Errors & Problems in Blood and Wine Patch 1.21 | Witcher 3

Blood and Wine is the most recent DLC for The Witcher 3. It’s quite a large add-on, with new areas, enemies, items and even mechanics. All of this being added to the already rich game was bound to result in a few hiccups here and there. Some are just that – hiccups – while others are more troublesome, serious problems. Thankfully, most can be fixed by easy workarounds, while only some require the developer’s attention. This guide will show you a list of known errors & problems in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, how to solve or avoid them.

If you need help with finding a piece of armor, or finishing a quest, or something else entirely, take a look at our Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Walkthrough & Guides.

Update: A large number of these has been fixed by patch 1.22. Check out the patch 1.22 changelog for a detailed list of fixes.

Can’t interact with NPCs – patch 1.22 on Playstation 4

Some people are reporting not being able to interact with NPCs and quest items in the latest version of the game on PS4. The developers are aware of the problem and are working to fix it. Make sure you keep your old save files from before the update around, in case of corruption. Apart from that, there’s nothing to be done.

Stuck at level – XP bug

A lot of players reported that they have been stuck at 2000/2000 XP. Taking a potion of clearance fixes the bug. If Potion of clearance cannot be equipped or used, try using it from the inventory – put your cursor over it and press E.

Issues with armor textures

Check your settings, textures are auto-moved from High to Low.

Crashes seem to occur while being in inventory Screen

We don’t have any solution for this bug at the moment.

All Gwent cards have been wiped

This bug usually appears if you have previously installed any Gwent card mod.

All the Witcher swords (Cat, Griffin, and Bear schools) are gone, including the diagrams for crafting them.

We don’t have any solution for this bug at the moment.

Games does not start after 1.20 update

You’ll have this bug if you have installed any mod. Remove all your mods, remove the “dsound.dll” and the “plugins” folder at “xxx\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\x64”.

Hook MatchesCountCheckError pattern 48 8B 05 ? ? ? ? 48 8D 4C 24 ? C6 44 24 found: 0 expected 1

Remove all your mods, remove the “dsound.dll” and the “plugins” folder at “xxx\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\x64”. Restore your old “” at “xxx\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\content\content0\scripts\engine”. (thanks superstrm)

Witcher 3 Patch 1.21 broken mods

  • Auto loot
  • FriendlyHUD
  • Auto Apply Oils
  • Improved Sign Effects
  • Jump in Shallow Water
  • KNG Critical Slow Motion Combat
  • ESGO
  • ExtendedHUD
  • Enhancement System
  • Indestructible items
  • Fast travel from anywhere
  • The Atmospheric Nights mod
  • Volumetric Clouds
  • Friendly HUD
  • Enemy Level Scaling
  • Always Permanent Rune Glow
  • Map Quest Objectives
  • Field of View (FOV) Slider
  • No Witcher Sense Zoom FX plus Toggle and Range
  • Custom Localization Fix
  • Gwent Card Dealer
  • Gwent Deluxe
  • I Choose the Trophy
  • Perks Always Active and/or Elys All Skill Active
  • Mainmap Zoom

errors problems in blood wine witcher 3

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  1. W

    Also, roach’s tail is gone. Might not bother most people but since i seem to be one of the very very people who actually like and/or use roach, it bothers me more than i think it should.

    1. B

      Had the same problem, then I switched to the saddle you win in the tourney and Roach’s tail returned in full glory!

  2. A

    Hi, I’m on PS4 and my HUD is way off for whatever reason. I went to display to rescale it, but there’s no option to save changes. Just: L nagivation and O back. However the configuration doesn’t seem to require that since it save when going back. I’d very much like to play this new release, but it’s not fun with my screen like this. Please let me know if this is an issue known or easy to fix. I hope I don’t have to wait for a patch a couple months from now.

    1. L

      You can always delete game settings from PS4 in save data management and after restarting the game yo will be able to set them again.

      1. A

        I tried what you said, and I reset the game settings, but I guess it’s still broken. I guess in this new update they set the minimum too long length-wise. Which is odd since everything was perfect for every patch beforehand.

  3. S

    Fool’s Gold bandits are still immortal

    1. X

      thats caused by the free dlcs not beeing up to date you have to download the patch for them too

  4. M

    I fixed my inventory crash problem by removing mod files inside the DLC folder. In my case, I had the Roaming Witcher Armor (, and deleting DLCRoaming and DLCRoamingOPT fixed my issue.


  5. E

    I have a lot of issues on xbox one, i’ve done all the upgrades on corvo bianco but the appareance its the same, nothing changes.
    When I sleep on the bed, geralt sit down in the middle of the air and before that i cant move and have to restart de game.
    At last but not least I cant fix enemies when fighting.

    1. S

      My corvo bianco quest is bugged because it never finishes my garden refurbishment

      1. B
        Bobo the bear

        Same here.

