BL3 DLC 3 Release Date - Bounty of Blood

Bounty of Blood is the third story DLC for Borderlands 3. It’s going to add a whole new region, new enemies, a level boost that lets you skip right to the new stuff and much more. If you’ve bought the season pass, you’ll get it automatically as soon as it launches. A lot of players are wondering when exactly that is, which is why we’ve decided to write an article about the BL3 DLC 3 release date.

bl3 dlc 3 release date bounty of blood
BL3 DLC 3 Release Date – Bounty of Blood

Bounty of Blood release date

Bounty of Blood, Borderlands 3’s third DLC, is going to be released on June 25th. That’s just a couple of days from now, so if you have the season pass, you can start preparing for the new adventure.

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Bounty of Blood is going to lead you into the dusty wastes of Gehenna, which were once a testing area for new weapons. Now it’s a lawless desert lorded over by the Devil Riders gang and their mutant beasts. Amid all that malevolence sits the town of Vestige, whose inhabitants will be happy to send you on dangerous missions in exchange for new weapons and gear. Your actions will have a “tangible and lasting impact” on their lives, according to the blurb.

You can doubt that as much as you want, but there’s no doubt we’ll be getting a plethora of new toys. This includes your very own, personalized Jetbeast vehicle, which looks a bit like a weaponized armchair. It also includes new legendary items, vault hunter heads, vehicle skins and room decorations.

If you still haven’t progressed through the main story enough to access the new content, you’ll have the chance to create a new vault hunter and use the level boost to bring them to the level required by Bound of Blood. So no worries if you’ve misplaced your save file.

If you're having trouble with other things in the game, you might want to check out some of the other guides we've written. We've listed the locations of Red Chests, Typhon Logs, Dead Claptrap Parts and Hijack Targets. We've explored the mission choices, like what happens when you side with Holder or Ramsden in On The Blood Path, or when you tell Rhys to keep or lose mustache in Atlas at Last. We've also covered secrets, like the one where you have to open the Holy Broadcast Center locked door.

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