Gnomish Gwyhyr Steel Sword | The Witcher 3

Gnomish Gwyhyr Magic Steel Sword is a weapon you can craft in The Witcher 3. This is a level 42 sword with two decent stats that contribute towards the critical hit damage.
In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the diagram, what ingredients you need to craft it, as well as its stats.

Gnomish Gwyhyr Witcher Steel Sword

Gnomish Gwyhyr Diagram Location

Take the note “Contract: Imp” from the Notice Board at Hierarch Square in Novigrad. This starts the “Contract: An Elusive Thief” quest. At the end of this quest, you have to let Doppler go (choice: “Gotta leave Novigrad – no excuses”). This causes the quest to end and gives you the diagram as the reward.


  • Magic Steel Sword level 42
  • 329-403 Damage
  • +50% Critical hit damage bonus
  • +5% Critical hit chance
  • +4% Chance to cause bleeding
  • +4% Chance to poison
  • 3x Rune Slots

Crafting Materials

Since this is one of the best weapons in the game, only a Master Blacksmith can craft it.
  • 1x Cured Leather
  • 2x Dimetrium Ingot
  • 2x Monster Blood
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  1. J
    Jason Huang

    For some reason I have this sword already and only at level 10, didn’t notice when I picked it up. Damage isn’t as high as mentioned above but it stood out when it was worth over $700 in sale value. Confused, so I upgrade it or what?

    1. Weapon above is crafted through a diagram, thus its level is set. There are many version of this weapon found in chests around the world. Their level depends on your level. For example if you loot the same chest at different levels you’ll get different level weapons.

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