Black Stout Legendary Animal AC Valhalla DLC Wrath Of The Druids

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Black Stout Legendary Animal in the Wrath of the Druids DLC is a powerful and frightening weapon that you have to defeat in order to get the Bone Sickle. That’s a new weapon type in the DLC, so that’s cool in and off itself. More importantly, you need to get it in order to obtain one of the new trophies. To top it off, it’s a cool fight. With all of that said, in our Black Stout Legendary Animal AC Valhalla DLC Wrath Of The Druids guide, we’ll show you where to find the Black Stout and how to kill it.

black stout legendary animal ac valhalla dlc wrath of the druids
Black Stout Legendary Animal AC Valhalla DLC Wrath Of The Druids

Where to Find Black Stout Legendary Animal in AC Valhalla DLC

To find the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla DLC Black Stout legendary animal, you need to go to the northeast corner of Connacht. It’s in that little corner just north of Meath and south of Ulster. The place you’re looking for is called Black Pig’s Dyke. Once you get there, you’ll be faced with a truly huge ravine that’s simply lousy with wooden stakes. Slide to the bottom and go to the very center of the area. That’s where you’ll face off against a truly enormous black boar with comically large tusks. As you can probably guess, that’s ole Black Tusk, and your job is to bring it down.

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ac valhalla black stout legendary animal location wrath of the druids dlc
Black Stout location

How to Kill Black Stout Legendary Animal

To kill the Black Stout legendary animal in AC Valhalla, you need to focus on its legs. They are a weak spot, and hitting them will make the pig fall down, leaving it wide open for punishment delivery. so, the recommended approach would be to dodge the boar’s attacks (be especially mindful of the sweeping tusk attacks) and then shoot at its legs at every opportunity. When you manage to make it fall, get a few good hits in, step back, then rinse and repeat. A few well-placed parries would also not go amiss, if you’re confident in your skills. Either way, once you defeat the Black Stout, you’ll get the Bone Sickle, as well as some other rewards.

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