A Rivalry for the Ages AC Valhalla - Maximilian Key

AC Valhalla A Rivalry for the Ages is a side quest that you can complete in the game, and is connected to solving one of the Lunden Mysteries. In fact, it is one of the Mysteries in Lunden. However, the problem is figuring out how to start the quest, and even worse is how to solve it. Not to even mention the troubles some people are experiencing with the Maximilian Key in AC Valhalla. There are several ways to approach it, and some are definitely more entertaining than others. Here we go.

a rivalry for the ages ac valhalla
A Rivalry for the Ages AC Valhalla – Maximilian Key

How to Complete AC Valhalla Rivalry for the Ages Quest – How to Get Maximilian Key

To complete the A Rivalry for the Ages quest in AC Valhalla, you first have to figure out how to start it. That happens when you manage to build a museum back in Raventhorpe, and then talk to Octavian. He’ll tell you all there is to know about his rivalry with Maximilian of Londinium, and the legionnaire statue he wants. When all that’s done, head back to Lunden. We suggest using the fast travel point in Londinium Amphitheater and then just heading south down the street. It really is the fastest way to go about it.

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The next step in the AC Valhalla A Rivalry for the Ages quest is to talk to Maximilian. You’ll have three options – pay him 130 Silver, leave, or use Charisma to convince him to just give you the statue. If you pay the full amount, he’ll let you into the store, you take the statue, done deal. The Charisma thing is the best option, arguably, but that might not be an option for some of you. That’s why we recommend the third option, which is the most fun one, too.

Option number three is to leave the conversation, then walk down the street to the right. On the corner, you’ll see some kids with a speech bubble above them. Talk to them, and pay them 65 Silver. They will distract ole Max away from the store. What you need to do is grab the key from the stool next to where he was standing, unlock the shop, snag the statue, and bolt outta there. And there, those are all the ways to solve the A Rivalry for the Ages AC Valhalla quest. Good luck!

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  1. A
    Anthony Avila

    I tried the 3rd option and there was no key on the stool.

    1. J

      Yeah, it bugs out sometimes.

  2. D

    What do you do in the event that the bug never spawns the key? I’ve tried fast traveling back to the spot & restarting the game entirely. No luck.

    1. M

      Same here. I am now stuck!

  3. L

    Same for me, had to load an earlier save. Try and look at the automatic saves, the game should autosave as soon as you start talking to maximillian for the first time. That’s how I solved the issue.

    1. N

      Yea I did the same thing, frustrating to 3 hours of stuff gone. And then not to mention the key wasn’t on the stool like other videos showed. I’m playing on a Ps4 too. I don’t know.whag console they are playing on the has a E button either.

      1. C

        The “e” key would be on a …. computer.

  4. P

    maximilian isnt even there for me

    1. J

      What time of day did you come for him?

    2. F

      Did you build the museum at ravensthorp?

  5. M

    Same problem here no key on the stool.

  6. J

    take some explosive can and push to the other door, then you can take the statue

    1. R

      This is genius. It worked thanks!

    2. N

      Where do you get the explosive can? I’ve searched literally half the map trying to find one. This quest is so stupid.

      1. T

        Run east of the villa and use your Odin’s sight until you come across multiple enemies.. fight them off and there should be plenty of explosives close by.. grab one and run back to the villa and make sure you center your throw or you will have to do it a couple times until you get it but honestly this is the best way to do it if the key won’t spawn.. worked for me

        1. Y

          Tried 10 times so far didn’t work.

  7. R
    Ryan Doyle

    I was having the same problem until I finished the Smashing the Compass quest… then it all worked fine for me.

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