AC Valhalla Randvi Romance Consequences - Taken for Granted

Randvi AC Valhalla romance can have consequences way down the line, even the kind of ending you get, depending on your other choices. So, you have to be extremely careful with your relationshim with Randvi in Asassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s not just a matter of moral integrity, but how the game’s story will ultimately unfold. So, to help you out, here’s our AC Valhalla Randvi Romance Consequences guide.

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ac valhalla randvi romance consequences taken for granted
AC Valhalla Randvi Romance Consequences – Taken for Granted

Randvi AC Valhalla

The Randvi AC Valhalla romance can have long-reaching consequences, depending on your choices. After all, as you know by know, Randvi is your brother’s wife. That in and off itself makes things weird, right? More importantly, however, the choice can affect the ending that you get. The short story is: don’t do it yet. The right moment comes later. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

  • I feel the same way – Eivor professes their feelings to Randvi, and they make love after a little more chatter. Sigurd will eventually find out about this, and that counts as a choice against him. If you make enough of these, it’ll affect the ending of the story. I won’t tell you what happens here, but suffice to say, it’s kinda the “bad ending.” But if you wait a while, you’ll get the chance to hook up without guilt.
  • Now is not the right time – Eivor acknowledges mutual feelings, but basically says that they should wait. Mind you, there’s still the option to hook up with her, but Sigurd will still find out. That said, later on in the main story (SPOILERS AHOY), Sigurd and Randvi in AC Valhalla will break up. If you get with her after that happens, there will be no strike against you.
  • I care for you as a friend – Eivor gently refuses Randvi, but they still remain friends. While this is an outright rejection, unlike the previous option, that still doesn’t mean that you can’t hook up later. Just be careful about the timing to not anger Sigurd. Wait until they (SPOILERS) break up.

And, there you have it, those are the consequences of your potential romance with Randvi in AC Valhalla. TL;DR – hold your horses. If you’re feeling randy for Randvi, there will be a time for that.

AC Valhalla Taken for Granted

The Taken for Granted quest in AC Valhalla is where the potential romance with Randvi blossoms. It begins by you talking to her about Grantebridge, then taking her there, to the longhouse. So that’s a fun romp. Then, you go and take out some bandits together, doing a solid for Magni. Once that’s out of the way, you and Randvi get white-girl-wasted and ride of to the Sunken Tower. You learn more about her as a person, including her overall dissatisfaction with life and being married off to Sigurd. That’s where the AC Valhalla Randvi romance choice comes into play.

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  1. T

    I found this comment about as useful as all the others just like it. No detailing when this quest comes up exactly. I’ve done the grandteshire (sp?) quest and gotten the settlement to level three but haven’t finished the ragnarsons quest yet. Randvi has made no romantic move towards me nothing besides showing me the alliance map. When exactly is this supposed to happen.

    1. R

      It triggers after completing 3 different pledge arcs, one of which must be the east anglia arc. The next time you talk to randvi you should then have the option other than seeing the alliance table and that convo option starts the taken for granted quest. Not sure if settlement status has an impact on it triggering.

      1. K

        False i did this before i even pledged to east Anglia.

        1. K
          Kyle Badillo

          It’s when your settlement reaches level 3. I’m not wrong. This is how you get the option.

        2. N
          Nicholas Simms

          Same way before East Anglia.

    2. K

      It happens after you take East Anglia.

      1. J
        Jeffrey Ramsaur

        I didn’t get this when my settlement reached level 3. I got this when i got my 3rd pledge and my settlement was at level 5 at the time.

    3. N

      It pop up for me after my village was lvl 4 and I had finished Lundun

    4. M

      When you talk to her there is a second option
      if you cant find this wait for lunden arc

  2. L

    when does the second chance to be with randvi come? She has broken up with Sigurd but when I talk to her I can only chose the alliance map

    1. A
      Alex Harris

      I have the same question. Have you romanced any other characters in the settlement? I’m wondering if you get locked out from Randvi if you do

      1. M

        I’m having the same issue. I romanced Petra early in the game then broke up with her before the end. Sigurd and Randvi are no longer together, but I can’t seem to be able to romance her. It only lets me look at the alliance map. I chose the ‘now isn’t a good time’ option so I don’t think that had anything to do with it but idk

        1. M

          Update: there’s a quest you unlock by walking by the blacksmith after you pacify all of England where you marry Brigid and Gunner that unlocks the Ranvdi romance. I don’t know if it only works if you chose the ‘now isn’t a good time’ option, but it wraps it up very sweetly and is very satisfying.

        2. N
          Nicholas Simms

          I’ve got Randvi and Petra on the hook at the same time. Started with Petra but now have both.

        3. A

          I choose first option
          Can I broke with her and romance her after she broke with sigurd?

    2. L

      When does she break up with sigurd?

  3. T

    If I break up with her before Sigurd finds out will it still count to the bad ending

    1. K

      I need to know this as well

      1. J

        I ALSO need to know this! Can I break up with Randvi to change the outcome with Sigurd????

        1. M

          Can someone friggin reply this!?

          1. J

            Hello I need to know if I split up with her before sigurd finds out what happens

          2. R


      2. T
        Tawnie Braken

        I chose this path and he finds out about it and counts it against you. It shows the initial kiss at the tower when he tells you about it. Even if you break it off he knows. I broke it off right away and went for Petra and was with Petra. Doesn’t matter, Sigurd knows.

  4. A

    I just waited for them to break up after the journey back to Norway and then did this quest right after. Randvi even makes a comment on the break up when you talk at the tower. everything works fine so far.

  5. J

    If I accidentally for say… Get together with Randvi too early, is it safe to break up with her and then get back together when the time is right? Or am I f*ed

    1. T

      You’re F**ked. Once you agree even if you do nothing with her or break up, it counts against you at the end.

      1. M
        Malik Williams

        I feel like I kinda screwed myself, I politely declined her advances when we were at the tower. But after Sigurd was kidnapped, I put my attention towards her when I wasn’t busy doing the missions, and broke up with her shortly after Sigurd returned.

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