Witcher 3 Best Weapons

Find the best weapons in The Witcher 3 can be hard – they are often well hidden or need to be crafted. Even if you’re not focusing on swordsmanship, you will have to rely heavily on your blades.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you the locations of the best weapons in the Witcher 3, their stats and level requirements.

Locations of all armorers & blacksmiths where you can craft your weapons & armor.

witcher 3 best weapons

Aerondight (lvl 52) – Blood and Wine

Aerondight is a silver sword added in the DLC. Its damage output increases if you manage to dodge incoming hits while landing your own. It’s one of the best swords in the game, and it has appeared through the whole series.

New Blood and Wine Weapons

Blood and Wine is the second expansion for the game. It takes place in a new area and adds a lot of new swords, both silver and steel. Since you need to be at least level 35 to start the DLC, the weapons have level requirements similar to that. If you want a list of the best new additions, take a look at our New Weapons in Blood and Wine guide.

Grandmaster weapons – Blood and Wine

The last expansion Blood and Wine added a bunch of new, level 40 weapons like Grandmaster Ursine Swords, Grandmaster Feline Swords, Grandmaster Griffin Swords, Grandmaster Wolf Swords, Manticore Silver Sword.

Viper Venomous Swords (lvl 39) – Hearts of Stone expansion

Both Viper Venomous Swords – Steel and Silver are level 39. They both increase Aard Sign intensity, critical hit damage, critical hit chance and chance to poison. Viper Venomous Silver Sword gives additional 20% bonus experience from monsters.

Ofieri Saber (lvl 36) – Hearts of Stone

This steel sword is a part of the Ofieri Armor Set. Its long blade curves at the tip. It does decent damage and offers increased sign intensity. Sadly, there’s no silver variant of it.

UPDATE: Level requirements for many items were changed in update 1.07. We’ve changed the values in the guide accordingly, so if you stumble upon a weapon with different requirements, you’re probably playing an older version of the game.

Wolven Swords (lvl 14)

The basic Wolf School swords are usable at level 14. They provide increased sign intensity, a chance to inflict bleeding, more adrenaline points and increased experience gain when fighting monsters. The diagrams can be found near Kaer Morhen.

Enhanced Wolf Swords (lvl 21)

The diagrams for crafting the Enhanced Wolven swords can be found in Crow’s Perch and Kaer Morhen. You won’t be able to use them before you’re at level 21, and they’ll provide the same bonuses as the basic ones, but with greater intensity.

Superior Wolven Swords (lvl 29)

The Superior Wolf swords can be made using diagrams found on Ard Skellig. You’ll need to be level 29 or higher in order to use them, and they are a natural step forward from the enhanced versions.

Mastercrafted Wolf Swords (lvl 34)

The final step in the evolution of wolven weapons are the Mastercrafted Wolven swords. The diagrams you’ll need can be found in the southern parts of Velen, but you’ll have to be at least level 34 to wield them.

Black Unicorn Relic Steel Sword (lvl 46)

The diagram you need in order to craft the Black Unicorn Relic Steel Sword can be found in Kaer Morhen, near the fortress. You need to be at level 46 to use it. It does 360-440 damage, has a chance to cause bleeding and increases Aard intensity.

Beann’shie Relic Steel Sword (lvl 44)

The Beann’shie Relic Steel Sword diagram is hidden on Hindarsfjall, one of the Skellige Isles. It can do 351-429 damage, with additional frost damage, armor piercing and increased Aard intensity.

Gnomish Gwyhyr Steel Sword (lvl 42)

The diagram for the Gnomish Gwyhyr Steel Sword is a reward for doing a quest in Novigrad. It deals 329-403 damage, does high critical hit damage, increases the odds of landing a critical hit and has a chance to poison and cause bleeding.

Longclaw Relic Steel Sword (lvl 37)

Longclaw Relic Steel Sword diagram can be found inside relic chests in eastern Skellige, Hindarsfjall. This 37 lvl weapon has 297-363 damage, 30% Yrden Sign intensity with some armor piercing. You have to find a key in order to unlock the room where the chest with the diagram is.