        1. H

          Yep, garden and stable renovations nothing happening :/

          1. Same thought I was the only one anyway to fix it

      2. V
        Victor Miguel

        i have the same problem, i’ll try to uninstall the game, then you shall know about my results.

    2. J
      Judah McGarrell

      I am having the same issue, any work arounds yet

  6. Y

    On my ps4 while being in the first cutscene it crashes, please help.

    1. L

      Same here on xbox 1 start the first cut scene and the game crashes help

    2. Y

      Game crashes on first cutscene x box one

    3. K

      Same on ps4, after fighting off the bandits the cut scene to go to the new map glitches out. It shows a man sitting in mid air, then you and the two knights walk through some trees while floating and crashes there. Please help!

      1. S
        Sergey Kalashnikov

        The same. How to solve it?

        1. N

          I had the same problem; my Playstation hadn’t allowed the newest update through. As soon as I downloaded it and installed, everything has been peachy. So far, anyways.

        2. A
          Andrew Wooller

          Same here on Xbox one, with latest patch 1.21 installed. First knight cut scene no matter what dialogue option is chosen. Anybody fixed it.

          1. U
            Uno Mas

            Same with me but i cant install 1.21 update on my ps4

          2. C

            I have the same problem. Crashes right when you go out to see the bandits.

    4. M

      Yeah i cant even start the add on “PS4” cus of this.soon as the bandits get to the town the cutscene turns on for 5 seconds and game just crashes every time i try to start blood and wine quest.hope this gets fixed soon

  7. G

    The colors seem over saturated (cartoonish), Roach is just one shearing blur, and can’t stand the “hopping” walk of NPC carrying item – all on the first few minutes of starting the expansion. I on a PC, AMD crossfire, no mods. Might be drivers, not sure

    1. H

      Yeah I noticed this too. You really notice it from the light emitting from the candles in buildings.

  8. Auto loot, Fast travel from anywhere, No Witcher Sense Zoom FX plus Toggle and Range, and Elys All Skill Active have already been updated to v1.21

  9. W
    william ewing

    for some reason, the gwent tournament in toussaint where you have to use the skellige deck will not trigger. it tells me to ‘join the tournament’, and when i talk to the tournament organizer, he just repeats the same one liner and a proper dialogue sequence isn’t started with him.

    1. P

      same here

    2. P

      Same glitch here.

    3. P

      I spammed the “Talk” key on Count Monnier until the quest triggered after a few dozen repetitions of his idle chatter. Definitely a glitch, but it seems to have a workaround at least.

      1. W
        william ewing

        thanks for the solution. worked for me within ten tries of spamming him.

      2. R

        Thanks,It worked!

  10. A

    Having a problem with corvo bianco quest line not updating

    1. E

      Same here you got any solution?

      1. T

        same problem here, my house became unusable… “work will complete on the gardens/house refurbishment in 2 days”

      2. A

        No not at the moment trying to research more into though I also came across another bug during the tourney quest during the horse race where roach will not budge

    2. B
      Bobo the bear

      Would also like to know.

  11. E

    No more tail on roach after update

    1. R

      that hardly happen to me but he is missing hair all who roach is missing hair it happens when u fast travel all u have to do is take off all roach armor and put on one what cover the neck come out inventory the go back in and change back all the armor and the hair comes back but anytime u fast travel again u have to do it over to get back hair

  12. A

    Not sure what si causing this problem and I’m not sure if it’s just me, but after talking to Ciri/giving her sword (the very last main storyline quest) main quests in Blood and Wine can’t be completed anymore.

  13. S

    I seem to have this issue where the new mutations don’t work. Every time I try to research one It just eats my ability points and It ends up not being researched.

    1. M

      I’m having the same problem as well, please help!

    2. Q

      I have the exact same issue. The points are eaten up but the mutation would not unlock (the mutagens are not consumed though, weird!). It looks like those points were actually consumed because when you use the reset potion, those points are returned, but still doesn’t fix the issue.

    3. B

      Same here. Spent the points and greater mutagens to research… Researched three (3) but did not unlock any slots. (2 for one (1) slot, 4 for two (2) slots, etc..)

      1. M

        I’ve a problem where the quest to unlock mutations, actually didn’t unlock it. Since i didn’t realise after 8 hours of gameplay, since i maybe thought it would unlock later in the game, i dont want to go back and do it again -.- Any way to unlock it with a code of some sort?

    4. S

      Had this issue too, but i was able to resolve it by verifying my game data. After downloading 1.5 GB it worked.

  14. V

    I was wondering if I was the only one having issues with scripted mods. when I saw the list of broken mods above, I was like, damn pretty much all of the ones I use. Guess ill wait a few days for updates

  15. T

    Even after I am done with the main story in Blood and Wine, the game tells me that Im not finished with the quest Night of the Long Fangs and keeps teleporting me away from where I want to go. I can’t travel anywhere in toussaint without it telling me and making me go closer to the main city or be forced teleported.

