AC Valhalla Njord's Lament World Event - Asgard Mysteries

Njord’s Lament world event in AC Valhalla is one of several Asgard Mysteries that you can find and solve in the game. It requires you to figure out where to find Njord, and then what you’re supposed to do with him. He’s a drunken, blubbering mess, and the clues he gives you are scarce. That’s where we come in. In our AC Valhalla Njord’s Lament World Event – Asgard Mysteries guide, we’re going to show you where to find Njord, as well as how to complete his world event.

ac valhalla njords lament world event asgard mysteries
AC Valhalla Njord’s Lament World Event – Asgard Mysteries

Where to Find Njord in AC Valhalla

To find Njord in AC Valhalla, you first have to complete some of the main missions in Asgard. The Mysteries and other world events won’t unlock until you do these main quests. Just keep pushing through, then synch and check the map every so often. Same goes for Audumbla the primordial cow. Once you do that, command a boat and head to the small island northeast of Heimdall’s Tower. You’ll find Njord there, lamenting over Skadi and her lust over his perfect legs. In case you’re wondering, yes, that absolutely does happen in Norse mythology. Read up on it, it’s wild.

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How to Complete Njord’s Lament World Event – AC Valhalla Asgard Mysteries

To complete the Njord’s Lament world event in AC Valhalla, walk him to your boat. Then, steer to the southeast, just to the left of the huge rock jutting out of the water. As you approach the opposite shore, you’ll see two braziers burning there. Use them as your guide, and make landfall right between them. After you disembark, so will Njord, and then proceed to swim into the ocean. You can follow along with him if you want to hear what he has to say, but the world event ends when both of you exit the boat.

asgard mystery world event njords lament ac valhalla solution
Take Njord to the southeast, to the two braziers

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