Repton Key AC Valhalla - Skari's Journal

Repton key is an item in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. There’s a locked house in the tiny settlement in northern Ledecestrescire, with a note pinned to the door. The note is called “Skari’s journal”, and it says that the person who lives here went away to sit and ponder. Many are wondering where to find the key for this house, and what untold riches hide behind the locked door. Those who’ve found the key, on the other hand, are plagued by a nasty bug. Our AC Valhalla Repton key guide will help you unlock the door and avoid the bug.

ac valhalla repton key skari's journal
Repton Key AC Valhalla – Skari’s Journal

Where to find Repton key?

To get the key, you’ll have to find the house’s owner – Skari. He mentioned in his journal that he needed time to think. You’ll find him on the tiny island northwest of Repton. He’s just sitting there, playing a lyre, enjoying retirement.

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ac valhalla where to find repton key

Sit across the table from him and have a talk, and he’ll give you the key. You’ll then be allowed to rummage through his possessions in peace. Keep in mind that there’s a crate of songs in his home – if you bring them to him, you’ll also complete a mystery world event.

You must be anonymous bug

Lots of folks have been complaining about a particular bug. When they approach the door, key in hand, the game doesn’t let them interact with it. Instead, a message pops up, saying “You must be anonymous”. This is usually what you’d see when you tried to interact with stuff while enemies are pursuing you, but here it happens even if it’s all quiet.

The solution is rather straightforward, thankfully. Simply quit the game and restart it – when you go to the Repton house next, you’ll be able to unlock the door and go inside.

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