View Above All AC Valhalla quest – Close Door Bug solution

View Above All is the first quests you’ll come across in Asgard during your Assassin’s Creed Valhalla journey. This is a quite simple, straight forward quest, where your objective is to reach the Great Hall, where you’ll meet Thor. There will be some Jotunheim enemies as well, but you don’t have to fight any of them. You can just run straight ahead and close the gate to Jotunheim. Unfortunately, during this quest a lot of players reported a huge bug that stops them from progressing further through the story and close gate to Jotunheim.

ac valhalla View above all close door bug
View Above All Quest – Close Door Bug Solution

AC Valhalla View Above All Quest – How to Close Door to Jotunheim

During the objective “Close the gate to Jotunheim” you will reach a bugged door that you can’t close. If you are experiencing an issue during this step, you’ll not be able to proceed with the mission. Luckily for you we found several solutions that will help you solve this problem.

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  1. Disable Hold Alternative in your Settings menu and see if you can get the door to close successfully. To find this option, go to: Options > Interface > General Tab > Set “Hold Alternative” to “Off”
  2. Load from a previous save to see if the door will close properly. Maybe you didn’t know that during your playtime, there will be several auto saves. Go to Load Game screen and select “Exclusive quest” save from the previous saved game.

Once you complete this mission, the second quest will guide you to the well where you’ll face the hardest puzzle in the game – Unseal the well. You’ll have to point light beams between sunstones, but it won’t be an easy task. Our guide Unseal The Well AC Valhalla – Well Traveled Quest Puzzle Solution will give you detailed instructions on how to complete this puzzle.

If you need help with anything else in the game, we've got a metric ton of other guides for you to check out. For example, we've written AC Valhalla Hidden Ones Armor Set Locations - Ratae Bureau Armor & Londinium Bureau Key for quest A Brief History of The Hidden Ones, that will reward you with the Hidden Ones armor. We can also help with whether you want to let Rued Live or Die - Kill or Spare Rued Choice Consequences, or who to give silver to in AC Valhalla War Weary quest , and a well hidden AC Valhalla Comb location for Bil Maiden's Missive Rygjafylke World Event. Puzzle that caused us big problems was Unseal The Well during the quest Well Traveled. And, yes, we do have many more coming, stay tuned.

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  1. Y

    dosen’t work im still stuck at this shit mission

    1. D

      I’m stuck too. This is bs

    2. E
      Ethan OLeal

      I’m still stuck too and my game didn’t auto save for 4 hours so I don’t have a previous auto save…

    3. J

      Every one of my saves is in Asgard and I cant get out. I’ve completed everything there is to do in Asgard, this game is garbage.

    4. H
      Have you figured it out yet?

      Have you figured it out yet?

      1. N

        How do you get out of it

    5. J

      You have to be the one that kills the big dude and you have to close the door right afterwards it will work

  2. K
    Kimberly Ross

    Yup doesn’t work. This is seriously stupid.

    1. J

      I’m playing this on Xbox one and mine will not work either I’ve tried going into settings and doing what was asked I’ve tried reloading everything still stuck does not go past this at all and now I can’t get back to my previous game I’m so pissed right now because I’m 27 hours in and I can’t even play it.

  3. R

    Same still stuck with no way to progress or fix

  4. J

    I found that I had to kill the main boss myself, if anyone else killed him it would bug out. redid this almost 15 times

  5. B
    Brad Harvey

    Any Fix yet? still stuck for me

    1. D
      David c

      I went around the mountain by way of the steps (after passing all enemies). Then climbed down the rock and closed the door.

      1. M

        This works indeed

      2. M

        This worked you f**King beaut!! Don’t touch anyone just RUN THROUGH!!

      3. R

        This. Freakin. Works.

      4. S
        Sara V

        Omg this worked! Thank you so much!

      5. K

        Omg yes ty sooooo much xx.

      6. A
        Andrew Petersen

        So stoked.
        Got real pissed when I ran into the door bug, then found this method and it worked right away. Don’t attack anyone but if you get hit don’t worry.

      7. P

        You’re a legend!!

      8. J

        Just stumbled upon this after getting frustrated AF. Defeated everyone nothing. Do it your way first try ?. Thanks dude!

      9. D

        Thank you, the stair tip worked for me

  6. P
    Paul fallon

    More bugs in this game than I’m a celebrity get me out of here stupid gate still won’t close no matter what I do

  7. S
    safwat salah

    i got same shit dosent work and the is cow bug too i think there is a lot of bugs

  8. D
    Dave w

    I had to start mission again and ran straight threw everyone and around the rock to top of door dropped down and it closed, give it a go

    1. P

      Worked after 3rd try thanks

    2. A

      Worked for me. Jeeze that was a bad bug

    3. M
      Mike F

      Yes this works. No idea why!

    4. M
      Michael j

      Omg yess… don’t touch any enemy or get hit by them
      I went up the left side waited for the main boss to leave and closed the door !!

