Red Dead Redemption 2 Rhodes Gunsmith – Basement Prisoner

Rhodes gunsmith basement captive is one of the side business robberies in Red Dead Redemption 2. Unlike the others, there’s little financial incentive to complete this one, but sheer curiosity will push you to investigate further. A lot of players have spotted the boy in the basement, being held prisoner and forced to wear a sailor suit. If you’re one of them, and you’re wondering how to rescue the boy, you’ll be happy to hear our Red Dead Redemption 2 Rhodes gunsmith basement prisoner guide will explain the whole thing.

How to rescue basement captive from Rhodes gun shop in RDR2?

First of all, you’ll need to talk to the prisoner. When standing in front of the gun shop, go around it to the right. You’ll see a basement window a bit above ground, and the captive will call you over. Talk to him and he’ll tell you the gunsmith has him chained to the bed. He’ll beg you to set him free.

Once you’re done talking, go into the shop and focus on the gunsmith. Pull out your gun, then select the option to rob basement. He’ll lead you down the stairs into the cell, where you’ll get the entire sad story if you’re willing to listen. Shoot the chain holding the boy, and he’ll be able to leave.

red dead redemption 2 how to rescue prisoner from rhodes gunsmith basement

After you’re done listening to the two, you can grab anything you want from both the basement and the shop without worrying about bounty. There’s a Lancaster Repeater in the basement, along with some useless stuff. You can also rob the register and nobody will care. You’ll probably feel at least a bit dirty for doing so – this is genuinely one of the game’s saddest and most disturbing stories, and it’s hard not to feel sorry for everyone involved.

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    But we can’t use guns in Rhodes


      You’ll have the “aim weapon” option while in the gunsmiths store


      Well I stumbled on the kid first and I tried to get the rob basement and wouldn’t pop up. So went out came back in and guess double tapped R2 and shot the Gunsmith he ran off but nothing happend so I went and got a room went bk in morning he was back and finally did it lol without even restarting after shooting him in gut the day before. To beat it all I killed the gunsmith with a knife also and nothing happend as far as law lol. I went bk waited for morning and there was a guy on the porch shot another guy by accident that’s when I went bknin and robbed basement. I just xant believe the law didnt come after me when I killed him with knife and then waited til morning shot him in gut and then next day after renting room he was back lol


    My question is whete does the kid go? I wasny able to catch up to him to talk and now i lost him


    Taking anything upstairs is still considered robbery. Some guy walked in as I was opening the register -after business hours, too! – and before I could even get to the door I had a $15 bounty. A hoard of lawmen spawned, tackled and killed Arthur even though he never drew his weapon. ‘Surrender’ my asterisk.


    he wont spawn for me


    Hey, as I thought I could not use weapons in Rhodes, I left the prisoner in the basement for later and now he is dead. Can I still enter the basement ?

    Angel Mendoza

    This worked for me when I dawned a mask in the store, only then I was able to draw a weapon.

    Jim Sandy

    Ha ha ha, I listened to the sob story and shot the kid.

    Jack Hindall

    The boy is dead. Can I still get in the basement?


    @Jack Hindall: I am having the same problem…


    I freed the boy from the basement but then I loaded up a save from right before I saved him and now it says hes dead and I can’t do it…


    I saved the kid then hogtied the gunsmith and tried taking him to the sheriff’s office but he just disappeared off my shoulder.

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