Borderlands 3 Echo Logs Locations Map

Echo Logs are a type of collectible in Borderlands 3. They’re basically audio logs – when you collect them, you’ll get to listen to a bit of background story from this universe. They’re a great way to learn more about the characters of the many planets you’ll be visiting. Some of them are left in plain sight, while others are well hidden. If you’re interested in finding them all, our Borderlands 3 Echo Logs locations guide will be of help. These are not the same as Typhon Logs! The game tends to call them Typhon ECHO Logs and can be confusing. If you are looking for those check out our very extensive BL3 Typhon Logs Locations Map.

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Borderlands 3 Echo Logs Locations Map

Mouthpiece’s Pitch Part 3

This one is in Ascension Bluff. You can get it from a room adjacent to the Mouthpiece boss arena, in the south. After you defeat the boss, face the stage and head right. Go up the stairs, turn right and follow the corridor into the control room. You’ll find the echo log there, on the console.

Short Supply

We found this echo log in the Droughts. It’s tucked away in Ellie’s workshop in the middle of the map. When you’re under the big spaceship, go into the small room on the side. There’s a workbench in the far left corner of the room – this is where you’ll find the collectible. The description simply calls it “a recording left behind by Ellie”.

All Sanctuary Echo Log Locations in Borderlands 3

As you play through the main story you will reach the Sanctuary. This is your home base space ship and it holds four echo logs. These are very interesting because they are echo logs from the characters you play in the game. It is like, basically, reading notes from yourself. They give a tad bit more background info about your vault hunters.

Get in Line – Zane Echo Log

This log is hidden on the space ship Sanctuary. It’s in the east part of the station, hidden behind a crate in a largely empty storage room, the one marked on the map with a chest. It’s a recording made by Zane, about looking into retirement options.

Reborn – Amara Echo Log

Go down to deck B and enter Moxxxis bar and then turn right as you enter and go towards the back. On one of the tables to the right you should see this echo log.

Reborn Amara Echo Log

One More Mission – Moze Echo Log

From Moxxxi’s bar go straight and stop half way across the little bridge. You should be in the center of the ship basically. Jump across the fence there in between the pipes and you should see the log on a small desk.

Moze Echo Log One More Mission Broderlands 3

Morning Tea – FL4K Echo Log

Go back to the entrance to Moxxxi’s bar and then turn around as if you’ve just exited it. Move left and on your left you should see a stairwell leading down. It should have a Cargo Bay sign on it. Go down the stairs and, as you make a few turns, you should see a little alcove in the wall. Go inside to find FL4K’s log.

Borderlands 3 FL4K Echo Log bl3 Morning Tea

Occupational Hazard

You’ll find this one in the Meridian Outskirts. It’s in the northwest of the area. Look for Ziff, the NPC that gives you the Maliwannabees quest. You’ll find the log on the stretcher behind her. The description says it’s about “the people of Promethea enduring the Maliwan occupation”.

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