Borderlands 3 Diamond Keys

BL3 Diamond Keys are a new resource that you can get in the game, then use them in the Diamond Vault to earn all kinds of awesome loot. As is the case whenever something new is added to a game, there’s curious people wanting to know how it all works. People are asking how to get Diamond Keys in BL3, where to Diamond Armory is, and how to use Diamond Keys once you get one. We’ll cover all these points in our Borderlands 3 Diamond Keys guide.

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borderlands 3 diamond keys
Borderlands 3 Diamond Keys

How to Get Diamond Key Codes in Borderlands 3

To get Diamond Keys in Borderlands 3, you first have to own the new Director’s Cut DLC. This grants you access to the new progression system, called Vault Cards. In fact, it’ll even grant you the first one, Fallen Heroes, automatically. Once you equip it, you’ll see another progression bar below your regular XP bar in the lower left corner.

Leveling up the Vault Cards earns you various rewards: Legendary gear, cosmetics and, most importantly for us here, the BL3 Diamond Keys. You progress the Vault Card bar in basically any way that you earn regular XP: complete quests, kill enemies, explore the galaxy, etc. There’s also new Daily and Weekly missions that earn you huge XP boosts, both for you and the Card. You can track these easily via the new tab in your ECHO. Once you have a BL3 Diamond Key, you need to use it in the Diamond Vault, which brings us to our next point.

Where is Diamond Armory in BL3

The Diamond Armory is a new room where you use Borderlands 3 Diamond Keys. You’ll find in on Sanctuary III, right under the ship’s bridge. All you have to do is to go to the ships control board and hop over the railing to the level below. Turn your back to the windows, and you’ll see the door right in front of you. When you walk through the door, you’ll find a chest that says “Choose Wisely,” and three walls behind it. One has a Grenade symbol, one a Gun symbol, and one with a shield. So, how does this all work? Welp, let’s find out.

How to Use Borderlands 3 Diamond Keys

To use the Diamond Keys in Borderlands 3, go into the Diamond Vault and approach the chest in the middle of the room. Use the key to open it, and the three walls behind it will open, allowing you access to all the cool guns, grenades, and shields. You have five minutes to grab to look over the wares and choose what you want. Ignore the panicked music, you have plenty of time. Depending on the multipliers next to the icons above, you can select one or more guns, shields, and grenades. When you select what you want from each of the three walls, they will close. When all three close, you’ll even get one extra piece of gear from the chest itself.

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