Harpy Relic Silver Sword (lvl 37)

There are two locations where you can find the diagram for Harpy Relic Silver Sword in Velen – one is during a quest, the other close to Crow’s Perch. It’s a pretty powerful sword, but has almost no additional properties, beside the high damage output. It does 427-523 damage and has a chance to cause bleeding.

Weeper Relic Silver Sword (lvl 31)

The diagram for crafting Weeper Relic Silver Sword can be found in a couple of places on The Skellige Isles – on Hindarsfjall and Faroe. If you want to wield it, you’ll need to be level 31, at least. It has 369-451 damage, increased critical hit damage and gives more experience when fighting monsters.

Serpentine swords (lvl 1 & 2)

The Viper swords diagrams can be found in White Orchard, right at the beginning, and are by far the best starting weapons. The ingredients for crafting them, as well as the appropriate craftsmen are also easy to find in the starting zone. The silver one requires level 1, while the steel requires level 2. When using them, you’ll have increased experience gain and the chance to poison the enemy.

Griffin swords (lvl 11)

The Griffin swords diagrams are located in Velen. They’re a good choice for any magic-oriented character build. You’ll need to be level 11 to wield them, and they’ll grant you increased experience gain and sign intensity.

Enhanced Griffin swords (lvl 18)

Enhanced Griffin swords are level 18 weapons. Enhanced Griffin silver sword is in the southeastern Velen, west of the enormous Nilfgaardian camp. Enhanced Griffin steel sword is in the Western Velen, northwest from fast travel point Condyle.

Superior Griffin Swords (lvl 26)

Superior Griffin swords are level 26 weapons. Superior Griffin Silver Sword is in a cave east of Elverum Lighthouse, in the southern part of Ard Skellig. Superior Griffin Steel Sword is on An Skellig, north-west of Urialla Harbor.

Mastercrafted Griffin Swords (lvl 34)

Mastercrafted Griffin Steel & Silver swords are level 34 weapons. Mastercrafted Griffin Steel Sword diagram is located on Ard Skellig, in the eastern part of the ruins of Boxholm. Mastercrafted Griffin Silver Sword diagram is in a run-down tower across the lake from Fornhala.

Feline swords (lvl 17)

The Cat Swords diagrams are close to Novigrad, hiding in abandoned castles and ruins. You’ll need to be at least level 17 to use them. Aside from the increased experience gain, they offer great damage.

Enhanced Feline silver & steel swords (lvl 23)

The Enhanced Feline swords are level 23. Silver sword diagram is south of Novigrad’s Oxenfurt Gate, inside a house, while Feline steel sword diagram is hidden in the cave located between Toderas fast travel point (to the northeast) and Reardon Manor (to the southwest).

Superior Feline silver & steel swords (lvl 29)

The Superior Feline (Cat) swords are level 29 weapons. Superior Feline Steel Sword diagram is just northeast of Novigrad, inside a small cave. Superior Feline Silver Sword diagram is in aother cave south of Novigrad, east from the Ursten fast travel point.

Mastercrafted Feline silver & steel swords (lvl 34)

Mastercrafted Feline swords are level 34 weapons. Mastercrafted Feline Steel Sword diagram is in Kaer Gelen, on Ard Skellig. Mastercrafted Feline Silver Sword diagram is hidden in a cave east of Harviken, on Faroe.

Ursine swords (lvl 20)

The Bear swords need to be crafted too, and their diagrams are in Skellige. You have to go to Ard Skellig – the steel one is south of Pallisade, while the silver one is north of Rogne. You need level 20 to use them, and they offer greater experience gain and adrenaline point generation.

Enhanced Ursine Bear Gear (lvl 25)

The Enhanced Ursine Bear Gear are level 25 weapons. Enhanced Ursine Steel Sword diagram is on Prison Island, in Kaer Almhult. Enhanced Ursine Silver Sword diagram is on Ard Skellig, in the basement of a castle north-east of Kaer Gelen.

