Witcher 3 Armor Feline Cat School Gear

Cat School Gear is another witcher armor set that you can acquire through crafting. The diagrams needed for crafting this particular gear set are found in the Novigrad district.
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This set is also called Feline, as all the items carry that name. It contains seven (7) elements. These diagrams represent the armor and weapons of a legendary witcher named Kiyan. In the guide bellow we show you their exact locations, materials needed for crafting and stats.

We have also prepared for you the following guides: UPDATE: A lot has changed with update 1.07. Various weapon and armor requirements were raised, including those for the Cat Gear. We’ve updated the guide with new data, so if the game shows you different level requirements, you’re almost certainly playing an older version.

Find the diagrams for all the elements of Cat School witcher gear.

Feline diagrams are hidden in four locations. Three of these locations hide three (3) diagrams, while the last the remaining four (4). As you collect each diagram you’ll find a book or a letter that reveals the location of the rest of the Cat School gear. Collecting and equipping all elements of one set of witcher gear will give you the achievement Armed and Dangerous.

Important Note: Four of the diagrams are found within a cave in northern Novigrad. In order to enter this cave, you need an item called The Eye of Nehaleni. This item is given to you by Keira Metz at the end of the main quest “Wandering in the Dark”, which is a follow up to the quest “Hunting a Witch”.

Feline silver sword

The diagram for this weapon is found within the ruins of Est Tayiar. These ruins are located in the eastern Novigrad region, northeast of Oxenfurt. There is a hole in the ground where you can jump down. Use the Aard sign on the wall to your right to reveal a hidden room. Loot the items from the corpse. By reading Professor Sigismund Gloger’s notes found there, you’ll reveal the next Feline Diagram location.

Feline steel sword

To find the Feline steel sword diagram, head south from Novigrad, to the Drahim Castle fast travel point. Enter the stone tower and head for the basement. The diagram and another location clue ar at the bottom level.

Feline Crossbow

Head toward the lonely island southwest of Novigrad. There is a sunken ship at this location. Head below deck and loot the chest just next to the wooden stairs.

Feline trousers, gauntlets, boots and armor

You’ll have to work a lot more for these diagrams. Don’t even bother coming here if you haven’t completed the main story quest “Wandering in the Dark”. The item obtained at the end of this quest unlocks the cave entrance.

The cave entrance you want to aim for is found in the northwestern part of Novigrad. There is a hidden path you have to jump on, which takes you to the cave. Open the entrance and keep to your left. Keep going to your left.Eventually, you’ll end up inside a small room with lots of statues. Use the switch found near each of these statues to make them face the center of the room. This action reveals a hidden underground entrance in the middle of the room. Jump into the water and head to the bottom. There is a body with the Laboratory Key on it.Leave this room and go back. Keep to your left side once again. Soon enough, you should reach the closed Laboratory door. Unlock it and head to the enemy called Mad Kiyan, the original owner of the armor set… He is level 17 and likes to parry your attacks, while maintaining Quen shields from time to time. Use the Aard sign and attack him while he is disoriented. Once you kill him, he’ll drop the rest of the Diagrams as well as Moonblade (a relic silver sword).

Witcher Cat / Feline Set Statistics

All items are intended for level 17 characters, except for the crossbow (29). This light armor set increases Armor and Stamina regeneration. Beside the regular stats, there are a couple that stand out. Each part of the set gives plus 5% on attack power. The silver sword gives plus 12% on Aard Sign intensity. In the picture below you can check out all of their stats.

Witcher 3 Feline Armor Set Stats

Materials needed for crafting the Feline Cat gear are as follows:

Most of the required materials can be obtained by dismantling stuff. Once you collect all materials, go to any Blacksmith and Armorer Journeyman. Two of them are located in Novigrad, next to the Hierarch Square fast travel point.

Diagram name (Crafting Price)Materials Needed
Feline crossbow (23)
  • 2x Hardened Timber
  • 1x Monster Bone
  • 1x Monster Hair
  • 1x Wax
  • 1x Dark Iron Ore
Feline Boots (44)
  • 2x Hardened Leather
  • 1x Dark Iron Ore
  • 2x Leather Straps
  • 1x Hardened Timber
  • 2x Monster Eye
Feline armor (119)
  • 1x Shirt
  • 2x Hardened Leather
  • 2x Dark Steel Plate
  • 2x Hardened Timber
  • Powdered Monster Tissue
Feline gauntlets (39)
  • 2x Cured Leather
  • 1x Dark Iron Ore
  • 2x Nails
  • 1x Hardened Timber
  • 2x Monster Tooth
Feline trousers (46)
  • 2x Silk
  • 1x Cured Leather
  • 1x Hardened Timber
  • 4x Leather Scraps
  • 1x Monster Brain
Feline silver sword (65)
  • 2x Leather Straps
  • 2x Silver Ingot
  • 1x Ruby Dust
  • 1x Mosnter Eye
Feline steel sword (39)
  • 1x Leather Straps
  • 4x Iron Ingot
  • 1x Ruby Dust
  • 1x Monster Saliva
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  1. W

    Where can i find WAX and monster eye? i tried to dismantle hardened letter but there is no wax (yet it says wax needed to craft hardened letter ?)

    1. Q

      wax from dismantling wax, monster eye from nekker eyes iirc

    2. Z

      You dismantle it from candles or from buying it from your common vendor (some have it, some don’t). The armorer in Mulbrydale has it for sure though.

  2. D
    dylan nungesser

    Where do you get powdered monster tissue?

    1. J

      You can dismantle spectre dust, which is pretty common. You might be able to dismantle other monster parts/dusts to get there but that’s how I get it.
      Look to dismantle/craft things when you don’t have them in your inventory, and keep most of the crafting components you find. They don’t weight much, are hard to find and expensive to buy.

    2. P

      dismantel specter tissue

  3. S

    Where can i find monster tooth?

    1. P
      Paulo Conde

      Basically from any monster with fangs. For exemple: you drop Nekker’s Teeth then go to a blacksmith and dismantle it.

  4. E
    el deivi

    Where can I find ruby or ruby dust?

    1. A

      You can find ruby dust from the blacksmith in Novigrad west of the St. Gregory’s Bridge, by the merchants

  5. B

    i killed Mad Kiyan easily at level 11. I threw a coupled of enhanced dragon dream bombs on him, used Axxi to stun him, and then attacked. Not sure why but Geralt did a special attack and the fight was over.

    1. J

      What difficulty are you on for fighting mad Kayan?

  6. C

    Where can i find dark steel plate

  7. A

    how do I get thru the purple portal/ doorway in the drahim castle cavern? its just not allowing me to pass. I only have 6/7 of the cat witcher gear. where is the 7th? I am only level 14

  8. G

    where can ı find dark steel ıngot

  9. C

    where do I find this, where do I find that FFS USE YOUR HEAD FOR MORE THAN A PAPERWEIGHT.. srsly.. it’s not hard to figure out, wax comes from candles, teeth come from fangs OMG srsly you ppl are stupid.. this game is by no means hard to work out, look in your crafting screen it tells you what you need, and when dismantling stuff it shows you what you get.. if you can’t work that out go play something that doesn’t require actual thinking

    1. W

      Where can I find the best armor?

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