    1. L

      Yes i got the same problem. Now i cant even explor toussaint any further :s

      1. R

        Quick fix, i completed one quest in beuclair, then teleported far away on the map from a sign post. Seems to have fixed the glitch so far.

        1. J

          Running into this right now. Gunna try the fix rafael said and hopefully itll work. As of now its pretty much a game breaking glitch.

          1. J

            Didnt work. Tried fast traveling to novigrad and as far away as I could in toussaint both right after I completed quests in Beauclair so I had to reload a older save file unfortunately.

          2. D

            yeah I’ve got the same problem. I can’t finish most side quests because the game always teleports me away. Found any solutions yet?

        2. W

          Hey what quest you did in beuclair?

    2. K

      I’m having the same issue. It really sucks. If anyone has a real fix let me know.

    3. F

      I can’t complete the main quest because of it. When I try to go to the cemetery to meet Regis I get that same message. I’m surprised more people haven’t come across this.

  16. B

    The city by the castle is totally empty. There are no people on the streets and no ambient music. No matter what time, its always empty, the only NPCs are from side quests

  17. N

    I cant obtain any gwent cards does anyone have a fix??

  18. D

    For me, the new Mutation system seems to be bugged. I use the Euphoria Mutation. It either never works, or only works once I disable and re enable it in the menu. Once I meditate or sleep or travel it shuts off again. Please tell me I’m not the only one experiencing this.

    1. N

      Been having the same problem luckily it’s just a minor inconvenience but still really annoying

    2. W

      for me as soon as combat ends, it won’t reactivate when combat starts again like it’s supposed to. I’m hoping they fix it in the next patch.

  19. B

    Some parts of the map i cannot access. I know that there is a end of world line. But this is far from that end line. I can scrol over that parts with cursor so it must be accessible.

  20. B
    Bobo the bear

    Bought the additional weapon stands for the house but they don’t show up. Armor stands clip into barrels. But the biggest issue I encountered so far is that the Corvo Bianco questline does not update after initiating the herbs garden renovation.

  21. A

    Just started blood and wine and right off the bat my viper swords are raised 3 levels above mine so I can’t even use my swords

  22. C

    Xbox 1 can’t cast signs.

  23. A

    I’m having a pretty annoying issue myself. After the Tourney quest (something about a Warbling Knight), I can’t lock-on to enemies. Anyone else have this one?

    1. G
      Geraldo Riviera

      I had the same issue, but the ability re-engaged while fighting the second bruxae during the attack on the city.

    2. S

      yes I am! OMG I can’t believe someone else is going through this!

    3. C

      Yeah I have the same problem no lock on and also I got all grand master sets but the manticore won’t appear when I go to craft it also Griffin sword says I need a legendary feline sword to upgrade it to Grand Master but when I try crafting it doesn’t work game has a lot of issues I can keep going with the glitches like when you go to practice for the tournament the race part won’t work so had to skip it entirely to move foward I digress let me know if there’s any way to fix these issues thanks

  24. C

    I cant seem to use the potion of clearance, whether is accessing it through the quick item slot or hover my mouse over the item and pressing “E” in inventory.

  25. K

    On the PS4 version, after I ride with the Queen to the palace, we get off our horses and I go to talk to her. I get a black loading screen, Geralt says some dialogue and then it never loads, anyone else have this issue?

    1. M

      Me… Did you fix it?

      1. K

        Can’t seem to find a way to, I went to an earlier save but that didn’t help. I really don’t wanna have to start the DLC all over again or wait forever for a patch to play the campaign.

        1. H

          Hi, i got the same issue, i fixed it simple… always stay behind the Queen. Wait for her to arraive and let her talk before you arrive at the place where she stands. She will talk and go ahead and there is no loading screen any more. Sorry no nativ englisch speaker.

        2. V

          Dont talk to her and she will start running

    2. M

      Thank God, I’m having this problem too

      1. R

        The don’t talk to her fix works. Well done Vybz!

        I was about to launch my controller through the screen and into another fucking dimension with the frustration of the 4th loading freeze.

  26. L

    There is this problem that may not be as bothersome for others as it is to me:
    The shadow movement after the new patch has been incredibly changed for the worst, especially during sunrise or sunset, where an area covered by sunlight, after 10 seconds, is totally covered by shadows in a split of a second.

    1. H

      Yeah I noticed this too. I also find the colors in blood and wine map over saturated. Its bin driving me nuts.

  27. R

    Beat the main quest, night of long fangs seems to still be active. I cannot travel far from beauclair. It turns me around and prevents me from doing any farther side quests.

    1. S

      me too 🙁

      (did the Unseen path, if it matters)

      1. K

        i restart before the turning point, do the other Path (Syanna)

        and it’s still bugged after the ending

        based on how many ppl posting about it here and at bottom, seems very common bug

    2. P

      Same here. Help!