Superior Ursine Swords (lvl 30)

The Superior Ursine Swords are level 30 weapons. Superior Ursine Silver Sword diagram is hidden in a cave south-west of the orphanage at Crookback Bog, in Velen. Superior Ursine Steel Sword diagram is in the Ruined Tower, north-east of Crookback Bog.

Mastercrafted Ursine Swords (lvl 34)

Mastercrafted Ursine Swords are level 34 weapons. Mastercrafted Ursine Steel Sword diagram is located in an unmarked cave north-west of Blackbough. Mastercrafted Bear Silver Sword diagram can be found on a small island north-west of the Road To Bald Mountain.




  1. A

    I’m sure there are many lvl30+ relic weapon way better than these…

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      yes, the first one I found is Longclaw Relic Steel Sword.

      1. A

        Yeah, also I think ones with pross effects are better too.
        Btw good job for your website !

    2. M

      i found a steel relic sword with 410 dmg for lvl 44 i found it in the quest in wolfs clothing its called beann’shie

      1. 4

        I got craftable relic for lvl 37 with 463 dmg displayed. Harpy it’s called I believe.

        1. S

          i cant believe there is not a better sword than mine here and elsewhere
          my steel sword is cleaver hood which does 513-627 damage which is a relic
          and my silver sword is hav’caaren which does 695-849 damage
          i came here to find better ones and im really disappointed
          if anyone knows better swords please inform me

          1. P

            There is a silver sword called “Aerondight”, it’s given to you by lady of the lake in “Blood and wine” DLC. The swords base dmg is 542-662 and it’s passive is that each blow charges it wich increases its dmg by 10%, at full charges weapon always crits.

    3. G
      Geralt Of Rivia

      Soooo many 30+ lvl weapon better than weapons up there

  2. T

    There is a silver sword you can craft at level 37 called Harpy(relic). It has 475 damage and 10% chance to bleed and requires 2xMonster Saliva, 2xDimeritium Ingot, 1xLeather scraps, 1xRuby to craft and a Journeyman Blacksmith. Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I picked it up

    1. This is probably the best silver weapon that you can craft. Too bad you don’t remember where you found it :C .

      1. T

        I know 🙁 I never take notes and am terrible at remembering those spots. I just posted another comment for a steel sword too

        1. P

          Possible Location: Velen – no mans land at a Fisherman’s house to the left of The Spoils of War sunken chest. A Bridge with some soldiers is to the right of Spoils of War. Go north of the fisherman house to his boat jetty. Dive in the water and it’s in a sunken chest.

        2. R

          Just read the comment and thought to myself that would be an awesome weapon to get… Ohh well I will find it eventually and then stumbled onto it 20 minutes later :P. Its under Byways in a chest you find during the witcher contract you get when you visit the town. The town is south of Midcopse in Valen.

        3. Q

          Contract: The Mystery of the Byway Murders
          Location(Fast Travel Post): Byway
          Details: Underground excavated cave with the vampire you’re to kill, found the designs for Harpy

          1. I

            I Have a friend who completed game already, he has 2 sword which i think is the MOST POWERFUL in the game,
            Steel Sword – Black Unicorn – 360-440 Damage(Level 46)
            Silver Sword – Blood Sword – 432-528 Damage(Level 38)

          2. V

            Where did he find the Blood Sword?

        4. M

          I go the diagram for the Harpy During the Wandering in the dark quest. You reach a room that splits into 3. Taking the left path takes you underwater and you find the chest containing it there.

          1. R

            You get a silver sword called MAUGRIM in a chamber after defeating Nithrael in the story quest in Velen. It is level 47 with 517-631 Damage and 6% higher quen and yrden sign intensities. And 1% more experience gain from monsters. The strongest silver sword in the game according to me.

        5. J

          i have Fate right now, its awesome

          1. R
            Ruben Van Hee

            I found the bloodsword in a chest in Kaer Gelen on Ard Skellig, it is on top of the fortress guarded by a level 27 katakan. I think it’s a chance between this sword and the black unicorn in this chest.

          2. G
            Geralt Of Rivia

            Same i have that Fate too, and for other reply, on top of Kaer Gelen i found the same Katakan but inside the Chest, the weapon is only a lvl 30 Pickaxe, i’m unlucky poor player ?

