yrden Sign intensity with some armor piercing. You have to find a key in order to unlock the room where the chest with the diagram is.

Harpy Relic Silver Sword (lvl 37)

There are two locations where you can find the diagram for Harpy Relic Silver Sword in Velen – one is during a quest, the other close to Crow’s Perch. It’s a pretty powerful sword, but has almost no additional properties, beside the high damage output. It does 427-523 damage and has a chance to cause bleeding.

Weeper Relic Silver Sword (lvl 31)

The diagram for crafting Weeper Relic Silver Sword can be found in a couple of places on The Skellige Isles – on Hindarsfjall and Faroe. If you want to wield it, you’ll need to be level 31, at least. It has 369-451 damage, increased critical hit damage and gives more experience when fighting monsters.

Serpentine swords (lvl 1 & 2)

The Viper swords diagrams can be found in White Orchard, right at the beginning, and are by far the best starting weapons. The ingredients for crafting them, as well as the appropriate craftsmen are also easy to find in the starting zone. The silver one requires level 1, while the steel requires level 2. When using them, you’ll have increased experience gain and the chance to poison the enemy.

Griffin swords (lvl 11)

The Griffin swords diagrams are located in Velen. They’re a good choice for any magic-oriented character build. You’ll need to be level 11 to wield them, and they’ll grant you increased experience gain and sign intensity.

Enhanced Griffin swords (lvl 18)

Enhanced Griffin swords are level 18 weapons. Enhanced Griffin silver sword is in the southeastern Velen, west of the enormous Nilfgaardian camp. Enhanced Griffin steel sword is in the Western Velen, northwest from fast travel point Condyle.

Superior Griffin Swords (lvl 26)

Superior Griffin swords are level 26 weapons. Superior Griffin Silver Sword is in a cave east of Elverum Lighthouse, in the southern part of Ard Skellig. Superior Griffin Steel Sword is on An Skellig, north-west of Urialla Harbor.

Mastercrafted Griffin Swords (lvl 34)

Mastercrafted Griffin Steel & Silver swords are level 34 weapons. Mastercrafted Griffin Steel Sword diagram is located on Ard Skellig, in the eastern part of the ruins of Boxholm. Mastercrafted Griffin Silver Sword diagram is in a run-down tower across the lake from Fornhala.

Feline swords (lvl 17)

The Cat Swords diagrams are close to Novigrad, hiding in abandoned castles and ruins. You’ll need to be at least level 17 to use them. Aside from the increased experience gain, they offer great damage.

Enhanced Feline silver & steel swords (lvl 23)

The Enhanced Feline swords are level 23. Silver sword diagram is south of Novigrad’s Oxenfurt Gate, inside a house, while Feline steel sword diagram is hidden in the cave located between Toderas fast travel point (to the northeast) and Reardon Manor (to the southwest).

Superior Feline silver & steel swords (lvl 29)

The Superior Feline (Cat) swords are level 29 weapons. Superior Feline Steel Sword diagram is just northeast of Novigrad, inside a small cave. Superior Feline Silver Sword diagram is in aother cave south of Novigrad, east from the Ursten fast travel point.

Mastercrafted Feline silver & steel swords (lvl 34)

Mastercrafted Feline swords are level 34 weapons. Mastercrafted Feline Steel Sword diagram is in Kaer Gelen, on Ard Skellig. Mastercrafted Feline Silver Sword diagram is hidden in a cave east of Harviken, on Faroe.

Ursine swords (lvl 20)

The Bear swords need to be crafted too, and their diagrams are in Skellige. You have to go to Ard Skellig – the steel one is south of Pallisade, while the silver one is north of Rogne. You need level 20 to use them, and they offer greater experience gain and adrenaline point generation.

Enhanced Ursine Bear Gear (lvl 25)

The Enhanced Ursine Bear Gear are level 25 weapons. Enhanced Ursine Steel Sword diagram is on Prison Island, in Kaer Almhult. Enhanced Ursine Silver Sword diagram is on Ard Skellig, in the basement of a castle north-east of Kaer Gelen.

Superior Ursine Swords (lvl 30)

The Superior Ursine Swords are level 30 weapons. Superior Ursine Silver Sword diagram is hidden in a cave south-west of the orphanage at Crookback Bog, in Velen. Superior Ursine Steel Sword diagram is in the Ruined Tower, north-east of Crookback Bog.

Mastercrafted Ursine Swords (lvl 34)

Mastercrafted Ursine Swords are level 34 weapons. Mastercrafted Ursine Steel Sword diagram is located in an unmarked cave north-west of Blackbough. Mastercrafted Bear Silver Sword diagram can be found on a small island north-west of the Road To Bald Mountain.