  28. S

    Since the game patched and installed the new expansion, I cannot travel between regions anymore. Game just CTD immediately when I try to fast travel to somewhere outside Velen, or when I try to load a previous save. Was playing hearts of stone in january without problems. Anyone has a fix for this? Dirving me mad… Thanks!

    What I tried so far:
    – lower all settings
    – update drivers
    – close nvidia gefore exp.
    – travelling to a diff location in Velen then outside
    – change mission then travel
    – run a repair/verify
    – reinstall the game

  29. G

    There is one huge problem and its not just me who has it. The First slot after getting 2 mutations doesnt get unlocked instead the second get unlocked, after getting all of the mutations only 3 slots are avilable. Next bug is … u cant get higher level than 96, when u get lev 97 exp is bugging and it is getting minus value. (Sorry for bad english but i hope you iwll understand), i have tested it many times without mods after reinstalling game 3x didnt help so please look into it.

    1. T

      I have the mutation bonus slots problem too 🙁

    2. J

      Same here, hope they’ll fix it soon

  30. G

    Next bug is – Mutation Euphoria doesnt work properly if u talk to someone while having stacks from toxicity the bonuses disappear and u have to clear toxicity with White Honey and pop up again all potions again to get bonus.

    1. N

      Just deactivate and deactivate the mutagen, it only takes a few seconds to fix it but it’s still annoying

  31. S

    Has anyone had problems with the tourney practice?? I get to the second practice and Roach is frozen, will not move.
    I a loving this expansion. The premiss is great but it is soooooo full of bugs. Not impressed with CD Projekt Red they had more than enough time to get this right.
    Was there no beta testing on this at all?? Too interested in cashing in to make sure things actually worked. Pitiful considering the quality overall, this is only going to damage reputation.

  32. O

    Did anyone else have a problem with having a negative amount of xp. I was already level 70 when I started the dlc and I had done missions when that was still the level cap, but when I started with the new level cap it said I had -17865 do out of the 2000 needed to level up.

  33. D

    The last quest where Geralt is supposed to go home doesn’t work sadly. I return and no one is there waiting for me. The majordomo just casually chills in the house like always. This is sooo annoying and frustrating…..

    1. J

      Same here the last thing in the game is bugged 🙁

  34. B
    Blood of the Drake

    After completing the game I decided to go back through my quests and view my achievements so far, as a memory to all those who required my witchering services…and then came Pomp and Strange Circumstances…

    “After the ceremony, Sylvia Anna faced her accusers. When Geralt had spoken to Syanna earlier, he had broached some sensitive issues. These now came to the fore, and a heated argument erupted between the sisters. Those valuing convection and decorum undoubtedly considered it an unsavory public airing of matters private. Yet my own heart inclines me to think it a fortunate turn of events. Fo rwe cannot know what might have happened had there been no release of resentments that had been accumukated over decades. Upon quitting the palace Geralt rejoined Regis at his crypt. They indulged in some well-deserved respite while sipping Regis’ exquisite (as they both assured me) mandrake hooch.

    Geralt visited the crypt where both sisters had been laid to rest. Then he rejoined Regis to enjoy some well-deserved respite, aided by a jug of the vampire’s mandrake hooch.”

    Problem? No one died. The entire end of the event is wrong, as I watched the scene thoroughly and I can assure you neither the the Dutchessa nor her sister were killed in any form or fashion.

  35. I

    My problem is, I cannot win anymore new cards, just crowns, but after updating to 1.20 on my ps4, I cannot win new gwent cards after beating the merchants, only crowns and not even crafting items! Anyway to workaround this?

  36. D

    After the first fight with the bandits when the knights take geralt to toussaint, it wont load for me. Geralt and the knights ride their horses through trees and the game crashes. Any one else have this problem?

  37. J

    The only problem I discovered so far in XONE is the cave music which stuck in the whole environment after just one visit in a cave!!! Even in Gwent!! The solution is to quick travel to other countries like Velen and quick travel back in Toussaint!! The problem fixes but its still annoying to have to quick travel abroad after a cave mission! I hope the developers will take care of this issue soon!! The Blood And Wine music is amazing!!!

  38. R

    Rep: 1
    Registered: Jul 2015From Ukraine
    Posted 20 hours ago
    If anybody faced the same problem as me? when I got the quest in a stone quarry (concerning assistance to groups which are involved in building of Lebioda’s statue), I cannot complete the fifth group’s sub-quest, since the chief architect remains inactive after killing of thugs. Although all enemies have gone, he still sits on his boxes and begs for saving his life. Reloading the previous periods of episode did not work. I cannot fix this bug for the second day of play. Can anybody help with this?

    1. G

      Encountered the same problem, it really sucks since its the last one I have to do and have no idea on how to fix it.

  39. N

    I haven’t even started the quest “A night of long fangs” (not at that point in the story, don’t even have it in the questlist) and I still get turned around when I try to ride out of the city. Quicktraveling to points work but then I get turned around trying to go back inside the city! I hope they fix it fast, it’s gamebreaking 🙁

  40. S

    If anyone have issue with getting Manticore Schematic after completing Blood and Wine storyline, and accept SPAWNING the SCHEMATIC as a resolution, here’s how.