    5. R
      Robin L

      You sure are a legend… I was so pissed off with this bug and literally solved in a matter of minutes. Thank you.

  9. M

    This is doing my head in, surely this should have been fixed by now. Went back to saved game at the start of the mission, ran all the way trough without killing anyone until I got to the boss. Once I killed him the door would shut for me.

    1. A

      Thank you, wokt it!!!

    2. J

      Worked for me too, thanks mate

    3. J

      I defeated everyone, boss included tried a both suggestions. Still wont work.

  10. R

    Ended up restarting the mission. I ran straight to the door and defeated the big boss. After that, I was able to close the door.

    The 1st time I tried this I picked up a few of the golden objects. Maybe that is why the game froze up?

  11. C
    Clinton Evans

    DO NOT, repeat DO NOT collect any Wealth Chests, Reloaded and ran straight there without collecting and it worked for me, no idea why but i think getting the Wealth bugs out the cut scene

  12. A
    Azwaz Maiklem

    To fix this problem ignore all troops on bridge when u get to boss kite away from door lose aggro go open door thank me later

  13. O
    Oliver queen

    This works perfectly !!!!
    Don’t kill any of that blue enemies go climb around the mountain and close the gate. It will close

  14. A

    Tried the first one didn’t work, but going back to the mission save did work! Thank you for this article seriously ♥️

  15. V
    Victor Vialva

    Tried this multiple times, multiple ways…still will not work. Killed everyone. Killed no one. Killed just the boss. My last manual save was yesterday. Looked on the forums,no luck. This is ridiculous.

  16. L

    All I did was create manual save at the door and just loaded it in and it fixed the problem for me.

  17. R

    ***** Attention ******
    For anyone who is still struggling with the door bug, nothing worked for me until I did the following…. go to the load game menu. Scroll down with R stick until you find the earliest Asgard save point available. Run across the bridge without fighting, move up and around the mountain to the left. Once at the top cross over to the rights side and climb down to the door. Do not fight the big spear guy if at all possible. Open the door. This worked for me after about 2 hours of trying, loading and reloading. Good luck fellow assassins!

    1. F

      Thank u This really works.

    2. J

      This worked!! After all the suggestions this actually worked. Thank you kind internet stranger!!

    3. G

      I dont have any previous saves before the door, because I tried all these other things and all my saves are at the door.

  18. E

    Iv done the first mission but iv got to defensive measures and I can’t do it my lever is way to low I shouldn’t even be on this yet. I have no save files to get out of Asgard I’m stuck and I don’t know what to do iv had 2 days off it made me that angry ? anyone know how I can get out of here ??

  19. A
    Ac fan

    Tried both of these methods, still stick.

  20. J

    I love the game but i hated this mission from beginning to end, the npc’s suck, the travel distance on foot sucks and the bug sucks.

  21. T

    Run over bridge, run left to the top and drop down to close door worked.
    Had to reload 3 times because I wasn’t “far enough” back in the quest.
    Lvl 51 passed with no issues.

  22. K

    Holy cow after hours and hours of trying I did this I completely started it over from the beginning ran straight through did not fight any of the bosses or any of the fighters went up around the side steps on the left all the way to the top jumped down to the bottom of the door and I was able to close it thank you so much

    1. C

      Been stuck for days tried this and it worked thank god

  23. L
    Levi Thomas

    I’ve tried numerous different things and as of November 28th this bug hasn’t been fixed. Paid a $100 for a game riff with so many bugs and glitches. Ubisoft definitely sh*t the bed with this one. I shouldn’t have to go on a forum to find a way past a glitch. Fix the god damn game!!!

  24. V

    I have tried so many different «fixes» and I just found out I had to hold the interact button a shit long time… hope this can help others.

    1. C
      Calum Troy

      Thank u so much bro, my game didn’t even show a “hold triangle to interact” message, and if I hadn’t seen this comment I would’ve never got past it, thank u my g

  25. C

    I f*cking tried for an hour. I started up from the beginning once where we all go to the gate to battle and close. As many said i didnt kill anyone and took the left stair. What was different then other reloaded games was the Blue icon on the door who was there now. As everyone said climbed down, didnt kill the Big Boss but could close the door, f*cking finally..!

  26. G

    Read your tips and gotit done. Thank you.

  27. T

    Try your very last auto save it should take you back to the mission allowing the door prompt. It worked for me

  28. T

    If last save do not work go to the one before bridge, just after they command you to go close gate.

  29. L

    Tried running w/o killing & climbing down. Nothing happens when I try to close the door, just says hold triangle to close the door. Been trying for close to a week, and slowly losing patience. Even tried leaving the animus, changing to opposite character, still nothing.

    1. J

      Same here. I really don’t want to start all over. Fix this please. Did all the steps, and everything else and still nothing.

  30. C

    I had same problem. Finally got past it. What I did was start the mission without fighting anyone. Just run all the way thru it. And do not take the portals. Go straight to the door and close it. It worked for me. Hope this helps.

  31. F

    Thanks a lot it work

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