        6. J

          its in km on your way to the old watch tower in a CHEST HIDDEN IN RUINS

      2. D

        hah i got a 781 dmge sword that i havnt crafted yet cuz its lvl 64 or 63 and im only 50

        1. T

          Name of that sword?

          1. R
            Reece Ware

            It’s called the “I’m Full of Shit Sword”

    2. R

      i found that diagram as well but alas, its origin I do not know. However, I would venture to say that there are many better swords to craft that may have less damage but other perks that make them in all more worth while swords

  3. T

    Sorry for back to back comments, I saw another sword I had in my crafting. It’s a steel sword called “Beann’shie”(relic), level 44 and requires 1xMonster Brain, 2xDimeritium Ingot, 1xMonster Feather, 1x Monster bone, 1xSapphire with a Master Blacksmith. The stats are: +390 Slashing Damage, +10 Frost damage, +50 Armor piercing, +20% Aard Sign intensity. I also don’t remember where I picked this up. (Sorry for not taking notes of where to get them, they might be useless to this page because of that)

    1. M

      Its in a chest in the “captains room” on a ship near the northern tip of the western shore of the big bay in novigrad

  4. C
    Christ on a Bike

    I’ve found a level 42 Steel Sword called “Gnomish Gwyhyr”. Stats are http://i.imgur.com/AK4e9YA.png . I believe I got it from a side quest “Contract: An Elusive Thief” in Novigrad. But I left the quest culprit alive, only then he rewarded me with the sword.

  5. S

    Anybody found the same named swords with diff stats? My steel sword is 480-525 and silver is 675-751 or something in that region, note i’ve found the same named swords in different locations with a max difference of 50 dmg and different stats (rune slots have remained the same though).

  6. V

    There is a lvl 46 steel sword in Kaer Morhen. In the lonely tower on that high mountain.

  7. V

    I have the Mahakaman Steel Sword (Level 40 Magic). Sadly I can’t remember where I got it.

    – Slashing Damage +350
    – Critical Hit Damage Bonus + 75%

  8. A

    Found a Silver Sword called The Bride Dmg 505, lvl 42. But can`t remember where I got it. Any ideas?

  9. U

    I found a diagram for a relic steel sword called Tir Tochair Blade. 364-446 damage but you need a level 46 to to use it so haven’t crafted it yet. Can’t remember where i found it unfortunately.
    50% critical hit damage bonus
    5% Critical hit chance
    15% chance to cause bleeding

    1. T

      Why is the bleed chance at 15% when i found one that is lower level with 35% chance to cause bleeding.

  10. S

    Found Harpy Diag at Guarded Treasure on small island west Velen, theres a huge Pirate group with a treasure map on the same coast, it was guarded by a Noonwraith Lv15, it was a ? on map NW of Coast of Wrecks travel sign

  11. R

    Tor Zireael – Silver sword lvl 48
    520-636 damage
    +131 vitality
    +24% Igni intensity
    +20% Chance to Freeze
    And BEST OF ALL { 2% Chance for INSTANT KILL)
    Its steel variation:
    Tor Lara – lvl 47
    +56 vitality
    +15% Aard intensity
    +12% Chance to cause Burning
    And the {2% Chance for INSTANT KILL}

    1. C

      Great information, but sort the list by level, for god’s sake..

    2. A

      U have tor zireael? I was searching for it for a while and havent even found anything about it on wiki.

    3. J

      Duuuude those 2 are the ones i am looking for where did you find them

    4. A

      Hej i found tor lara very early but tor zireael … i even go with a book information step by step by Ciri’s story. But I believe it’s somewhere here: https://www.google.nl/search?q=mapa+skellige&client=ms-android-samsung&prmd=imvn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwirrYK1ytrMAhUG0xQKHQS-CUcQ_AUIBygB&biw=360&bih=560#imgrc=aMJz0AYpVApIMM%3A look on this map. The shape of a lake and shape of roads… they are looking like a … “Jaskółka”.

