gta 5 peyote location

GTA 5 Peyote plant locations

Peyote is a small white plant scattered across the map of San Andreas. It’s hard to spot it, but you’ll hear a specific sound when in close vicinity to it. After consuming this plant your character will start hallucinating and you will be transformed into a random animal such as chicken, deer, seagull, hawk, crow, […]
GTA-V-Dualshock-features Image

GTA V Dualshock features

Rockstar Games keeps piling on the good news containing new features of GTA V new-gen console release. Recently, they’ve published a video regarding the all-new First Person Viewpoint, and looks like it doesn’t stop there as the Dualshock technology gets support in the gameplay. Switching weapons and radio stations will be a lot easier with […]

Character progress will be transferable

With the upcoming GTA V release for PS4, Xbox One and PC the fans are wondering whether they’ll be able to transfer their characters and progression from the old-gen consoles to the new ones? The answer to this question is yes, but it will be available on a later date, says Rockstar on their official […]
GTA V Feature Image

GTA V new content for returning players

If you own PS3 or Xbox 360 GTA V version, and plan to return when the new-gen or PC version comes out, you’re in for a big surprise by Rockstar Games. The content list prepared for the returning players keeps getting longer, as the developers have more surprises in store in the following days. New […]
GTA 5 Character skills

Character skills in GTA 5

While playing GTA 5 you can level up 8 character skills - Stamina, Shooting, Strength, Stealth, Flying, Driving, Lung Capacity, and Special. In this guide you'll discover the main role of each skill and the easiest way to upgrade it.
GTA V Feature Image

GTA V will be 1080p on PS4

Great news for PS4 players, as GTA V resolution is reported to be 1080p in the article in the Official PlayStation Magazine. With about a month from the release of GTA V on new generation consoles, the article still doesn’t reveal the FPS of the game that will be running on 1920 x 1080 resolution. […]
San Andreas Anniversary Weekend Image

San Andreas Anniversary Weekend starts today

GTA 5 fans will be happy to hear that, starting today, Rockstar games celebrates Anniversary Weekend. Celebrating 10 years since the launch of San Andreas, the players will be gifted with double RP and double GTA $. The promotion features a 50% discount on BMX bikes, bandanas, green clothing, a 25% discount on vehicle suspension […]