AC Valhalla Adze Third Clue Location - Watermill Clue

Adze is one of the members of the Order of The Ancients in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. They’re a Warden of Law, and one of the first ones you’ll have to deal with. Getting the second clue is no trouble at all, but the third and final one is a bit tough – the game points you towards a watermill, but that’s not all there is to it. If you’re struggling with it, this guide will show you AC Valhalla Adze third clue location.

ac valhalla adze third clue location watermill
AC Valhalla Adze Third Clue Location – Watermill Clue

Second clue location – drinking champion in Roman ruins

The first clue is clear – defeat the drinking champion found in the Roman ruins within Ledecestre town in Ledecestrescire. All you have to do is head on over to Ledecestre and look for a map icon of two crossed horns. Go there and complete the drinking mini-game. When you win, your opponent is going to give you the second clue.

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Third clue location – watermill south of Tonnastadir hamlet

This is where the trouble starts. The second clue tells you to investigate the watermill just south of Tonnastadir hamlet in western Ledecesterscire. It’s technically correct – you do need to find the watermill to find the clue, it’s just that the clue isn’t at the watermill.

Go to Tonnastadir, then follow the road south, past Lyftmere’s Pond. Keep going until you reach the watermill. You can’t miss it – it’s by the road, and it’s pretty massive.

ac valhalla adze where to find third clue

Once you’re standing next to it, head northwest. There’s a house up the hill there. Enter it and head right. The third clue will be on the pile of rugs in the corner.

Finding it will reveal the Adze’s identity and location. She’s one of the easiest members of the Order you’ll deal with – you won’t have to fight dozens of guards, and you can sneak up to her quickly and easily.

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  1. K
    Kallie Richardson

    I searched so long north east of that watermill that i thought there was a huge glitch in my game but i found (after searching every house north of the mill) it finally in q house north west of the miss slightly west but certainly not east ….. thank you for this post tho becuz even tho i struggled a bit i probably never would have found it without help and i frequently read these when im having a tough time finding something this is the first one i havent found by following these posts …. just thought id leave this in case someone was having trouble like i did…

  2. H

    It seems mine is bugged out despite the massive update. At first I thought I was just stupid even after following all the guides (which isn’t the first time I was). But not this time. My clue is genuinely not there. And I can’t find her at the docks of Repton to bypass the clue like I could with the Orlog game clue (as I’m BAD at it). Sometimes it won’t show up to assassinate but I could pick them out using my bow (then only one with a health bar). But nope. Still nothing. I guess 100% completion is off the table until Ubisoft gets their crap together…

    1. S

      Yep, same issue, can’t find clue.
      Can’t finish The Lathe and The Adze.

      1. B

        Got cweronric down the path the guide told u to go

  3. B

    Its at cweronric the guide shouldve said the name of the town its in house on the edge of town w a small chest nearby

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