Black Unicorn Relic Steel Sword | The Witcher 3

Black Unicorn Relic Steel Sword is one of the best weapons for killing humans in The Witcher 3. Only level 46 (or higher) characters can use it, and the diagram for crafting it is hidden near Kaer Morhen. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find the diagram for Black Unicorn, the materials you’ll need to make it and its stats.

black unicorn relic steel sword

Where To Find Black Unicorn

When you get the opportunity to walk abour Kaer Morhen, go to the fast travel signpost. Head south from it until you reach the Signal Tower. Climb the ladder all the way to the top – there will be a couple of chests waiting for you. The diagram for Black Unicorn is in one of them.

Black Unicorn Stats

This relic sword has a high damage output against humans, a decent chance to cause bleeding and added sign intensity. You’ll have to be at least level 46 to use it. Here are its stats:
  • 360-440 damage
  • +10% Aard sign intensity
  • +10% chance to cause bleeding
  • Three runestone slots

Crafting Materials for Black Unicorn

Most of the materials you’ll need can be obtained by dismantling unwanted items and looting corpses. Those that can’t can be bought at shops. Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Leather Scraps x1
  • Dimetrium Ingot x2
  • Ruby Dust x2
  • Monster Saliva x1
  • Sapphire Dust x2
When you’ve gathered all the ingredients, you’ll need to get to a Master Blacksmith to get the job done.

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  1. S

    I went to the signal tower and looted the 4 chests, the one on the bottom floor, one on the 2nd and the two on the top and there was no diagram for the black unicorn :/

  2. T
    That Guy

    Same for me too Spencer. It seems to be randomized but those chests have the best chance.

  3. A
    Another Victim

    And it wasn’t there for me as well, what a joke. Cleared the whole game and couldn’t manage to find the Oathbreaker armor or the Black Unicorn, the two items I wanted most, I’m not even surprised.

  4. T

    you have to be playing in dark mode

  5. T

    you have to be playing in dark mode

    1. J

      whats dark mode?!

  6. J
    Josh Dickinson

    Just got a lvl 24 version from a leshen in the Lord of the wood witcher contract.

  7. D

    i’m level 35 can i still get the sword?

  8. Hi all, I found the diagram for this sword on Ard Skellig, in Kaer Gelen to be more precise.
    It’s at the top of the fort, in the room protected by a level 29 Katakan.

  9. B

    The Tir Tochair Blade does 364-446 damage has 50% crit damage bonus 5% crit chance and 15% chance to cause bleeding and 2 runestones spots, it also requires level 46 and I think it’s better than the unicorn.

  10. M

    I found black unicorn diagram inside kaer morhen castle just entering castle keep where the beds are right after you enter turn right and behind 3 boxes theres a chest or barrel thats where

    1. P

      Confirmed. I also found it in Kaer Morhen stronghold.

    2. B

      umm can you please explain more detailed description of where this chest is… read your post muiltipule time and fail to see any other chest that u have indcated..

  11. N

    Personally I found this in the loot chest near the archas Harissi during the “Missing Miners” witcher contract.

  12. A

    looks shit compared to TW2 version

  13. T

    I checked all the places above and nothing. I eventually found it at Clan Tordarroch Forge in the watery cave. Can’t tell you exactly where as the place is huge. But to get out I had to climb up a bunch of ladders. There are a lot of chests and other things to loot in this area. Not sure if the diagram is always there but I did find it.

  14. G

    There’s no possible way this info is accurate as I’ve had Black Unicorn since at least level 24.

    1. H

      i had that diagram in a chest during a witcher contract the missing brother in a huge cave

    2. N

      Me also, i have a lvl 10 Black Unicorn.

  15. V

    I found it on my first play through. Just saw the name and didn’t realise it was a sword. Thought it was some random diagram for a stuffed unicorn… All I could think was boom chikka wow wow, Yennifer’s going to love this.

  16. K

    I got a lvl17 (also relic) version of this sword in Novigrad lol, was a nice surprise.

  17. C

    Black Unicorn can be found almost anywhere and numerous times
    The best version is the diagram you get from the Dark Legacy quest in the heart of stone DLC

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