  12. J

    There are much better weapons than all of these. I have a level 51 silver sword called Gven’nel with 547-662 damage. I’m level 55

    1. K

      Well i think the top of the top its aerondight me at lvl 51 im only managed to upgrade the blade damage 54 out of 100 to be now at 526-642 of damage

  13. R

    Has anyone found the “Elven Steel Sword” diagram?!
    I just can’t find it anywhere 🙁

    1. G
      Geralt Of Rivia

      I found it, but forget where, if my brain right its somewhere on castle ruin on Velen-Novigrad Region

    2. J

      I’ve found that diagram somewhere in Skellige bc of doing the contracts. I think the location is quite random

  14. P

    my best weapon ist DEITHWEN 687-839 silver sword.

  15. C
    Cereal Keller

    Superior Griffin Swords are level 26 not 22. Don’t know if that’s because of the latest patch, but I can’t use em at 22.

  16. G

    Thank you so much for all your help in Witcher 3 and other games I have played! I always look for your link as I know I will get understandable, helpful hints!

  17. C

    TorZirael and Tor Lara. Also no matter what you choose the weapon stats will depend on your level. You are level 50, the sword it will be somewhere between lvl 40 -48 (needed level). At level 60 if you get the same sword it will have lvl between 50 and 58. Depending on the lvl needed for the sword, also the stats will greatly improve.
    Information if verified first hand.


  18. V

    I got a silver sword which i think might be the most powerful obtainable in the game.
    It’s called “Marw Saov Raenn”.
    Damage is 688 – 723, 3 slots, 20% bleeding, 5% ydren intensity.
    It looks like the reach of the damned but with a black blade…
    Also, really cool detail, the top of the scabbard looks like it’s dripping with blood.
    I can’t find anything on it anywhere, even so much time after the game’s release.
    I got the diagram from a level -1 peasant woman… (I have no idea where it was exactly, roughly around the forest near Ursten, Novigrad, as i remember her running to it. I couldn’t draw my swords or run, and she had 0 health. Glitch?…)
    Its crafted with 1 cured draconid leather, 2 dimeritium plates, 1 dragon scales, 3 monster blood and 1 monster heart.
    Sale price (unchanged) is 7947 and it is a level 53 sword.

    1. Z

      The most powerful relic Silver sword you can get is a level 69 Adden Deith with 850-1025 damage. The thing is a beast & slays even the toughest foe in just a few strikes. My most powerful steel sword is a level 69 Super Dol Blantha 525-642 damage but my favorite steel weapon is my level 69 Wild Hunt Warrior Axe 542-658 damage with 200% armor piercing although I got it by some kind of glitch after they released 1.08 as originally it was just a level 26 & far less powerful.

      1. W

        I also agree with the wild hunt warrior axe because of the %200 armour piercing so against armoured foes it does double what a regular sword with the same stats as that would

  19. M

    What sword should i use ; i play Zerg ?

  20. B

    I found the best one, the Wan G’Kur level 84 1000 damage 50% chance to freeze 50% chance to stun

  21. A

    best steel sword i found TEIGR LVL 70 (544-664) Dmg
    best silver sword i found AN’FERTHE LVL70 (710-868) Dmg
    and i don’t remember where i did find them or when actually so
    by the way i think these swords weren’t like this at first i guess they leveled after i reached lvl 70 and played new game +
    they got stronger as i recall

    1. G

      I’m not sure about the An’ferthe sword but I found the Teigr after fighting a witcher from the Cat school during one of the witcher contracts *dont remember which contract though*. If I remember correctly, I went to a village following this contract and everyone in the village was dead, including the contracted monster to kill. after searching the village you eventually find a lone surviving child who tells you that a witcher Killed everyone and she tells you where to find him. once you track him down you have the option to hear him out or kill him, and any upstanding citizen will slaughter that guy where he sits. then loot the TEIGR off of his corpse

      1. G
        Geralt Of Rivia

        Its one of the DLC’s Contract, called: “Where The Cat And Wolf Play”, and the Cat School Witcher named Gaetan, and yep when loot his corpse there’s a sword, but not TEIGR, maybe its random good sword, dunno

  22. B

    Guys reaally need your help, i forgot to pick the viper steel sword when i was in the auction house vault. Is there way to go back in ive been looking for the secret exit. Cant find it. :,(

  23. A

    Anyone tried Azure Wrath (silver sword, 12 percent stun, witg runes u can add burning and armour piercing and another slot for anything u love) almost every attack will be critical, dont go for maximum damage. Swords with less gross damage might sometimes prove amazingly useful like the Azure Wrath. I am at level 26 and still using it since Novigrad. Epic sword.

