Borderlands 3 Vehicle Locations, Customizations, Driving & Hijacking

Vehicles are a big part of Borderlands 3. They allow you to traverse the vast maps more quickly, but also to travel in style. There are a bunch of different cars you can own, and they can be further customized using cosmetic items. A lot of people are new to this, and are wondering where to find them, how to customize, drive or hijack them. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Borderlands 3 vehicle locations, customizations, driving and hijacking.

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borderlands 3 vehicle locations customizations driving hijacking
Borderlands 3 Vehicle Locations, Customizations, Driving & Hijacking

How to get vehicles?

You’ll get your first vehicle by following the main story. Talk to Ellie after you’ve rescued Vaughn, and she’ll send you on a mission which will reward you with a car. Once you have it, take it to Catch-A-Ride – after that, it’ll be truly yours. You’ll get a few more cars during the course of the story, but if you really want a full garage, you’ll have to hunt them down on your own. You’ll find them hidden across the many worlds you’ll visit. After entering a vehicle you don’t own, all you need to do is get it to a vehicle bay, and then you will own it.

How to hijack vehicle

In order to hijack a vehicle (which is different from plain old stealing), you’ll have to approach it while there’s a person in the driver’s seat. Press the appropriate button and you’ll pull them out and get in yourself. Congrats, you’ve just hijacked a vehicle. Now drive it to the vehicle bay and you’ll be able to scan it and unlock new parts and cosmetic items.

How to customize vehicles

After you’ve obtained a vehicle, you can use the parts from hijacked cars to customize it. To do this, just open up the terminal at the Catch-A-Ride vehicle bay and you’ll get to swap out parts until you’ve got it just right.

How to exit your vehicle

A number of players seem to be confused by exiting the vehicle. Since the game doesn’t show you prompts, and you can’t exit using the same button you used to enter, it’s an understandable problem. If you’re on Playstation, you can exit by pressing Circle. If you’re on Xbox, it’s B. You can change the controls in the options if this doesn’t suit you.

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