Borderlands 3 Weapon Trinkets

Weapon Trinkets in Borderlands 3 are a cosmetic item that you can put on your weapon. The Borderlands 3 weapon trinkets don’t appear to give you any particular boosts or bonuses or anything like that. They’re just a fun little extra that you can add to further personalize your beloved boomstick. However, some vault hunters have been having trouble with figuring out how to equip weapon trinkets in Borderlands 3 and where to find them in the menu. In fairness to them, it is a little unintuitive. With that in mind, I give you our Borderlands 3 Weapon Trinkets guide to help you out.

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How to Equip Borderlands 3 Weapon Trinkets?

To equip a weapon trinket in Borderlands 3, the first step is to go into your Inventory. Highlight the weapon you want to put a trinket on, and then go to the small slot on the left of the gun. Console players, you can do so either via the D-pad or the left stick. When you highlight the small slot, press Select. This will bring up the list of weapon trinkets you have. Choose which trinket you want, and press Select to attach it to your gun. If you’ve done everything correctly, the trinket will appear in the little slot.

Now, we have to note here that, as far as we can tell, the trinkets don’t give you any kind of special bonus. It seems it’s only cosmetic; all they’re for is adding a little extra flare to your weapon. A fun little thing to watch bob up and down as you swing your gun around. If you Inspect the weapon with a trinket, they might seem pretty small and barely noticeable. However, you’ll absolutely notice it from the first-person perspective. Bummer that they don’t grant anything other than that, but hey, you’ve got enough numbers to take care of as is.

Weapon Trinkets in Borderlands 3 – How to Get?

The trinkets you see in this guide are a part of the Borderlands 3 pre-order and Deluxe Edition bonuses. However, I’d wager that there will be more trinkets to find while playing the game. We’ll update this guide with further weapon trinket locations when we discover them. However, it’s highly likely that you’ll get them just like you get anything else. In other words, by opening chests, purchasing them from stores, or as rewards for completing quests. Oh, and by exchanging VIP points for them.

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  1. R

    Do we know if Trinkets can be moved from one gun to the next? Or are they permanently bound?

    1. J

      You can move them as you like. Heck, you can put one trinket on several weapons.

  2. D
    Deven Reynolds

    All my guns are crossed out when I try to equip a trinket. Is there a level cap?

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