Borderlands 3 How to Apply Weapon Skins - Appearance Customization

Weapon skins are cosmetic items in Borderlands 3. They can be used to customize the appearance of your weapons. There are dozens of them, and you’ll find them in chests, loot them from enemies, get them as rewards for completing missions and more. Some players can’t figure out how weapon customization works, which is why we’ve written this guide – to show you how to apply weapon skins in Borderlands 3.

borderlands 3 how to apply weapon skins
Borderlands 3 How to Apply Weapon Skins

How to customize weapons using skins?

In order to apply a skin onto a weapon, you should first open up the inventory. Find the weapon you want to customize, then inspect it (press the right analogue stick (R3) on console). Press square on PS4 (X on Xbox) to change the skin. This will open up the skin menu. Select the skin you want and press X on PS4 (A on Xbox) to apply it.

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Are weapon skins consumed after use?

No, they aren’t. You can use every skin as many times as you want. You can apply the same skin to as many weapons as you want. You can sell a weapon with a custom skin and you won’t lose it. There is literally no way to end up without a skin you already have in your inventory.

This means you can freely experiment and switch skins whenever you like, without having to worry about not having the materials for future appearance customization. Unlike some other hugely popular looter shooters, Borderlands is pretty generous in this regard.

Changing weapon skins is only part of the appearance customization system. You can also adorn your guns with trinkets, change the character’s skin, wear different headgear, repaint your vehicles and more. The game allows you to customize pretty much every aspect of what your character and their equipment look like.

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