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Weeper Relic Silver Sword is one of the best weapons for fighting monsters in The Witcher 3. You’ll need to be at least level 31 to use it. You can find the diagram for crafting it in a couple of places on Skellige Isles. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find the diagram used to craft Weeper, its stats and the materials you’ll need to make it.

Where To Find Weeper Relic Silver Sword

Go to Hindarsfjall, the eastern island. There’s a signpost called Freya’s Garden in the north. A little bit south of it, you’ll find a stone shrine with a chest. It’s guarded by a level 16 Wraith (you can use Yrden to stop it from teleporting). The diagram should show up in the chest – if it doesn’t, don’t take the contents. Instead, leave and come back at a later date.

Another place to find it is on Faroe, the southern island. Go to the Trottheim signpost, then follow the road east. You’ll climb up a mountain, and at the end of the road you’ll find a shrine with discarded weapons and armor. There are three chests on the right side of the plateau – the diagram is in the middle one.

Weeper Stats

You’ll have to be at least level 31 to wield the sword. It does a lot of damage to monsters, has high critical damage and gives more experience when fighting monsters. Here are the exact stats:
  • 369-451 damage
  • +75% critical hit damage
  • +5% chance to dismember
  • +20% experience when fighting monsters
  • Three runestone slots
witcher 3 weeper relic silver sword

Materials Required to Craft Weeper

Most of these materials are dropped by monsters you kill, so make sure you loot all your opponents. Others you can buy or get by dismantling items you don’t need. Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Cured Leather x1
  • Dimetrium Ingot x2
  • Monster Blood x3
  • Monster Claw x1
  • Monster Brain x1
When you have all of these, you’ll have to visit a journeyman blacksmith to finish the deal.

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  1. B
    boo nanners

    i just went to both locations listed, had already looted each of them and i still do not have WEEPER diagram. where else can it be aquired? would hate to miss out on the best weapon of the game

    1. Don’t loot the contents of the chests you are sure have a high possibility of spawning the diagram. The contents of the same chest randomize once you move away from it a bit. Open the chest, check if there is a diagram. If not, move away and come again for possibly new loot.

  2. G

    Maybe its just because i’m playing on the X-Box One but the diagram is at neither site. I havent looted the chests but aiting or going away and coming back makes no difference. The contents never change so the whole “randomisation” thing doesnt seem to be happening.

  3. V

    I found the Weeper sword in a completely different location, came by it in the distillery in the Skellige Isles (On the southeast, between the Palisade and the Grotto). You can come by this location via the quest “Practicum in Advanced Alchemy”, and when in the distillery, climb up the ladder opposite the cave entrance, and climb over where you will see a chest and some bags. The diagram is in the chest.

    1. M

      Also found it here to anyone who lost hope.

  4. S

    I have found a new silver sword With +50 more damage than Mastercrafted ursine silver sword..
    Name’s STEIGER..
    found in Novigrad.. In the house behind triss’

  5. S

    Sry…* Beside.. Southeast bound

  6. O

    I found the Weeper diagram playing the HoS expansion at the very end in the dark world O’Dimm takes you – in the cave where there’s a bunch of coin/misc. loot . This is a last resort for those still looking. However, because of the timed nature of this area, you might not have enough time to grab the Weeper diagram AND also get the Viper silver sword located in the opposite direction. I’d advise going left towards the Viper Silver sword first and then making a beeline to the right side of this environment to the ‘cave of riches’ as I’ll call it. You might be able to get both before time expires. Good Luck!

    P.S. – As its been said, loot seems to be random and I’ll guess level dependent/location dependent? So there’s a chance you will not find it like I did. I’ll guess that there are set areas for a diagram to show up in a chest and its level is random? I need to look into this further. I have the damn C.E. guide, I need to look at it 🙂

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