    You can find the console enabler for 1.21 here:

    Command usage: additem(“*item name*”)
    *case sensitive*

    Manticore Steel Sword: “Red Wolf School steel sword schematic 1”
    Manticore Silver Sword: “Red Wolf School silver sword schematic 1”
    Manticore Armor: “Witcher Red Wolf Jacket schematic 1”
    Manticore Gloves: “Witcher Red Wolf Gloves schematic 1”
    Manticore Boots: “Witcher Red Wolf Boots schematic 1”
    Manticore Pants: “Witcher Red Wolf Pants schematic 1”

  41. S

    after I beat the game, the game seems to think the city is still under attack

    I get an error that I’m traveling too far away from the city basically just like the ‘edge of the world’ error… but for the normal upper half of the map

    can’t reach most of the GM Witcher armor locations… only Wolf so far (far south-east of the map seems OK)

  42. M

    i’m on ps4, when i play the blood and wine expansions,the city of toussaint ground texture and houses are gone,its like invisible wall everywhere,did anyone have the same issues as me?

    1. D

      Did you ever get this fixed?

    2. T

      Well, I´m having the same issue on PC. Maybe itś because I´ve got patch 1.21…

  43. D

    I am unable to use my quick access menu and cannot play or complete quests at all because of this. What to do? I have items in the quick access menu and have tried to unbind keys and designate new buttons but nothing works, this is really crap by the game developers since such a controller but should have been detected in beta mode.

    I am playing on the PC version.

    Anyone knows what to do or has the same issue as I have?

  44. E

    When I try to kill the Wicked Witch, she doesn’t fly off her broom and when her health bar goes empty she is still flying around. I can’t figure out how to fix it and I’m stuck in the place where I fight her so I can’t go further in the quest.

    1. K

      Once her health bar is empty it autosaves like it would normally. Once it does quit to the main menu and reload said autosave. Worked for me so i hope this helps.

      1. C

        Mine didn’t auto save and I can’t save to try that

      2. C

        Mine didn’t auto save and I can’t save to try that

  45. H

    On PS4 during Over Hill and Under Dale the notice board for Contract: Duck, Duck, Goosed is bugged, the is no prompt to press “X” to interact with it.

  46. S

    I did not read all 89 posts, so if these issues have already been posted “sorry”. This is for the Xbox One version. Update 1.20.
    1. Random crashes to dashboard, it has happen after speaking to someone and updating a quest as well as transitioning from caves to the outside world.
    2. Quest “No Place Like Home” will not update, it is stuck at “wait 2 days for stable refurb and wait 2 days for garden refurb” I have meditated for days reloaded the game nothing will fix it.
    3. Quest “The Warble of the Smitten Knight” you have the option to practice before the tourney, I did the shooting no problem but then I strated the racing practice and as soon as you transition to the back of Roach the controls are unresponsive you can not do anything but load a save, you cant get off roach, roach will not move no buttons will work. I do not have the patience to go back and skip this part so I just reloaded to before the check point and skipped the quest all together until a patch fixes it.

    I have noticed alot of other small bugs as well at one point Geralt would not stop jumping I had to reload the game to make it stop. Also there has been a couple instances were Geralt would not dive under water also had to reload to fix this.
    I must say with the original game and the first DLC I don’t think a encountered any bugs so it would seem they were in a rush to get the last DLC out without doing a proper bug testing. I hope they fix these bugs soon with a new patch about ready to hang up my swords until it happens. 🙁

    Thats my 2 bits.

  47. J
    James Buckingham

    Anyone’s steel sword become invisible after starting new game plus?

    1. C

      yeah, I started NG+ after finishing blood & wine, and my steel sword is invisible.

      1. M
        Master Kira

        I tried today to start NG+ too and i have the same problem…

    2. C

      Yeah, I just started NG+ and its invisible. Anyone find a fix?

  48. J
    John Manard

    I’m dealing with a few bugs that are pardon my french just well fucking pissing me off such as in the corvo blanco estate where there’s this bug in my player home now causing this candle and cup to just just float in mid air and this is frustrating because of all the effort I put into my player home and now all i can see is that THAT GOD DAMN FLOATING CANDLE AND CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CD project red fix this shit now and I’m not even gonna mention the other bugs Iv encountered because it will just make me want to smash all of the windows in my house out of pure rage.. FUCK BUGS AND GLITCHES I hate them so fucking much

    1. N

      Yah mine too table disappeared when ciri visited.

    2. G

      Then you probably shouldn’t be playing video games because there will ALWAYS always always be glitches even if they fix glitches they might make new ones.

