Harpy Relic Silver Sword | The Witcher 3

Harpy Relic Silver Sword is an item you can craft using a diagram in The Witcher 3. This is a rather powerful sword considering you can acquire it at lower levels.
One of the best weapons, even. The downside is that you have to wait longer to be able to use it, since it requires level 37.

Harpy Witcher 3 Relic Silver Sword

Harpy Diagram Location

  1. Inside a wooden tower in a bandit camp east of the Baron’s compound, northeast of Lindenvale (the closest fast travel point). Remember: if it is not inside the chest, do not loot what you find inside, come back later, once you’ve left the area for a bit.
  2. Inside the cave where the mission Wandering in the Dark with Keira Metz takes place. As you enter the first large room, turn right, jump down and loot the chest.


Considering it has only one additional stat, this is not the best weapon for later on in the game. However, you can find this diagram around level 6, which gives you time to prepare the materials.
  • Relic sword level 37
  • 427-523 Damage
  • +10% Chance to cause bleeding
  • 3x Rune Slots

Crafting Materials

Four types of materials are needed for crafting this weapon. None of them are rare and they are easily obtainable.
  • 1x Leather Scraps
  • 2x Dimeritium Ingots
  • 1x Ruby
  • 2x Monster Saliva
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  1. S

    That chest doesn’t have anything… it is randomized…

    1. Yes it is randomized, but it has a higher chance to give Harpy Diagram than the other chests. If you don’t find it immediately, don’t loot the contents of the chest. Move away from the area and come back. The chest drop should be randomized again.

  2. K

    Hi, i have already looted that site, is there anyway you can show me the location in wandering in the dark to find the digram?


    1. There are a couple of chests inside the cave. The first chest that has a higher chance to give the diagram is right from the ruined bridge inside the cave. Keria Metz tells you to go through the portal, but don’t do it – go for the chest instead.

  3. K

    I actually already completed that quest but didnt open those chest, so those chest are random as well right?

    1. Yes they are, but they have a slightly better chance for the Harpy diagram drop than the others.

  4. K
    Keith Koh

    Thanks again man, I’ll camp there when I have the time, so if it does not give the diagram should I mediate or reload the save?

    1. If you are far away from level 37, you shouldn’t worry about it, some of the random chests might drop it. If you are desperate to find it, you can try with the chest in the cave. The methods above work, but I like the one where I leave the close proximity of the chest and come back for newly spawned loot couple of seconds later.

  5. D

    im level 35 can i still get the sword?

  6. A

    i had no idea this sword was even available to me at level 4. Looted it last night before the Jenny o the woods quest thinking it was just another sword in a chest. Went to look in my inventory and there it was…haha lucky me.

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