Borderlands 3 Early Legendary Weapons - SkekSil, Mind-Killer, Bankrolled Predatory Lending

Legendary weapons are among the best items in Borderlands 3. You’ll recognize them by the orange color, and the preset perks that offer some unique bonuses. Most of them are really fun to use, so people often want to collect as many as they can. A lot of them are late-game items, but some can be obtained pretty early on. If you’re wondering what those our, this guide will show you how to get Borderlands 3 early legendary weapons, like the SkekSkil, the Mind-Killer and the Bankrolled Predatory Lending.

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borderlands 3 early legendary weapons
Borderlands 3 Early Legendary Weapons – SkekSil, Mind-Killer, Bankrolled Predatory Lending


The Mind-Killer is a kind of shotgun that shoots sound waves instead of buckshot. It’s a Maliwan-made miracle, and you can get it from the level 10 boss called Mouthpiece. You’ll encounter him during the Cult Following main mission. It might not drop on the first dozen tries, so keep at it.


In order to get the SkekSil, you’ll have to farm the Legenary Hunt crew challenge at Ascension Bluff. The Skrakk you’re supposed to hunt for Sir Hammerlock there will drop it at some point. It’s a COV pistol that shoots rockets in a burst, and a reference to The Dark Crystal. Each time you squeeze the trigger, it’ll fire off 1-3 rockets. It has an unlimited mag size, but it can overheat and breaks after a set number of shots.

Bankrolled Predatory Lending

The Bankrolled Predatory Lending is a gag gun – instead of ammo, it uses money. Each bullet is one dollar from your wallet, and you’ll see floating dollar signs when you hit enemies with it. It was made by Hyperion, and whenever you aim down sights, a shield will pop up in front of you. To get it, you’ll have to farm the Lavander Crawley from the Legendary Hunt crew challenge at the Droughts.

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