  49. N
    Nikki stefanie mik

    I have 2 side mission problems… One with the contract: bovine blues… I cant collect the reward after doing the mission and the second is with the secondery mission wine wars: coronata… At the end they say you need to find liam but liam just vanist into thin air.

    Can sombody please help me, this is very anoying..!!

    1. N

      I had same problem with bovine blues on PS4. Highlight another mission as your active quest and than talk to guy. it completed the mission after i did that. i picked the main story mission also if that helps

    2. M

      Yeah, I can’t complete Bovine Blues either. When I try to talk to the Foreman to collect the reward, it triggers an indirect line about delays and “what am I supposed to tell the investor?” but he never talks to me… Oh well. Hopefully a patch will correct that soon. On to the next one…

  50. G
    Geralt Roger Eric du Haute Bellgarde

    There is another glitch if you exploit the xp glitch up to lvl 100 before starting ng+. If you start ng+ while being at lvl 100, all the missions in ng+ will be over lvl 100 as well as the monster levels. However, all the crafting gear will be the same as normal for ng+. This is not due to monster scaling from the options menu.

  51. T

    Knight of long fangs seems to be active when main story has been completed, hence stops me from getting to area i need to do side quests, anyone found a fix for this yet?

    1. R
      Rezo Inverse

      The only way to travel around has been with Fast Travel. Going really far from Beauclair, makes me able to run around the rest of the map.

  52. A

    I have this glitch where I can’t go into the middle of toussaint. I finished the story but it keeps saying that I cannot sight see and Gotta go back to kill defflatt. I did the kKnight’s for hired and the main story line.

    1. A
      antreas fischer

      same problem on different spots in toussaint.

  53. N

    Also beyond hill and dale theres a contract on a board called duck duck goosed u cant even take a contract from the board its a bug they need to fix.

  54. S

    it wont let me new game after doing the dlcs because i never completed the game in that save.does anyone else have this problem or can someone help me please

  55. J

    Listen guys, I can’t even learn about new mutation because I can’t get to Professor Moreau’s laboratory – there is no portal underwater – Turn and Face the Strange – quest

    1. D

      I’m having the same issue! any luck yet?

      1. J

        Nope, I did reinstall of this dlc, and still the same, shame!

  56. A
    antreas fischer

    i cant play 2 side quest… the problem is that when i try to play the quest geralt starts talking about the mission ” a long night of glaws” and that he must kill deedlaf, so the game goes to menu screen alone and when i go back to the game its bring me little bit far away from the side mission, if i atem to go again to the side mission it brings me again on the menu screen…… ANY SOLUTION!!!!! awesome game but this thing make me crazy :'(

    1. A

      Same here dude. I am on ps4. It won’t let me go to certain parts of the toussaint map. I have to fat travel most of the time. It won’t let me finish the very last part of Wine Wars. Since it is in the middle of the map. It bugs big time. The screen flashes off and in. Cause of the bug that I have to go back and kill defflatt

  57. S

    anyone notice that the general skill tree are messed up? the description doesn’t match with the symbol and some of the stat percentage are just weird error symbol like this “?$!!”, or is it just happen to me ?

    1. O

      I’ve got this as well. No idea what’s causing it, what might be the solution. You’re the only person I’ve seen make any mention of this bug.

      1. K

        I also have this problem. I am using the GOG version. I have reinstalled it several times but with no luck. There are only a few people that have it on the internet, it seems. The old names look like placeholders for the skills(they changed the skills in the final release of the DLC) that somehow stayed in our installation.

  58. D

    The quest wine wars bellegarde is bugged at the final stage. I cannot complete the five tasks as I destroyed the monster nest before the quest and now the endregas keep spawning. One Xbox one btw

    1. O

      I have the same exact problem. I happened to ride past the Belgaard endrega nest earlier in the game because they are near one of the main roads to the cemetery. Destroyed the nest thinking nothing of it. Noticed that they kept respawning long before I took the actual quest. Can’t blow up the nest again to finish the Wine Wars quest.

  59. S

    Blurry graphics (Radeon HD7950). And the swords I used in Hearts of Stone suddenly had level requirement 69, my Geralt is level 68.

  60. R
    Rezo Inverse

    I started a New Game + with level 68, and now there is a lot of quests and equipments over Level 100. I don’t care about the missions but, now I will never be able to use mostly of the armors/swords available – the Witcher’s gear, then… 🙁

  61. W

    After finishing the main story quest, all the merchants who play gwent have disappeared in Toussaint and thus I can’t enter the gwent tournament. It doesn’t matter if I meditate, travel around or out of Toussaint, or reload a save, nobody is there and it’s a huge bummer. Also, does the old lady cook at the homestead actually make food for you to pick up? Does she have any purpose whatsoever?

    1. L

      The disappearing merchants… Happened to me as well. Not really sure if it was right after finishing the main story, but sounds pretty probable. HUUUUUUGE bummer for me as well. Here’s to hoping they will patch this, ’cause I’m missing just one Skellige Gwent card :'(

  62. A

    Characters are still immortal for me really annoying to try and kill the opponent players but I’m still on the easiest difficulty and still die way to fast 🙁

  63. K

    Neither the Magic Sensibilities nor the Piercing Cold mutations work properly at all.

