Destiny 2 Getting Mic Drop Emote In Curse of Osiris DLC

The launch trailer for Curse of Osiris, the first expansion for Destiny 2, has been released. The DLC is going to be available in several hours, and the video will help you while away the time. It shows off some of the new locations, activities, Crucible maps, weapons and armor. Most importantly, though, it shows off the new Mic Drop emote. Don’t pretend that’s not the thing you’re most excited about.

destiny 2 mic drop emote
Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Launch Trailer

It starts off with Ikora explaining the problem. There’s been a development, she says, and said development includes a plague of Vex upon the sun-soaked surface of Mercury. We can’t have none of that, now can we? That’s why you’re going to head there, smack some robots around and look for Osiris, who is, by the way, supposed to be the guardianest of all the guardians. After you, of course.

After giving you a glimpse of some grand vistas and gold-plated Vex, the trailer starts listing all the new activities that await. It’s going to have a new story, told through a batch of missions, several new strikes (both on Mercury and the old planets) and some Crucible maps. It doesn’t pass up the opportunity to show off the Selfie emote, which is just about the only way to take a look at the front of your head without going into a menu.

If you want to gawk at some of the new armor sets, you’ll have to be quick and pause at just the right time. God forbid they give you more than half a second per set. The same goes for ships. Weapons and sparrows weren’t showcased, but we have no doubts about their presence in the DLC.

Finally, there’s the Eater of Worlds raid lair, which seems to be another area of the Leviathan, accessible through the Leviathan as a mini-raid for people who can’t muster up the time to play the bigger version.

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