Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood Legendaries - Legendary Weapons

There are around twenty new legendary weapons in Bounty of Blood, the recently released DLC for Borderlands 3. All weapon types are represented, and there are even some fan favorites from previous games, making a return. They will probably be the focus of a lot of your efforts in Gehenna, because we all know a vault hunter is worth only as much as his legendaries. If you’re curious as to what they are and how to get them, this guide will show you a list of all Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood legendaries.

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borderlands 3 bounty of blood legendaries
Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood Legendaries

Bounty of Blood legendary weapons

There are 21 legendary weapons we’ve seen so far, ranging from pistols to rocket launchers. You’ll get some from bosses, others from special enemies hidden away in unusual places, others still from chests. Here’s a list of them, including brief descriptions and ways to obtain them.


Blanc is a pistol from Dahl. Damaging enemies with it gives you +35% damage for a while after switching between firing modes. It can stack up to 10 times. It also has a high rate of fire and a big magazine.


Beacon is a pistol from Maliwan. It’s a full auto pistol with two elements you can switch between. When you reload, a nova of the current element will trigger. Pretty great for close quarters, especially against enemies weak against at least one of the two elements.


Bloom is a pistol from Jakobs, and one of the more traditionally minded weapons from the Bounty of Blood DLC. It’s an elephant hunter of a pistol, sure, but it’s still just a good old six-shooter. It has burst fire when you hold down the button, and it does double damage when an action skill is active. You’ll get it after defeating the final boss of the add-on.


Brightside is a shotgun from Tediore, but there’s nothing tedious about it. Whenever you perform a critical hit, you’ll get one bullet back in the magazine. Combined with some other stuff that would increase your critical hit chance, it could turn into a near-infinite ammo machine.


Chandelier is a Maliwan shotgun. It has tentacles. We’re not sure if they do anything apart from causing slight unease, but they’re there. It increases you fire rate when sliding, and has a tiny little scope on top.

Complex Root

Complex Root is a sniper rifle from Maliwan. It’s everything you’d expect from a sniper rifle, apart from the fact it shoots projectiles that bounce off surfaces and enemies. They do friendly fire, so be careful when using it in co-op. You can get it by killing Lani Dixon, who can be found in Ashfall Peaks.

Contained Blast

Contained Blast is an assault rifle from Torgue. At least that’s what the game calls it – in reality, it’s more of a grenade launcher. It shoots a bunch of grenades that explode when you reload it. If you don’t reload, they explode on their own after a while. You can get it from Abbadoxis at Ashfall Peaks.

Dowsing Rod

Dowsing Rod is an assault rifle made by Vladof. It has a grenade launcher attachment which you can use with the alt-fire button, and its rate of fire increases the longer you hold down the button. Its magazine holds 75 rounds, but the rate of fire perk means it can eat all of them pretty quickly when you’re up against a meatier enemy.


Flipper is a Maliwan SMG. It has two elements you can switch between, but its rate of fire is lower than some of the supposed pistols on this list. You can get it by defeating the Minosaur in the Bloodsun Canyon.


Gargoyle is a pistol from COV. It has an extremely high rate of fire – almost ten rounds per second – but its stability suffers for it. The bullets explode after hitting their target, and the blast can cause damage to allies. You can get it from Dickson Goyle in the Bloodsun Canyon.

Light Show

Light Show is a pistol from Vladof, one with an astoundingly big magazine and high rate of fire. On action skill end, its damage will increase twofold for a while.


Miscreant is another pistol, this time courtesy of the engineers at Vladof. Calling it a pistol is a bit cheeky – in reality, it’s a double barreled rocket launcher. It can be switched to single barrel mode, which trades damage for precision. It will shoot tiny rockets either way, but sure, let’s call it a pistol.

Mother Too

Mother Too is an SMG from Tediore, with a short reload time and increased damage while sliding. When reloading, you’ll drop a laser beacon that targets random enemies and shoots when you do.

Proprietary License

Proprietary License is an SMG from Hyperion. After hitting their target, the bullets will drop down to the ground and explode for additional damage. You’re probably noticing a theme right about now – most of the legendary weapons in Bounty of Blood do explosive damage.


Plumage is a rocket launcher from the workshops of Atlas. It shoots five rockets with each shot, spread out in a fan. It’s great for crowds, but you can also use the alt fire to shoot a tracking grenade. When a tracking grenade hits an enemy, your next volley will home in on them.

Robin’s Call

Robin’s Call is a shotgun from Jakobs with increased handling and accuracy when you’re in the air. If you land a critical hit with it, it’ll return one bullet to the magazine, and another will ricochet onto another enemy. You can get it from Garriden Loch at Ashfall Peaks.

Sublime Frequency

Sublime Frequency is a shotgun from the high-tech vaults of Maliwan. It can switch between two elements and has increased accuracy and handling when you’re in the air. Charging it up allows you to fire a stronger volley with a bigger spread.


Stonethrower is an assault rifle from Jakobs. It has increased fire rate while airborne. There’s also a nifty scope on it, and it has good handling and accuracy for what it is.


Spade is a shotgun made by Torgue. It’s similar to the Contained Blast. It fires pellets that pierce enemies and leave sticky bombs on each target they hit. The bombs explode when you reload, or on their own after a while.


Satisfaction is a rocket launcher from Torgue. Each shot from it fires four rockets that attach themselves to enemies, then explode simultaneously after a while. Make sure you’re out of the blast radius when that happens.

Unkempt Harold

Unkempt Harold is a pistol from the previous game, and one that was beloved by the community. It’s a Torgue weapon, and it shoots three bullets that divide into even more projectiles later. It has a decent splash radius and is pretty accurate. You can get it as a drop from Cober Dowd, an enemy found at the Bloodsun Canyon.

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