Borderlands 3 Catch A Ride Broken, No Loadouts in Gehenna

Catch-a-ride terminals are vehicle loadout menus in Borderlands 3. They allow you to tweak the machines in your garage and take them out for a ride. As such, they’re pretty essential. The Catch A Ride terminals in Gehenna, the planet from the Bounty of Blood DLC, aren’t working properly at the moment. They’re showing no loadouts for a lot of players, stopping them from taking their vehicles completely. If you’re experiencing this issue, this guide will help you solve the nasty Borderlands 3 Catch A Ride not working bug.

borderlands 3 catch a ride broken no loadouts gehenna
Borderlands 3 Catch A Ride Broken, No Loadouts in Gehenna

Catch-a-ride not working in Gehenna

The issue of broken catch-a-rides is pretty widespread, judging by the reports. There’s even a mission that requires you to use one of these garages, which you won’t be able to complete if you run into this bug. Luckily, there’s an easy fix for this. If you can’t see any loadouts in the terminal, all you have to do is restart the game. Close it down completely, then turn it on again, and the terminals will start working as intended.

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It’s a pretty big problem, but thankfully the workaround is quick and easy. It may happen to you multiple times, but the fix seems to have a success rate of 100%, so there shouldn’t be any lasting damage. Just to be safe, if you do run into it, make sure you report it to the developers – the more people report it, the higher the chances they’ll fix it in an upcoming patch.

This isn’t the only issue with Bounty of Blood at the moment. A lot of people have been having trouble because of the DLC not showing up it, and a number of players have had issues trying to start the DLC quest. These are all teething problems, though, and should be solved in a matter of days.

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  1. T

    One thing I’ve noticed, other than the jet beast issue is that any flying creature seems to freeze in one spot rather than fly around and attack.

  2. A
    Anton Vaughan

    Well after installing the DLC it appears to have completely broken my borderlands 3, I keep getting kicked off the game at the press A to continue screen, I’m on Xbox One and I have already have tried every troubleshooting option available, has anybody else had this problem at all

  3. R
    Richard kupisz

    Thanks, I had the same problem

  4. S

    Still broken after a restart. No vehicles available. I’ve ran the entire game.

    1. A

      You don’t have to just restart the game as of go back to menu and open it again because this will not work. I suggest to fully restart the game including the PS3 or whatever platform you on and open the game from the beginning. I had a problem with this also, and it worked for me.

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