    Magic Sensibilities despite claiming doing 513% additional damage on crit for my char which I deal about 600-660 igni damage without a crit, I only crits for about 1180-1220. Where did the rest go???

    Piercing Cold is broken too, it works randomly insta gibs trash mobs (despite freezing everything 100% the time for some reason) when I clearly see that they’re knocked down and frozen.
    Not to mention where is that 8000 additional damage against targets which aren’t frozen???
    Yet again, it flat out lies… it does jack shit compared to what it says (1500 against wraiths) or simply NOTHING against other enemies… what the f___?
    I spammed the Blood and Wine Boss with it for 1000 dmg each, NEVER seeing that higher *cough* 8000 lie *cough*

    Or of course sometimes it doesn’t even do any damage against certain enemies, but the game doesn’t tell you that! Yay!

  64. S

    In the Corvo Bianco basement my mutagens tablr dont work. Only this for potions…

    1. B

      Same on PS4

  65. D

    Got a serious issue on ps4. I was lvl 70 when I started the DLC and the game says I have -20000 exp points. That means that I have to gain 22000 exp points to get to lvl 71. Does anyone have the same problem?

  66. B

    I’ve got a problem to add to the multitude
    On the south east there’s a Person in Distress near the Termes Palace Ruins that is the blacksmith for the Belgaard Estate
    However, I freed him before I’d been to Belgaard or even started any of the Wine Wars quests – not a word to Liam and/or Matilda
    I didn’t go with him to Belgaard, which would have probably fixed my predicament, but said I’d meet him there
    However, he just waked to the nearby quarry and started hammering away on an anvil happy as Larry and every time I talked to him to get a wriggle on back to your home those dastardly bandits so rudely kidnapped you from, he responded with a chipper “See you in Belgaard!”
    Except I didn’t see him in Belgaard and now he isn’t even at the quarry and even after I finished all of the Wine Wars quests he was still not at his spot in the Belgaard forge and I haven’t the foggiest where he ended up.
    So with the few blacksmiths outside of Beauclaire I’m one short and the perfectionist inside me cannot even bare to go to that otherwise highly enjoyable and picturesque vineyard.

    TL;DR – freed the Belgaard blacksmith, said i’d meet him at Belgaard, found him at quarry, forgot about him, disappeared, no Belgaard blacksmith

  67. B

    Am I the only one that after beating blood and wine it won’t let me travel and keeps respawning me.

  68. I

    Warble of a Smitten Knight quest: In the very first challenge a single target in the upper left corner won’t drop, no matter what I do. Anybody else had this?

  69. 1

    Literally all buildings disappeared and won’t come back even after reload

  70. B

    On PS4 cannot complete a contract, the one with the cow which fell from the sky in the quarry. The NPC won’t trigger for the reward, he just says the same line of dialogue.

  71. B

    On PS4, the equine phantoms quest is bugged when we need to help roach investigate. The damn horse is stuck and doesn’t trigger more dialog nor has an X over her head.

  72. B
    Brady Gunther

    I am experiencing the gwent card problem which will not allow me to finish the tournament quest. I have deleted and uninstalled all of my mods and it still won’t fix the issue.

  73. B

    I need help with the gwent bug. I have undownloaded all of my mods and it still will not work. Please help i really want to play gwent Q,Q.

  74. S

    I am unable to enter the closet in the La Cage au Fou quest. I have tried reloading savegame, changing keybinds, delete input.settings. nothing works.
    As it looks right now my main quest is broken.

    Playing on PC, got a couple mods wich are all compatible with the version.

    1. D

      I’m having the same issue….is there a fix for it ???

      1. I

        I have same one.
        even with 1.22 patch it hasn’t been cleansed yet.
        I investiaged everything in that mansion,
        and tried everything I should like you – reinstalling, reloading, deleting mods e.g. – but nothing worked.

        1. I

          Hell i can’t even trigger this mission, i am knocking on the fucking door and no one answers me. I am blocked, can’t advance the main quest WTF. Herpes me. How can i fix this ????

  75. J

    I started the mission ‘Mutual of Beauclair’s Wild Kingdom’ by accident when I was too low a level so I decided to leave it and come back when I was a high enough level. I have just tried the mission again but I can no longer interact with the objects that give you the scent trail so I can no longer continue. Any help please!

    1. J

      By the way, I am on PS4

  76. P

    help, my graphic for the blood and wine quest become blur, please somebody tell me how to fix it..

