Evinghou Tower AC Valhalla Wealth Locations - Artifact, Hidden Chest

AC Valhalla Evinghou Tower is a location in central Oxenefordscire and it houses several wealth “stashes,” including an artifact, a hidden chest, and much more. All of them are pretty well-hidden, behind various barricades that you have to figure out how to remove. It can be a headache, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In our Evinghou Tower AC Valhalla Wealth Locations – Artifact, Hidden Chest guide, we’ll show you where to find and how to get them all.

evinghou tower ac valhalla wealth locations artifact hidden chest
Evinghou Tower AC Valhalla Wealth Locations – Artifact, Hidden Chest

Evinghou Tower Artifact Location AC Valhalla

The location of the Roman artifact in AC Valhalla Evinghou Tower is near the hay cart that you land in after synching with the tower’s fast travel point. It’s on the west side of the tower’s base, for reference. To the right of the hay cart (see screenshots for reference), there’s a niche in the cliff that you can climb into. Once you get up there, go left and squeeze through the crack. Drop to the level below and shoot all the pottery through the bars.

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Now, double back towards the haystack and look to the right for the blocked doorway. You can now push the shelves away, since you’ve cleared up all the pottery. The Evinghou Tower artifact is on the sarcophagus on the left, along with some other stuff.

Where to Find AC Valhalla Evinghou Tower Wealth Location

To find the wealth in Evinghou Tower in AC Valhalla, once again, you have to start from the hay cart on the west side of the tower. Immediately next to it, there’s a tree leaning over the edge of the cliff. Walk onto the bough juts out the farthest, and look to your right. You’ll spot a window blocked by planks; if you use Odin’s Vision, you’ll see that there’s an enemy behind it. So, use your arrows to break the barricade, and hop in. Defeat the Goliath and loot the body. Boom, the Evinghou Tower Wealth is yours. Just be careful, because the Goliath can be pretty tough. Also, don’t forget to loot everything else in the room.

Secret Chest Location Evinghou Tower Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The location of the secret chest in AC Valhalla Evinghou Tower is behind a statue in the courtyard. By courtyard, I mean the circular area with the large cooking pot in the middle. There’s some scaffolding next to the pot, and under them, there’s a red oil urn. Pick it up, and head to the statue opposite the scaffolding. Place the urn on the rubble behind the statue, and shoot it with your bow. Or, you know, just chuck it, that works too. When the flames burn out, jump into the hole and open the chest. We found a bunch of leather and iron ore inside, so that’s nice.

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