AC Valhalla Kill or Spare Norse Warrior - Uninvited Guests - Dag Choice

Uninvited Guests is a quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It begins after you unlock East Anglia, and involves an unpleasant conversation with Dag, where you’ll probably have trouble picking how to respond. It moves onto an attack on your village, after which you need to decide what to do with the sole surviving attacker. Our AC Valhalla kill or spare norse warrior guide will show you what happens when you pick each of these options, as well as how to navigate Dag dialogue choices.

ac valhalla kill or spare norse warrior uninvited guests quest dag dialogue choice
AC Valhalla Kill or Spare Norse Warrior – Uninvited Guests – Dag Choice

Free him or kill him – what to do with norse warrior?

After your warriors have captured the surviving attacker, Dag will bring him to you and Randvi. He’ll resist interrogation, not offering any useful info no matter what you ask him. You’ll then have to choose to either kill or free him. Here’s what happens when you choose each option:

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  • Kill him: He dies, obviously. Dag is happy, thinking this is what Sigurd would’ve wanted. Randvi is not – she wanted to release him and sends scouts to follow him and learn more about his clan.
  • Free him: (SPOILERS) Just as you let him go and he starts walking away, Randvi says she’ll send some scouts to tail him. Dag isn’t happy about the outcome, so he takes his axe and buries it in the man’s back. So he dies this way too, except Dag is happy now, and Randvi is furious with him, not you.

Dag dialogue choices

Before the attack, you’ll perform a speech in the longhouse, and Dag will keep interrupting with snide remarks. At a couple of points, the game will offer you the chance to choose your retorts. The atmosphere is tense – maybe you want to cool things down, maybe you want to provoke Dag into attacking you so you can slaughter him without losing reputation. Either way, you’ll probably want to know what happens with each choice, so here they are:

  • Sigurd would celebrate my achievements. You say how his achievements don’t diminish those of the rest of the clan, then commend their bravery.
  • I do not claim to be Sigurd’s equal. You tell him you won’t downplay your own triumphs, and you hope glory find all those who deserve it.
  • Silence, Dag. You tell him to shut up and ask whether he’d prefer bloodshed instead of the peace you have now. He insults you, you insult him back.

And after a while, he keeps pushing and getting in your face with accusations again, so you have another choice to make:

  • I have earned my own glory. You tell him you’ve no doubt about how well-earned your glory is, then the attack starts.
  • You are talking nonsense. You ask him whether you’ve done something to provoke his anger, but as he starts to answer, the attack starts.
  • Let us enjoy the feast. You say that if he isn’t drunk, he should be – it’s a feast, after all.

No matter which answers you choose in both of these, you won’t get the chance to fight Dag as the raid begins and you have to defend the village.

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