    For steel, Cleaver Hood is by far the most delivering sword I have seen. I always keep 2 sets of swords each and lota of repair kits. Cleaver Hood has 92 percent armour piercing, and 50 percent critical damage like properties. Mind Critical damage and hit is different. Yet again, total damage is low but when engraved with runes its a killing machine. And its looks like swords from final fantasy.

    Btw, I forgot when and where i got these swords so try it out yourself.I can promise u its definitely worth trying out these weapons. As far as I remember, I got Cleaver hood from the Shreiker (Chort) witcher contract

    1. G
      Geralt Of Rivia

      Shreiker is a Cockatrice, not Chort ?btw i not found it when i once completed this contract, only some low lvl armor and steel sword, and i only need it to be sell and get more money

  24. L

    I found I lvl 1400 sword with 100000000 damage I glitches so I can use it at level -1

    1. W

      U r the biggest liar on earth

  25. S

    LV 39
    Damage: 315-385
    2 slots
    +800 Armor Piercing

  26. S

    Level 1 wooden club. Hit the monster in its sleep. Works like a charm.

    1. G
      Geralt Of Rivia

      Same lol, but i use pickaxe, and the monster is a Cyclopse (not the one sleeping in cave near the lake on Kaer Morhen, when go through its lair with Lambert, not that one, i kill other in Skellige)

  27. B

    I think some of the sword level depend on your current level. I get Aerondight silver sword (after challenge the hermit at the lake) at lvl 42-43 & the sword level also tally with my current level. The sword stat also not as high as lvl 52 in this post. Not sure about other version, but i’m using patch 1.21 blood and wine dlc.

  28. C

    Tah’Rel Silver Sword: Hidden Treasure :
    481-587 Damage

    28% Aard
    95% Critical Damage Bonus
    12% Critical Hit Chance
    15% Chance to Poision
    5% Bonus experience from monsters

    Get it

  29. D

    Swords? Swords? Dafuq?

    Sign/Alch build combined with Manticore set, near chaincast+sick bombs (check the 3-set bonus on the gear).

    Ask Trollollo, he’ll tell you: Swordsies rated over… No see mans? Swords had they, dead now all.

    1. W

      I just use any sword I can pick up and the quen sign. Works like a charm.

  30. G

    Swords scale when found depending on your level except crafted swords or special swords that are found like serpantine steel and silver swords or the witcher diagrams I think their stats are fixed but whatever else swords you find will scale depending on your level you might get a sword at 20 lvl and in another playthrough at 40 and have increased stats

    PS Why hasn’t anyone mentioned Olgiert’s sword which he will gift you at the end of HOS if you save him???? I found it an amazing steel sword with a nice unique effect

  31. J

    what about Tir Tochair blade? lvl 47 and has 447 dmg on a steel sword…

  32. B

    Most Powerful Silver Sword:
    Gesheft 576 – 704 DMG

  33. K

    I don’t see it on here but at lower levels requires level 9 the striker contract quest drops the Dwarven Axe, as it’s an axe it lacks upgrade slots but the thing is a power house at that level.

  34. D
    Dark Man

    Ancient Elven Sword – Lvl 52

    I found it in a side quest of Blood and Wine, in a castle between Franscollarts and Trastamara. However, that quest is so hard, I gotta kill all elven women (who shoot fireball) before kill elven men (they only use sword), gotta eat something before the quest since the fireballs are so dangerous

  35. A

    Got ciris 800 armor piercing + 2 open slots.

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