  77. J

    Missing a lot of shopkeeper NPCs in Beauclair after the main Blood and Wine questline finishes. Can’t collect my rewards from the Camerlengo unfortunately

  78. A

    Not sure if this is a bug. I haven’t played since the end of November, a couple patches were released between that time and the release of Blood and Wine, so I may just have missed something.
    I’m at lvl 68 at the end of NG+ with HoS. I had gone through all undiscovered locations in all accessible parts of the game world. It seems as though a great deal of my previously discovered locations have been reset.(especially on Skellige)
    Anyone aware of something here?
    Didn’t produce anything of significance with a Google search.

  79. W

    In Turn, Turn Tournament, after collecting all the cards, I can’t get in the door to talk to the man and enter the tournament. It just says the door is locked even though we’ve meditated for multiple days, and left the area and returned (both as a fast travel and just walking away then back). I’m playing on PS4.

    1. M

      Yeah I have seen the same issue,there is either a bunch of the unknown areas reset or they added a ton of them,weird..,maybe it will just add a lot more play time,?

  80. G
    Geralt of rivia

    I have a problem that i can’t start a new game plus. Did a duplicate of the last manual save and whenever i start a new game it starts a fresh one. Please help

  81. M

    My gwent cards won’t show any help please?

  82. T

    I have a problem with a main quest. Where children toil, toys waste away, i can’t seem to get the boy to appear, the thugs who are supposed to be there as well, is just walking around the area.

    Do anyone know a solution to this pls?

  83. S

    I am doing the gwent quest, so I entered a pub near the nilfgardian embassy to win the card from the person there. After, when I try to exit, I can’t! ! I am now stuck in the pub and can’t get out

  84. H
    Help me!

    PS 4. Help me! Milton disappeared in beast of beauclair after killing the giant golyat. So can’t follow him to start the main quest! After doing a few side quests, the marker shows him over 400 feet away underground! Also suddenly roach can’t gallop, only canter like when you are in a city!

  85. S

    I cant do any blood and wine quest anymore. Ps4 updated yesterday / witcher updated and now quests just wont be triggered. I cant even speak to regis like my current quest saxs i should

    1. I

      I have the same issue, can’t trigger ANY main our side quests. Help meh good people.

  86. K

    So I am having trouble with the manticore quest. I get to the ruined prison climb up grab the diagram and journal read the journal but the quest doesn’t update. Says I have 0/6 of the manticore but the sword diagram is in my diagram list. Anyone else have this issue and know how to fix it? Ps4.

  87. Y

    My main issue is i can’t do a new game+ with my main save….Put a pre owned mask on when i played the Man of Cintra quest and the option won’t clear and when i try to start a new game+ with that save it says “Game is not complete” when i’ve done every story mission. I can’t get to lvl 100 and make the perfect build.

  88. Z

    I have a glitch during the grandmaster wolven gear where the purple barrier won’t go away from the door after I kill the all the enemies, and get the gear from
    The dead witcher and satchel. Looks to me their could be a wraith or 2
    Glitched in the ceiling but either way it has stopped my game progression and has kept me from completing the games
    DLC. Here is a link to a video I made showing me experiencing the glitch. If anyone has any solutions or is also experiencing this and somehow fixed it please let
    Me know.

    P.s I do not have a previous game save to been stuck in this cave. I didn’t expect the game to
    Glitch, but I should have been smarter and made sure I had a back up save. Only save files o got are of auto saves of me I. The cave. Please somebody heeeeeelp!!!!

  89. D
    Deandre hurst

    Having trouble knocking wicked witch off broom I hit her with everything and even when I finially kill her she still Alvin for some reason

  90. J

    Cant enter iron maiden on “turn and face the strange” mission, have unequipped all my gear but he keeps repeating the same thing about not going in in full gear.

  91. E

    In the beginning of blood and wine we flight Bandits then go to toussaint to fight a giant. The Giants flesh didn’t load only the clothings was visible. And from there I was stuck in the loading screen. And there is no way for me to start blood and wine and I just bought the game 2

  92. J

    Why does it bug out and some points with the infinite loading screen!?!?! Help!!!

  93. C
    Chid chod

    Just played Man from Cintra or something of the sort, went to reequip my armour and my swords… but my swords and crossbow were gone. I wouldn’t really care much, had my AERONDIGHT been lost. My last save before the quest was 5 days ago. I checked the uploaded data too… even older. I plan to play ng+ an aerondight is said to be the best, haven’t seen anyone else with this problem. Armour was there though, would’ve been even more pissed since it’s grandmaster wolven :/

  94. P

    In the quest wine is sacred i cant open the crates in which the barrel tap is suppose to be. tried emptying my mods folder but still nothing.

  95. N

    I know this is an old comment, but there are still people out there just now playing The Witcher 3 for the 1st time and may run into this issue. Just to reassure you that choosing to go with him to Belgaard instead of choosing to meet him there does not in fact alleviate this bug. I did that and he still disappeared. Apparently the only thing people can do is either go back to a save before they rescued him and start the Wine Wars quest and finish it before rescuing him. Or get lucky and do it in that order to begin with. This should have been fixed by CDPR. It is beyond infuriating

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